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710 BC: Hezekiah's Revival

The story of Hezekiah is a lesson on how to radically change a country. Starting as regent or co-ruler with his father, Hezekiah begins by rebuilding Jerusalem's defenses and reestablishing Israel's army and commissioned engineers to start an engineering project. Upon his father's death, Hezekiah introduced his spiritual reforms by reopening the temple doors, cleansing the temple and reinstating the worship of God. Sending out evangelists into the desolate region of Northern Israel,...

Duration: 00:26:12

722 BC: The Fall of Samaria and the End of Northern Israel

After a three year siege, Samaria falls to the Assyrians marking the end of the nation of Northern Israel. In this episode, we cover the siege and the end of Northern Israel and discuss its best and worst kings and their highest and lowest moments with personal feedback learned over the last few years of studying the kingdom of Northern Israel. 2 Kings 17:6-40 2 Kings 13:4-5

Duration: 00:21:43

The Night of Aziel - Casting Call

Not since the night of the first born of Egypt did the Angel of Death visit the earth, yet his services were required again in the year 701BC. According to Jewish tradition, the Angel of Death was named Aziel and a night of reckoning for the powers that be was set forth. ***Attention Listeners of Message to Kings*** We are producing a listener performed audio drama on the climax of King Hezekiah's reign. If you are interested in participating in a remote performance and participation in...

Duration: 00:08:56

722 BC: King Hoshea, the End of Aram and the Investiture of Samaria

At the height of the siege of Jerusalem, King Ahaz sent riders out to Ninevah to offer his submission to Tiglath Pileaser of Assyria. His riders make it to Ninevah and offer Jerusalem's treasures, but the treasures made no difference because Assyria had already invaded Aram and Northern Isreal. The invasion of Aram led to the end of the state of Aram and the submission of Northern Israel. All that remained of Northern Israel was the city of Samaria and other hilltop cities. In one last...

Duration: 00:15:09

732 BC: The Siege of Jerusalem and the Prophecy of the Virgin Birth

In a final bid for survival, Aram and Northern Israel join forces and attack Judah leaving a devastating wake of destruction and death in their wake. The wicked King Ahaz and the rest of the nation of Judah hide behind their remaining cities and their city walls. In the midst of the siege, the prophet Isaiah brings a message of hope to a desperate nation and its wicked king. Isaiah 7 Matthew 1:20-23

Duration: 00:20:15

735 BC: The Prophet Micah

While the prophet Isaiah prophesies from the city, Micah prophecies from the country. The prophecies of Micah focus on the location of Judah and Israel, they vary dramatically from the time perspective. Speaking judgment words in his generation, Micah also speaks to the Messianic age and the end of the age. In this episode, we cover the significant prophecies of Micah. The Book of Micah

Duration: 00:12:12

735 BC: King Jotham and Ahaz

When Uzziah was struck with leprosy, Jotham became king In Jerusalem. He proves to be a faithful and great king. Upon his death, Ahaz becomes king and proves to be one of the wickedest kings to ever rule in Israel. In this episode, we emphasize the wickedness of Ahaz and set the scene for one of the greatest prophecies of all time. 2 Chronicles 27

Duration: 00:18:27

740 BC: Isaiah's Encounter

In preparation for a life of visions and prophecies, Isaiah has a most powerful heavenly encounter. Tune in as Isaiah encounters the Lord in a heavenly vision and we recount other prophets and their experiences in heaven and we meet the four living creatures who reside at God's throne in heaven. Isaiah 6

Duration: 00:13:41

740 BC: King Zechariah to Pekah

In this podcast episode, we cover the five kings of Israel from King Zechariah to Pekah and we end this episode foreshadowing Northern Israel's destruction as a nation. 2 Kings 15:8-26

Duration: 00:21:14

753 BC: The Prophet Hoshea

At the height of Northern Israel's power, God tells the prophet Hoshea to marry a prostitute. Hoshea married Gomer, the prostitute, and went on to have at least three children. Within a short while, Gomer leaves Hoshea and returns to her prostitution and idol worship. The entire account of Hoshea parallels the sin of Gomer to Israel's unfaithfulness to God. The Book of Hoshea

Duration: 00:15:04

753 BC: The Founding of Rome and the Birth of the Prophets Isaiah and Micah

Around the year 753 BC, the city of Rome was founded and two of the greatest Messianic prophets were born. In this episode, we discuss the founding of Rome and the birth of the prophets Isaiah and Micah and their significance to the greatest story ever told.

Duration: 00:19:26

759 BC: The Prophet Jonah part 2 and the Kernel of Wheat

Last episode, we dropped Jonah off on a beach on the Eastern Mediterranean being spit out by a giant fish. Dehydrated, oxygen deprived, and humbled Jonah sets off to Ninevah to preach to the violent Assyrians. Instead of a violent mob out to kill Jonah, the geopolitically troubled, plague-ridden, earthquake shaken city was more than prepared for a message from God. The response is the greatest city revival in all of Biblical History. Jonah 3-4 Matthew 12:41 John 12:24 John 1:16...

Duration: 00:28:27

759 BC: The Prophet Jonah part I and the Harrowing of Hell

In the midst of the prosperity in the age of Jeroboam II, Jonah receives a word to preach to the gentile people in Ninevah. Instead of going to Ninevah, he goes in the opposite direction and runs from God. In this episode, we discuss Jonah's salvation in the Meditteranean and the sign of Jesus it represents and the Harrowing of Hell. Matthew 12:38-40 Jonah 1-2

Duration: 00:27:47

760 BC: King Uzziah

During the prosperity and rise of Northern Israel, a great increase comes over the Kingdom of Judah as well under the rule of King Uzziah. Uzziah is a far better king than his father, but he suffers from the same fatal flaw - pride. King Uzziah organizes his nation and army and proves to an administrative and engineering genius, but in the end, he is only remembered for his pride and an awful disease.

Duration: 00:21:01

762 BC: The Prophet Amos

In the midst of Israel's prosperity in the age of King Jeroboam II, a prophet traveled from Judah to Bethel to confront the wickedness of his generation. The prophet's name was Amos and he stepped onto a speaking platform at the hedonistic idol center to the Golden Calf and rebuked the sin of the age. Beginning with Israel's enemies and concluding with Judah and Israel. Showing great fearlessness, Amos scolded the sin of the age concluding with an example of intercession and a message to...

Duration: 00:20:02

762 BC: King Jeroboam II and the Prophet Jonah and Amos

Jeroboam II had a great head start. His father left him with a very stable government, free from internal and external enemies and a large army. Wondering his next move, the prophet Jonah speaks to the recovery of Solomon's northern territories. Acting with great boldness upon this word, King Jeroboam II expands the territory of Israel rapidly taking Damascus proper and even capturing parts of Turkey. The result of these campaigns was great prosperity and God's last chance at blessing for...

Duration: 00:12:51

776 BC: The First Olympics

In the first year of King Jeroboam IIs rule something unique happens in Greece. Independent of our Biblical History timeline, but influencing by it later, the Greek Olympics games were first held in 776BC. In this episode, we discuss the history of the Olympic games, the Godly character demonstrated at the games and the influence of the games on the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul and his letters which later constituted most of the New Testament.

Duration: 00:12:43

792 BC: King Amaziah of Judah

Upon the death of Joash, Amaziah becomes king in Jerusalem. He's an interesting character, really ambitious and a good organizer of men and his kingdom, but his lack of character and poor decision making turns away even the mercy of God and invites judgment and disaster for his kingship. 2 Kings 14:1-14 2 Chronicles 25

Duration: 00:13:46

792 BC: Resurrection Power

Upon the death of Elisha, the entire nation of Israel celebrated him. In this episode, we discuss additional similarities between Elisha and Jesus and the remarkable resurrection scene at his tomb. 2 Kings 13:20-25

Duration: 00:15:21

795 BC: King Jehoash and the Death of the Prophet Elisha

Upon the death of Jehoahaz, Jehoash becomes king in Israel. One of his first actions was to visit Elisha, who was dying from an illness. In this episode, we cover the kingship of Jehoash and Elisha's final prophecy and death. 2 Kings 13:10-20

Duration: 00:12:57

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