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Gay Hooker

Christopher and Danielle share some spicy and hilarious stories. Join these Messy Queens for some trashy fun, the party never stops! follow us on twitter @MessyQueens Don't forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes!

Duration: 00:37:11


Halloween, it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's that special day when adults can dress as slutty as they want, eat as much candy as possible and drink until we pass out in some strangers garden with our hands down our pants. Hope you enjoy our Halloween episode. Don't forget to subscribe to Messy Queens on iTunes and everywhere else podcasts are found. Trick or Treat, bitches! xoxox

Duration: 00:42:08

The Gay Howard Stern

Danielle is back with Christopher to talk about everything from peeing to sex with a micro penis. They go way off track and talk about celebs like Madonna, Shawn Mendes, Alanis, Adele and Jade Sotomayor. So pop that cork, pour a glass and let's get Messy! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and visit our website

Duration: 00:45:46

Pumpkin Sex Latte

This week Christopher's joined by Danielle to discuss fall and everything that comes with it. From pumpkin spice latte's to sex with pumpkins... Yeah, you read that correctly. These queens also talk about the Hocus Pocus remake, Halloween, Elvira, ribbed condoms & a few disgusting things I'd rather not write about. Visit for more info, celebrity interviews and to stay connected. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and every other podcast sit. Cheers!

Duration: 00:39:13

I Was Dying And My Mom Took The Bus

The drinking game is cancelled because this week the theme is off topic. Xtina can't drink because she came face to face with death, but that won't stop Xtopher from popping the cork and drinking alone.

Duration: 00:32:42

I Gave Madonna The Finger

Yes, Christopher gave Madonna the finger and Christina met Cher. Messy Queens drop so many celebrity names in this episode, it's almost like they've become Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin. Join these Queens as they talk about all the celebrities they've met like Lena Headey, Norman Reedus, Alice Cooper, Barbara Eden, Elvira and more.

Duration: 00:35:28

Whatever Turns You On

Xtina & Xtopher discuss different fetishes and share their stories. From leather to gay pups, tickling to sex with statues? And how the hell did they get from kinky leather butt plug sex to Paris Hilton and Donald Trump? Listen and find out Messies!

Duration: 00:51:22

Age Of Fabulous

Getting older sucks. In this episode of Messy Queens, Christopher and Christina discuss ageing. What it's like for woman vs men, ageism in the gay community and of course they go off topic a few times. Two very special guests, Bunny Galore and Bradley Birkholz also weigh in on the subject.

Duration: 00:45:16

Size Queens

We're here to discuss something extremely important, DICK SIZE! Does size matter? Are you a size queen? Are we a size queen? Let's talk about penis for a minute!

Duration: 00:31:33

I Wanna Sleep With RuPaul

Xtopher & Xtina discuss their love of Drag Queens, especially their queen, RuPaul.

Duration: 00:29:20

Dating Stinks So Bad

Dating can really suck sometimes, but the worst dates are usually the best stories. Join Xtopher and Messy Queens guest Mladen as they talk about their worst dates ever! Also a couple of Messy Queens favourite followers shared their funny dating stories.

Duration: 00:31:07

I Googled Glory Holes

Xtopher & Xtina are back to discuss important issues, like glory holes, voyeurism, prostitution and a whole lot of way off topic rambling as usual. Join them for a laugh... Or ten. Also, did you know Glory Holes can cause genital chafing?

Duration: 00:36:22

Urban DICKtionary

Xtina & Xtopher TRY to discuss Urban Dictionary words but are way too drunk to stay on topic. This is the messiest conversation they've had yet, such Messy Queens!

Duration: 00:30:17

Happy Pride Baby

Xtina & Xtopher discuss all things Pride, what it means to them, what it's like all over the world and how pretty we all try to look for one weekend...

Duration: 00:37:48

A Gay Jacket

Where the hell is Xtina and Who is this Mladen person?

Duration: 00:32:44

Go Sharpie Your Hair

As usual, we're talking so much crap and drinking a little too much wine. We get into some serious relationship talk and a lot of off topic chat as well. (This is our test/demo unofficial ep. We're working on improving, hope you'll hang with us.)

Duration: 00:44:00

It Gets Better

Messy Queens, Xtina and Xtopher talk pride, sex and a whole lot of random shit. This is our test/demo unofficial ep. We're working on improving, hope you'll hang with us.

Duration: 00:36:47