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Episode 36: Lars Nilsen - 10/7/2017

Honored to have Lars Nilsen on the podcast. I've spent more than 10 years in Austin seeing things that he has programmed in the film community here. It was a real pleasure to meet him in person and listen to his stories tied back to some great songs. Sometimes certain tracks just "harmonizes with your being," as he puts it. Atlantis - Donovan Turn of the Century - Royal Trux Darlin' - The Beach Boys

Duration: 01:14:41

Episode 35: Jess Conlon - 9/20/2017

Its great when a guest's episode inspires someone else to raise their hand and want to come on the show. In this case, Jess took interest after hearing her husband, Eddie, on episode 29. I had fun getting to know Jess better and hear her take on songs that I was familiar with myself. Twist and Shout - The Beatles Dosed - Red Hot Chili Peppers Strange Vine - Delta Spirit

Duration: 00:42:09

Episode 34: Orville Neeley - 9/13/2017

Orville brought great music knowledge and insight about songs I was not too familiar with. I dug them. We know each other from playing music together, but hearing his stories tied back to these tracks gave me a greater appreciation for Orville's musical influences and what they mean to him today. I Wish I Was a Girl - The Pink Fairies Used To - Wire Flipper - Way of the World

Duration: 01:41:41

Episode 32: Shawnasee Retzloff - 8/8/2017

After a bit of an absence, we're back with episode 32 and an amazing guest who's stories really connected to an excellent selection of music. Hearing Shawnasee explain her evolving association to Franks Ocean's opening Channel Orange track, pre- and post- child birth was heartfelt, and I really enjoyed how she articulated her memories against the framework of this episode. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll) - George Harrison Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips Thinkin Bout You -...

Duration: 01:05:29

Episode 31: Emilio Torres - 6/24/2017

If you listened to episode 12, you'll remember Gabby making mention of her dad, Emilio, and his eclectic music taste that developed growing up in Puerto Rico. It just so happened that Emilio was in town this past weekend and he wanted to come on the show after hearing about it from his daughter. A former radio host himself, Emilio was a natural and I truly enjoyed hearing his stories of sailing to Bob Marley, working alongside his brother's musical career and more. Summer Wind - Frank...

Duration: 00:52:37

Episode 30: Cina Saffary - 6/20/2017

Episode 30 feels like a milestone, so I was happy to bring Cina on as my guest for this episode. He's a music nerd as good as any, and I loved learning about his path from crafting chip tunes to crawling Radiohead forums as a kid. We also agreed that his last pick is one of the most unexpectedly difficult karaoke songs to ever pull off. 2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead Avril 14th - Aphex Twin Africa - Toto

Duration: 01:11:51

Episode 29: Eddie Ciminelli - 6/5/2017

Eddie is the last of the 4 key influencers for me starting this podcast, so having him on was extra special. It has been a longtime coming, and he happened to pick a couple of songs that I have strong attachments to as well. Enjoyed hearing about his memories with each of these, and going back to the years when they became important to us. Stand by Me - Ben E. King El Scorcho - Weezer Young Liars - TV on the Radio

Duration: 01:02:01

Episode 28: Jakob Clark - 5/23/2017

I've been looking forward to bringing Jakob on this podcast since the beginning. I'll confess that I had a few too many bourbons through this episode, but the conversation was genuine and I'll always hold this episode dear to my heart. There's a lot to unpack with these songs, and I really enjoyed hearing Jakob's stories around them. It's Beginning to Rain - Jimmy Swaggert Red Rubber Ball - The Cyrcle Real Love - The Beatles

Duration: 01:32:54

Episode 27: Eva Sikes - 5/19/2017

Eva brought a great selection of tracks from some artists that I really love, and we enjoyed swapping stories tied back to them. Be it a thoughtful gift from a future brother-in-law or an exchange of songs between first love, Eva she shares how these songs have remained important to her over the years. First David Byrne feature in the podcast! I Want You - Erykah Badu Painter in Your Pocket - Destroyer And She Was - Talking Heads

Duration: 00:56:10

Episode 26: Josh Shepherd - 5/9/2017

Look at that beautiful new cover art! Josh gets to be the lucky first episode with my new logo, designed by my friend and future guest, Alexis Kraus. And what a good episode to debut the styling with! Josh is a former podcast host himself, and fellow music lover, so this was an incredibly enjoyable episode to record. Really enjoyed hearing more about his range of stories across classical music, hip hop and more. Night on Bald Mountain - Modest Mussorgsky Gone - Ben Folds Silky Tay's Theme...

Duration: 01:14:43

Episode 23: Patty Williams - 4/3/2017

Patty took to the Memory Tracks concept right away. She confessed that it took her months to narrow down her three songs, so future guests... don't feel like you are the only one stressed. We chat about Patty's college years, moving to Austin, and bonding with coworkers over drinks and music. Enjoy this one! Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin Never is a Moment - Jimmy Lafave Dancing Queen - ABBA

Duration: 01:02:54

Episode 20: Rachael Seidenberg - 3/2/2017

Rachael said she was surprised when I asked her to come on the podcast, because she didn't think of herself as big a music fan as other guests. I reminded her that this show isn't about being a music nerd -- it is about exploring the stories written in your brain forever tied to certain songs. Luckily, she agreed and we ended up having an awesome conversation. Take It Easy - The Eagles You and Tequila - Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter Work It - Missy Elliott

Duration: 01:09:38

Episode 19: Brant Barton - 2/26/2017

I always love hearing the origin stories of people's musical tastes. My friend, Brant, shared the beginnings of his love for metal and how he immersed himself in the many iterations of the heavy sound over time. We forgot to take a photo of this one, so enjoy the album cover mascots from two of the songs we discuss. Moonchild - Iron Maiden Playing with Spiders/Skullkrusher - Overkill Cosmic Sea - Death

Duration: 01:04:54

Episode 18: Joshua Bradshaw - 2/19/2017

From geeking out on Radiohead to learning more about pioneering synthesizer music, Joshua was a wealth of knowledge and interesting stories and connections to some great songs. I've known Josh over the years to have some very eclectic taste, and lots of passion for creativity in music, so it was really fun getting to unpack these songs with him. Pyramid Song - Radiohead Clair de Lune, No. 3 - Claude Debussy, Isao Tomita You Are Everything - R.E.M.

Duration: 01:39:37

Episode 17: Jason Smith - 2/9/2017

Jason is not only a friend, but also now a bandmate. Very cool to have this conversation about music and his stories tied back to these songs. He sought out the first track for years before finally hearing it, and based on our chat, the wait was worth it for him. Wham! - Lonnie Mack Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes Intervention - Arcade Fire

Duration: 00:53:38

Episode 15: Ramon Ramirez - 1/30/2017

Ramon is one of my best friends from college and one of the more knowledgeable music fans I know. He's known for his hot takes, and he didn't disappoint in this episode. Ramon's taste is all over the map, but for this episode, we stayed true to his passion for hip hop and covered some of the greats. Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill Guess Who's Back - Scarface (featuring Jay-Z, Beanie Siegel) B.O.B. - Outkast

Duration: 01:03:02

Episode 14: Caitlin - 1/25/2017

I had never met Caitlin until she stopped by to do a taping as she drove across the country back home to LA. A few weeks prior she had met a friend of mine and listener of the show, who ultimately connected us and encouraged us to tape this episode after realizing our similar interests and passion for music. Then I found out she had a good Bowie story, and of course my curiosity was piqued. Modern Love - David Bowie Bouncin Around the Room [live version 1994] - Phish Verdis Quo - Daft Punk

Duration: 01:29:55

Episode 13: Andy O'Connor - 1/12/2017

Andy O'Connor is the most metal guy I know. He's been a good friend since college, and I really enjoyed talking music with him. We explored music's importance in his life, and not just the fact that he's a professional music journalist, but that he first and foremost is a fan of so many types of music itself. This was a fun one! Don't Close You Eyes - Kix Still Return - Harold Budd and Brian Eno Where You Rest Your Head at Night - Planning for Burial

Duration: 01:34:07

Episode 12: Gabby Torres-Soler - 12/15/2016

Gabby was an awesome guest, sharing stories of her dad passing down great music, unplanned moments of friendship at music festivals, and finally a really educational introduction to Puerto Rico history and music. I learned a lot from this one, and loved getting to know more about this awesome co-worker and friend. Neon Experience - Júniús Meyvant Psychic City - Classixx Remix - YACHT Ah-Ah/O-No -HéctorLavoe, Willie Colón

Duration: 00:54:41

Episode 11: Sam Baber - 12/7/2016

Sam and I share a complete devotion to all things Prince, and our common love of one of the greatest musicians of all time warranted an episode where all 3 songs came from 1 artist. It was wonderful to hear how these songs came to define Sam's growing up in the 80s in the middle of the country. I feel like we could have geeked out for hours on Prince material, and this was only the beginning, but I hope you find new ways to appreciate The Purple One through this episode. Dirty Mind -...

Duration: 01:15:29

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