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Ep 154 - Mic'd Up Toronto - The Real Doctor Evil

Episode 154 of Mic'd Up Toronto. A very spooky edition of Mic’d Up Toronto is coming your way. Today’s haunted episode includes topics such as: -Banning Halloween: One Canadian school has banned kids from wearing costumes. Is it fair to deprive kids of the joys of dressing up or does it not matter since it’s just a silly holiday? We debate if costumes are become too gory, too inappropriate and too insensitive. -Evil doctor: A 19 year old pretending to be a doctor is conducting cosmetic...

Duration: 00:43:02

Ep 153 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Mama's boy

Episode 153 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. The leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling off and the Mic’d Up Free For All is just heating up. Fall is here which means we have another great episode coming your way. Topics include: -Mama’s boy: Why is being a mama’s boy considered such a terrible thing? Immigrant Vince rants about how people give him a hard time for being a mama’s boy. -New Age dating: The Mic’d Up crew might be stuck in their old school ways when it comes to dating....

Duration: 00:40:26

Ep 152 - Mic'd Up Toronto - No more street cred

Episode 152 of Mic'd Up Toronto. Mic’d Up Toronto’s street cred is sky high. And after today’s episode, it’s only going to get higher (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). Topics on the agenda include: -Racist video game: A mobile game called ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ has been cancelled due to complaints of racism. We discuss whether this game that plays off of some negative Chinese stereotypes should be banned or if this is another case of people overreacting. -Drug dealer struggles:...

Duration: 00:40:28

Ep 151 - Mic'd Up Free For All - The king of dating

Episode 151 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Sundays have become synonymous with Mic’d Up Free For All’s. So get ready for another wild edition with topics including: -The musical stock market: We discuss this new service that essentially allows you to invest in your favorite musicians. Are you willing to put money on Eminem and reap the rewards if his album goes platinum? We discuss this brand new way to earn some (or possibly lose some) cash. -Dating challenge: Hipster Mitch and Immigrant...

Duration: 00:40:52

Ep 150 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Bye bye supermodel

Episode 150 of Mic'd Up Toronto. Mic’d Up Toronto celebrates another huge milestone. 150 episodes strong and no signs of slowing down. Topics on this historic episode include: -Photoshopped models: France has a new law that requires all images of models that have been touched up to include a warning message. Is this something that will help combat anorexia or is this just completely silly and unnecessary? -Canadian tv/movies: Netflix will be investing at least $500 million over the next 5...

Duration: 00:43:01

Ep 149 - Mic'd Up Free For All - A real stinker

Episode 149 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Part 2 of a special 2 part Free For All. In this episode, we focus in on Hipster Mitch telling us What’s Brewin’ and we also try to provide some helpful advice to some listeners. Topics include: -What happens in Vegas: We jump into the world of Vegas and examine how people’s actions and behaviors can change drastically once they step foot in Sin City. Can you trust your significant other if they go on a trip to Vegas? We examine this question and...

Duration: 00:33:46

Ep 148 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Healthcare hysteria

Episode 148 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. It’s a very rare occasion that a Mic’d Up Free For All is released on a Wednesday. But this is a special episode so big that we needed to release it in 2 parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 later in the week. Part 1 is dedicated to another Immigrant Vince rant. Immigrant Vince is ready to rant about the healthcare system. It’s no secret that Vince loves the Canadian healthcare system but he recently experienced first-hand that this system is FAR from...

Duration: 00:23:19

Ep 147 - Mic'd Up Free For All - The scientist & the coward

Episode 147 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. A passionate rant, some life altering advice and a unique take on some of the most interesting stories affecting society. It’s the ultimate trifecta that makes the Mic’d Up Free For All must listen to each and every week. Topics on today’s agenda include: -Bandwagon jumping and dating: Immigrant Vince attempts to connect the dots between finding a new favorite sports team and finding a new dating partner. How do sports teams and relationships...

Duration: 00:43:23

Ep 146 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Rollercoaster Transit

Episode 146 of Mic'd Up Toronto. Every Wednesday, a brand new episode of Mic’d Up Toronto is released to all of our great fans. Our Wednesday shows put the spotlight on issues surrounding the great city of Toronto. Today’s topics include: -Traffic woes: Toronto’s traffic issues can often be a nightmare. The latest plan by Mayor John Tory will hopefully alleviate some of these problems. We take a look at the so called ‘6 point plan’ to see if it can actually help make Toronto traffic great...

Duration: 00:38:50

Ep 145 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Eastern corruption

Episode 145 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. There are 3 guarantees in life. Death, taxes and the Mic’d Up Free For All providing a fun 30+ minutes of entertainment. Topics on today’s episode include: -Corrupt Europe: Immigrant Vince just got back from Eastern Europe and he is ready to share some personal stories that emphasize just how shady and corrupt some countries can be. -Hurricane madness: Hipster Mitch tries to understand why some people refuse to listen to mandatory evacuation...

Duration: 00:38:03

Ep 144 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Unicorns & beer gardens

Episode 144 of Mic'd Up Toronto. HE’S BACK!! After a 5 week absence, Immigrant Vince makes his much anticipated return to Mic’d Up Toronto. No need to shake off any rust because he is ready to go. Today’s topics include: -Drinking in the park: Toronto is considering allowing beer trucks to serve alcohol in certain parks around the city. Is this an idea that has the Mic’d Up crew excited or are they concerned about how the city will mess it all up? -3 gender passports: Canada will now allow...

Duration: 00:48:33

Ep 143 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Big boys don't cry

Episode 143 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Ashley is back for another Mic’d Up Free For All and she is very excited because she gets to experience her very first Illegal Game Corner. Fans just can’t seem to get enough of this fun game show experience. Today’s topics include: -Throwing in the towel: Hipster Mitch tells us about a growing group of guys that are giving up on finding a girl. They all have been through their share of heartbreaks and setbacks so we examine whether these guys are...

Duration: 00:46:51

Ep 142 - Mic'd Up Toronto - One last wish

Episode 142 of Mic'd Up Toronto. The Mic’d Up crew means business on today’s edition of Mic’d Up Toronto as they discuss a wide range of topics including: -Hollywood downfall: The movie industry continues to struggle and we try and analyze why this is happening. Are movies today just not that good or have times changed to the point that Hollywood will never be the same? -Minimum wage dilemma: With Ontario planning on raising the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2019, we debate whether this is a...

Duration: 00:52:59

Ep 141 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Master of the pick up

Episode 141 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Ashley (aka Smash) joins Nice Guy Lou, Hipster Mitch and Illegal Immigrant Murray for another chaotic edition of the Mic’d Up Free For All that’s all about dating. Topics on today’s agenda include: -True love: Ashley shares a true story about a couple that faced a huge tragedy that would have broken up most relationships but in this case, it made them stronger. We discuss how practical and realistic it is to keep the fairy-tale relationship going...

Duration: 00:39:16

Ep 140 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Battle of the sexes

Episode 140 of Mic'd Up Toronto. Fan favorite Ashley is back for a very special episode that is all about the gender wars. Thank goodness we are getting a female perspective on today’s topics which include: -Man tax: One café is charging an 18% premium to all male customers. Is this completely outrageous or is this something that we should see more of? -Female only transit: Some countries have implemented subway trains exclusively for women. We debate whether this is a step backwards or if...

Duration: 00:36:03

Ep 139 - Mic'd Up Free For All - South beach shenanigans

Episode 139 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. We have a full house live in studio for today’s Mic’d Up Free For All. Returning for the second straight episode is Jared. And for the very first time, Mic’d Up Toronto’s own photographer Neil joins the show as well. Topics include: -Welcome to Miami: Hipster Mitch is headed to Miami and he needs your help to make sure that his trip is legendary. We discuss what it takes to make a memorable trip and if it’s considered boring to visit the same...

Duration: 00:35:03

Ep 138 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Let's get ready to rumble

Episode 138 of Mic'd Up Toronto. Joining Nice Guy Lou and Hipster Mitch on today’s episode of Mic’d Up Toronto is special guest Jared, the founder of Inaugural Season. You may remember Jared from our exclusive interview a couple of months ago (check out episode 103 in the archives). Today’s topics include: -Too old to vote: Some people have thrown out the idea of losing the right to vote after a certain age. Does it make any sense to take someone’s right to vote away after they turn 70 or...

Duration: 00:40:40

Ep 137 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Sibling rivalry

Episode 137 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. Summer vacation might be wrapping up, but the Mic’d Up vacation never ends. Today’s Free For All promises to deliver all the fun and craziness you’d expect. Topics include: -Family Feud: The Illegal game room features a new take on the hit game show Family Feud. Hipster Mitch goes head to head with Nice Guy Lou in another intense battle that you will want to be a part of. -All-inclusive troubles: Ever wonder why you can handle so much more alcohol...

Duration: 00:40:32

Ep 136 - Mic'd Up Toronto - Armpit hairs and stuff

Episode 136 of Mic'd Up Toronto. With new Mic’d Up Toronto episodes every Wednesday, it’s no surprise that Wednesdays are quickly becoming the most popular day of the week. Today’s topics include: -Drinking and driving: There are talks of reducing the alcohol limit for drivers in Canada. We dig into this controversial subject that surprisingly has very mixed opinions. -The ultimate experience: We investigate Air BnB’s all new feature called ‘Experiences’. If you haven’t heard about this...

Duration: 00:47:38

Ep 135 - Mic'd Up Free For All - Guiltiest pleasures

Episode 135 of the Mic'd Up Free For All. The Mic’d Up Free For All is all about fast, fun, chaotic entertainment. Well today’s episode certainly fits that billing so grab some popcorn and enjoy. Topics include: -Guilty pleasures: We discuss some of our guiltiest pleasures. You will definitely be surprised at some of our responses. But should we be ashamed about our guilty pleasures? Make sure to let us know! -Price of a friend: Here’s a hypothetical for you…How much money would it take...

Duration: 00:46:17

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