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How to be healthy and support Kentucky startups?

Did you know that Kentucky is home to a fantastic new drink called Baqua? They're poised to grow rapidly along with the world's passion for all things natural and healthy. Baqua’s founder and CEO, Sandra Marlowe, was inspired by the wonder of international cultures after a family trip to England. She fell in love with Lemon Barley Water and was intrigued by this tasty “lemonade” with a hint of grains. Sandra returned home to research and discovered the rich history of ancient grain drinks....

Duration: 00:45:07

What you need to know about metro startup micro-investing?

From the very first Metro Startup Launcher investor meeting, Lisa has been an active participant. She understands that more startups in our community will produce more jobs and more wealth. She also wants to help by being an active "micro-angel investor" and believes that many others in our metro area want to help too. Lisa had some questions about micro-investing, and we decided that her questions would be good for everyone to hear. So, we recorded the Q&A. Listen to this episode of the...

Duration: 00:22:14

How to be a successful entrepreneur like Gill Holland?

Have you ever wondered how Gill Holland got started? He built a company that The Hollywood Reporter named as one of the top ten movie production companies in New York City. He runs his own record label and music production companies with world famous artists. He currently runs another movie production company with multiple award winning films. Also, he and his wife spearheaded the revitalization of one of Louisville's coolest neighborhoods (NuLu). Now they're doing it again in the Portland...

Duration: 00:38:01

How to Make Your Crowdfunding Easy!

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND SHOW NOTES/BLOG By now, hopefully you know that the goal of Metro Startup Launcher is to make it much easier for startup companies in the Louisville metro area to raise capital through equity crowdfunding. We also want to help lots of people in the Louisville area actually make money by investing small mounts in lots of startups: a strategy that statistically has proven to provide an average of 27% return on investment for angel investors in the United States. Now...

Duration: 00:10:44

An Entrepreneur’s View of Startup Investing in Louisville

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND SHOW NOTES/BLOG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW NOTES/BLOG: We've been meeting with lots of startup entrepreneurs. One recently sold his concept and had some opinions (GOOD AND BAD) about our startup community. We have attached his entire letter with our comments (in bold italics): His Letter: The State of Venture Capital in Louisville from a Startup’s Point of View Before offering my viewpoints...

Duration: 00:21:11

Can’t Find Investors = Startups Leaving Louisville!

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND SHOW NOTES/BLOG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW NOTES/BLOG: We've been meeting with lots of startups and investors to learn more about how we can get more startups started in Louisville, and here's one of the problems we've consistently heard. The best startup companies can't find investors in Louisville, so they look outside of Louisville. Then, often, when they find investors outside of...

Duration: 00:06:39