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Last Seen...Being Apathetic! MiGS Ep. 108 (Classic)

Meh. Whatever, bro. It's a classic episode, or something. About... I didn't bother to listen to it. It's about something. I assume. So, like, enjoy it. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.

Duration: 01:03:50

Last Seen...Talking about Ghosts – MiGS Ep. 235

BooooOOOOOOoOooOooOOOOoooooOOooooooo... G-g-g-ghoooOOOooOOooOOOoOOOOOoooooosts... SpooOOOOooOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOOoooky... We have cereal named after ghosts. Some of our biggest movies are about ghosts. As a species, we're obsessed with ghosts. So this week, we strap on our proton packs and go a-ghost huntin'! * * * Right away, we establish if we believe in ghosts...or think they're bullshit. After that, we chat about people close to us who believe in ghosts...and if we've ever had...

Duration: 01:03:57

Last Seen…Spotting Aliens: MiGS Ep. 70 (Classic)

The aliens think they can just come into this country and take our jobs, get on our welfare, not pay taxes, and commit crimes! In this country! Look, I'm not saying it's everyone. But they're not sending us their best gleep-glorps. They're sending their vaporizers, their warp-jackers, and their intergalactic scum. And some of them, I assume, are good gleep-glorps. But they're coming here to commit crimes, and anything else the media tells you is just fake news. That's why the gorillamen...

Duration: 02:07:45

Last Seen...Talking about White People - MiGS Ep. 234

To hear it from some people (like, orange-tinged shitlord with a sulfurous-looking hairdo who's presumable in charge of the Western world), white people have it soooooooooo hard! That a middle-aged (or Baby Boomin') white guy can say with a straight face, "There's no other group who has it worse than Christian white males," says so much about white privilege. And so, Gorilla Shawn thought two white guys talking about white people would make for a good episode...and it did....

Duration: 01:35:16

MiGS Ep. 57 (Classic): Last Seen…Being Greedy

Christopher and Shawn are both white dudes (if you didn't already know this, it'll definitely become clear next week), but they're somehow not greedy assholes. That's one of many reasons neither of them will be elected to the Senate, because they're just not greedy enough. With the new tax bill that just passed with the explicit aim of funneling still more money to the richest one percent of the country, it seemed like a good time to revisit the episode they did way back when (in 1848, I...

Duration: 00:42:16

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 233: Last Seen...Partying!

We suppose a party should be held in February, to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the podcast. (Okay, so we really are fine without a party...but you'll see where we're going with this...) [Many] people love parties -- and many others do not. We devote this week's show to where we stand on the whole party thing... * * * First, we go back in the first party we remember attending. (We tell you all about them.) And, also...we tell us about the last parties we've...

Duration: 01:41:41

MiGS Ep. 155 (Classic): Last Seen...In High School!

Christopher was a Dragon! Shawn was a Thunderbird! This episode is METAL AS FUCK! Oh, wait, no it isn’t. Those were their high school mascots. And Shawn’s wasn’t named after the mythical Native American beast, or even the massive car by Ford… nope, it was named after the Air Force Aerobatics team. NERRRRRRDDDDD. Did the Gorillamen dig high school? Were they the kings of the commons, or the nerds no one talked to? Are they still true to their schools? What stupid voices will Shawn do this...

Duration: 01:15:14

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 232: Last Seen... Fucking Up!

Greetings and Felicitations, noble pod-people! Yes, I think I carried that off quite well. No way I fucked up that greeting! I am totally passing for one of you hew-mans! Today on the magical internet radiola programme, we're talking about all the times we fucked up! See, there's times when you just don't get it right, and it's kinda your fault. But that's OK! The Gorillamen aren't here to judge, because, as you will learn in this podcast, we're kind of masters of fucking up. We start,...

Duration: 01:57:25

MiGS Ep. 82 (Classic): Last Seen...Addicted!

Apologies for the late post and no new intro to this week's classic episode. It's been a busy week! And due to certain medical issues, it's the first day in a long while your old pal Shawn hasn't had any caffeine. He is addicted to caffeine. Hmmm.... addiction would make a good episode topic! And if there's one thing about having done 250 episodes or so, it's that you've probably talked about a thing before! So this week, sit back, relax, and enjoy this classic Men in Gorilla Suits...

Duration: 01:03:52

MiGS Ep. 95 (Classic): Last Seen...Surviving Apocalypses!

This is Gorilla 4-1 transmitting on frequency 1-1-5. I have no idea if this transmission is reaching you in the intended year of 2016, but be warned: the future is an apocalyptic hellscape now. You remember New York in the 70s? Like that, but with slightly more mutation. Oh. Well, shit. My scientists are telling me that the furthest back we can reach is 2017. I really wish they'd mentioned that earlier. Sooooooo... Mmmyep. That first thing I told you? Eh, go ahead and forget that. It...

Duration: 01:11:58

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 230: Last Seen…Appropriating Cultures

The Gorillamen took long weekends off work, but they did manage to record their first Skype episode in some time. About Cultural appropriation. This is what they talked about:

Duration: 01:27:36

MiGS Ep. 103 (Classic): Last Seen... Sick and Injured!

Chris and Shawn are FUCKED UP, yo. No, they're not high, or anything. Nothing that would make them seem cool. It's more... well, when Shawn was in middle school, he saw an educational film about conditioning, and this dumb kid kept touching a hot stove burner. Christopher and Shawn are like that stupe, constantly injuring themselves in a vast array of blood and busted limbs. Also they get sick and sometimes it's not their fault. But mainly stupid shit. Enjoy this classic episode!

Duration: 01:34:43

MiGS Episode 39 (Classic): Last Seen…Celebrating Halloween!

Like a department store that puts its Christmas shit out waaaaaay too early, we just couldn’t hold our Halloween episode for the appropriate date (and by we, I mean Shawn). Hey, at least it’s in the correct month! Travel back to Year One of Men in Gorilla Suits, and listen as we discuss shitty costumes, awesome candy, irrational fear of the month of October, and more! Probably! BOO!

Duration: 01:41:56

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 228: Last Seen…Talking about Horror Movies

It's October and -- somehow -- we've not talked about horror movies in hundreds of episodes. So...we remedy that. * * * It's a busy week in Gorillamenville, so no real commentary -- just what we discuss this episode:

Duration: 01:25:00

MiGS Ep. 135 (Classic): Last Seen… Watching True Crime TV

What’s creepier than a clown in a sewer that eats children? How about a middle-aged Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Operator who kills children, stashes them in his floorboards, and sometimes *dresses* like a clown? This week, we talk about what Shawn calls Murder Shows, but the rest of the world calls True Crime TV. Marvel at bad impressions, and our heroes treating the most serious of subjects — actual people who were actually murdered — with the same tact and compassion with which...

Duration: 01:36:23

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 227: Last Seen…Adapting

We come from the water. We change...adapt. We learn new ways of doing things...more times than not, better ways. We adapted so well that we now adapt the things we adapted -- a strange mental and biological origami move that we will never stop...everything folding in and over on itself until new forms emerge. So, with this in mind, this week the upright(ish)-striding Gorillamen talk about adaptations in many various forms... * * * We kick it off talking about the first things we...

Duration: 01:12:20

MiGS Ep. 102 (Classic): Last Seen… Talking Fantasy Football!

If Christopher's score this week in Fantasy Football is X, Shawn's score can be equated thusly: (x/2)+5.51 Which is bad. Because Shawn is bad at Fantasy Football, and he should feel bad. But he doesn't. Because it's all just fun and games, right? Right?! The Gorillamen explore these questions and (at least one) more in this week's classic episode!

Duration: 01:04:41

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 226: Last Seen…Eating Junk Food!

Americans love junk food. The world loves junk food! We're sure somewhere on other planets, aliens eat junk food (and love it just as much). The Gorillamen are powered by junk food,'s time we discussed everybody's favorite thing! * * * It's a busy week, so here's what we discuss this time around:

Duration: 01:13:43

MiGS Ep. 96 (Classic): Last Seen… Talking About Cars!

You know, there's something about the smooth lines and refined styling of this vehicle that makes me feel that... well, here in my car, I feel safest of all. I can lock all my doors. It's the only way to live. You know. In cars. This week (or more accurately, many many weeks ago), we talked about cars! I will most likely be having to buy yet another car soon, so... relevant episode is relevant! Enjoy!

Duration: 01:07:39

Men in Gorilla Suits Ep. 225: Last Seen…Talking about Anniversaries

This is episode 225. Some people would celebrate that. Why? Because humans look for things to memorialize or celebrate. We remember the dates we're born, as well as the dates that will live on in infamy. Good, bad, and everything in between -- if humans can connect something deemed important to a date or passage of time, it seems we will do so. And, to that end, we decided to make August 23, 2017 the first annual Men in Gorilla Suits podcast about anniversaries... * * * We kick it all...

Duration: 01:06:07

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