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Mermaid in Manhattan is an episodic radio adventure series created by Rory Voie and Austin Bridges, following the exploits of a three-way married couple in the treacherous sunken ruins of New York City. A new episode (usually) comes out on the first of every month.




Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Nine - Married To The Sea, Part Two

Episode Nine of the most infrequently updated mermaid adventure podcast on the internet has arrived at last, delivering a plump 22 minutes of chuckles right to your zone. This penultimate chapter got jammed up with all the best non-visual spectacle: boats going to cannon-town on other boats, interdimensional weddings, sorcery battles, and the look on Joel's stupid face. It's a tale you have to see to believe! But you can't!

Duration: 00:22:24

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Eight - Married To The Sea, Part One

The eighth episode of our jaunty tale hits the high seas for a fiscally sound foray into the "pirate adventure" genre, packed with things our business analysts are convinced you'll love! So buckle a swash or two and find out what Madison and the other one have been up to, why don't you?

Duration: 00:19:23

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Seven - You've Got To Be Frog-King Kidding Me

Your favorite aquatic crew is back for the start of the second half of this gripping saga. Deep in the heart of the Frog Kingdom, Madison and Joel discover something might be a little bonked up with their precious betrothed monarch! Will this toady castle croak their doom? No, probably not. Check it out!

Duration: 00:20:45

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Six - Slave's Labor's Lost

Whips! Chains! Imprisonment! Flashbacks! Murder! Dolphins! This episode is so jam-packed with excitement, it's a full TEN MINUTES LONGER THAN USUAL. Will that make fans forgive the month off? Stay tuned!

Duration: 00:24:27

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Five - Eel Genius

The adventure continues in episode five: Treachery in the tubes hits an all-time treachery record! Joel makes a leg-based discovery! Old characters return! And Devon.

Duration: 00:17:09

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Four - Let's Get Ready To Rumbletown

The fourth episode of Mermaid In Manhattan puts our favorite cluster of chums in the most dangerous of danger! They also form a groovy new alliance - but how groovy? AND AT WHAT COST

Duration: 00:16:26

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Three - Planes, Trains, and Taserwhales

Mermaid In Manhattan's third episode sees our heroes discover the horrors of the New York public transportation system. Hint: they're going to HAVE A WHALE OF A TIME.

Duration: 00:13:29

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode Two - The Great Merzaar

In the second episode of Mermaid In Manhattan, our adventurers visit the Great Merzaar, where there's a lot of cool stuff but also a whole bunch of upsetting gross things. At least you don't have to see them, right?

Mermaid In Manhattan Episode One - Pilot

In the first exciting episode of Mermaid In Manhattan, Madison, Chip and Joel journey to the big city in search of treasure - but crappy stuff janks up their biz pretty hard.