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We are two 20s-somethings living in Austin, TX, transplants from the land of the Northeast, talking about matters close to the heart, everything from pop culture to sexism and sexism in pop culture.




Episode 26: In Which Miró Buys a $35 Baseball

We’re back as promised, and we have some adventures to share. Miró shares her experience with the TBTL Tens at their Austin live show (and makes Kath jealous), and Kath gushes about returning to our high school for our ten year reunion (and sharing our friendship “origin story” in the process.) We also talk about bravery, whether it’s following the example of Anne of Green Gables (from the books, not the new Netflix series we aren’t watching) or getting up on a trapeze! Need a little more...

Duration: 00:50:19

Episode 24: Big Girl Big Time Stuff

It’s the first episode of 2017 and we’re not big into spoilers so you’re just gonna have to listen to the show to find out what shenanigans we’re up to! [hint: it’s awards season] Katherine Johnson*, a black physicist and mathematician critical to NASA for over three decades, is our BAWOTE (Badass Woman of the Episode). You may have heard of her because she is one of the subjects of the award-winning and box-office-busting movie Hidden Figures. As always, we want to hear from YOU! Tweet...

Duration: 00:46:15

Episode 22: Miró Forgot the Title

In episode 22 Miró and Kath discuss Fashion Week, rant about Yeezy (yes, again), give you some updates on what grandma TV you should be watching, and discuss this topic: “what are we doing with our lives?” (Please don’t answer that). Bonus points to the person who can figure out the two reasons the outro music was chosen! This episode our

Duration: 00:46:08

Episode 15: The Emperor’s New Bulbous Oatmeal Shoes

We’re back and at it again! Chatting about how NOT to judge a TV show by it’s…er…cover (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), whether or not celebrity obsession has extended to ugly shoes (spoiler alert: don’t read the episode title!), shamingmillennial-shaming articles into retreat, and why telling people to follow our passions is just.not.helpful. Don’t miss out on the 1st episode MttM of 2016. As always, we want to hear from YOU!Tweet to usat#MttMPodand [...]

Duration: 00:39:33

Episode 3: BBD from the BBC

Kath opens with a Harriet Monroe poem and then tells Miró all about her trip to Memphis including the Disney World that is Graceland, Sun Records and a town that needs a little extra lovin. Miró professes her love of Boring British Drama (BBD) from the BBC and the girls discuss Wolf Hall, Bloodline, and Daredevil. All of which you should be watching. #MttMPod @miro_cassetta @kathryndennett

Duration: 00:40:11