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Nicole and Pops Paris - TEDxGatewayArch Entertainment

Nicole, Popz and I talk about self-contained musical group, emulate the dj, TR-808, beatboxing to her belly, rock back and forth, it is so weird, tap = create a beat, where'd that one come from, Quincy Jones sitting in the front row, Switzerland, 25% Italian, Hong Kong has wonderful food, blow up pants, the off-clapping story, Beastie Boys, epic-ness, eyeballs get to twitchin', that was dope, bring laughter and fun, pull in Pokemons, and Desoto, MO.

Duration: 00:39:36

Diane Brockmeier - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Diane and I talk about the intersection of loss and life, compassion, signing the driver's license, donation to proceed, opportunity to honor, crisis tunnel vision, can't even go there, global consent, allocation decisions, skin as a living dressing for wounds, matched up by x-ray, body doesn't recognize it as a pig's heart, process is far more regulated, Grey's Anatomy, hopping on a helicopter with "the cooler", iced and triple bagged, emotionally charged situations, and the mouse with the...

Duration: 00:28:57

Theresa Coble - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Theresa and I talk about education programs, natural resource management, living systems, armadillos are here, fire ants may show up, green jewel in the center of town, re-engaging the Mississippi River, natural and cultural heritage merged, parks as experience, sites tell us stories that are not so fun, 55% live close to coast, tradeoffs to consider, collective stock of long term interest, prudent path, Leopold's Land Ethic is only half the loaf.

Duration: 00:30:25

Marcus Adrian - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Marcus and I talk about buildings serving people, designing for a wide variety of populations, commerce of getting ideas in the brain, the way into the brain is through the senses, can you hear me and can you understand me, path of signal, sensory, cognitive and social level, sit still is the worse advice, interdisciplinary, interact over work, round houses, compartmentalized is not as stimulating, at today's campus you learn everywhere and it's not the dust, it's the water.

Duration: 00:30:06

Dr. Sheyna Gifford - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Dr. Sheyna Gifford and I talk about living in a giant soccer ball, super hero secret underwater lair, scientist farmer, it doesn't look like the badge from Star Trek, elongated astroid, turning waste into usable product, space fish, dynamics and social psychology, Andy Weir did an amazing job with The Martian, walking in third gravity, breakthrough starshot, Mars almost looks like a small goal, fact transmission devices and don't use your car to go ballroom dancing.

Duration: 00:31:36

De Nichols - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

De and I talk about I am a creator, De-sign with a capital "De," make ideas happen, plaguing issues, brave space, sparking new connections and collisions, sticky note to self, express self in process, epiphanies, notions of hate, other-ising, invite others to actualize your dreams, it must be wrong because I don't know it, dismantle fear through curiosity, so much to love, power of serendipity and showing up.

Duration: 00:31:25

Ness Sandoval - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Ness and I talk about immigrant enclave neighborhoods, a Twitter feed of maps @ybytata, access to opportunity structures, sociology, mapping services for lawyers, Mosaic St. Louis, updates on immigrant population, social capital, diverse and homogeneous, census tracks, opportunity to make unique maps, revolution in transparency and how to put data on a map.

Duration: 00:33:45

Nick Droege - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Nick and I talk about emergency dispatch system, one tap panic alarm, peace of mind, live freely, diamond certified, care and capacity, TEDxGatewayArch, not so great Uber driver (most are great!), start up world, Aaron is awesome, Brittany is the heart, T-REX takeover of 2nd floor, bridge between doing nothing and calling 911, Tiger Pantry.

Duration: 00:31:14

Bert Vescolani

Bert and I talk about grow exhibit, seed library, rice production in Missouri, we have lots of water, Shedd Aquarium, John Ball Zoo, St. Louis Science Center, sea otters are cute from afar, big ole fat melon head, chocolate colored water, lemurs are the coolest little guys, being a high school science teacher, solar eclipse, and pink dolphins.

Duration: 00:35:28

Kyra Krakos - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Kyra and I talk about pollinators focus, stinky Otavia, peak scenting time, corpse flower, smells like moldy cheese, rotting flesh, fecal matter and jasmine, if only blooming once every 4 years you are all in, always voucher your plant population, squeal like a small rodent, alligators move fast, Alpine, Texas, curses, ebola and herpes, giant misshapen penis and irises.

Duration: 00:36:02

Faith Varwig

Faith and I talk about airport security, constant monitoring, cybersecurity, robust training, aviation, Atlanta as the busiest airport, 2 - 5 million passengers, it's not going to happen to me, all good companies start in the basement, in the Middle East as a woman owned business, midwestern farm girl perspective, Kuala Lumpur, 7 and 10 year olds riding elephants in Thailand, Herb Kelleher of consulting, hydroponics, heem, Ozark Airlines and TWA first class coffee cups.

Duration: 00:29:13

Jade Harrell

Jade and I talk about Rare Gem Productions, breaking news, The Model Health Show, positive media eco-system, 14 million downloads, Shawn Stevenson, messages of hope, pollyanna, remember and reflect, learn the lesson, tuning into your precise frequency, cacophonous, vigor and strength, TEDx auditions, say it out loud, I'm doing blessed, shake the mundane, be inhiberated!

Duration: 00:30:29

Angela Skurtu

Angela and I talk about experience desire, research does not support abstinence, McDonalds, harm reduction model, sexting, ask questions first, don't lie to kids, after-play, people don't know anything about desire, act before you feel, keep your pot on warm, sparkle session, boil and bang, compartmentalize, caveman age of your marriage, Sex in the City, lost in your head and mindful sex.

Duration: 00:31:07

Sara Stock

Sara and I talk about creating flexibility, what the small business needs, compassion for early stage companies, high quality law services, yellow brick Victorian-esque mansion, lawyer as a necessary evil, welcoming office, paperless law firm, technology-driven, transactional boutique, few litigators go into court, knowing your life path at age 6 and on the good lawyer side.

Duration: 00:29:10

Antionette Carroll

Antionette and I talk about Creative Reaction Lab, scheduling services, deeper response, Fast Company Mag, Kinloch doesn't exist anymore, a lot of conversation and not enough action, cards against brutality, fear dictating actions, cat cafe, she needs translators!, black and latinx, I'm caramel, the lens of failure, design as a process and mindset, cultural history and healing, design is working when you don't know it's there, reverse mentoring.

Duration: 00:31:58

Moses Ukoh

Moses and I talk about griot, video letters to kids, TEDx, this is how much I love you, don't come to bounce, goofy Moses giving a sermon, we're all cartoon characters, maybe I'll buy 15 of the same t-shirts, cash me outside girl, Giorgio, Charles Alexander, camels through the Sahara, Mission Dan, "do", yodahadvice.com, no pointing, 5K times the size of the sun.

Duration: 00:33:26

Brryan Jackson

Brryan and I talk about his extraordinary story of being injected with HIV by his father, victim or victory, defying the odds, forgiveness frees you, don't need to move mountains just take 2 steps, bitterness for the past - let it go!, do something today that brings hope for tomorrow, setting boundaries, parole, St. Louis Honor Flight, rockstar mom, the grass is greener where you water it, perfect is boring.

Duration: 00:28:51

Markey Culver

Markey and I talk about Clif bars, Wait a minute! I am super hungry!, salad making lessons, the it's delicious face in Rwanda, the harder they hit you the more they like you, raw food, I've been gluten free far too long, fortified bread, packing full of nutrients, Peace Corps Cookbook, the Beyonce and Michael Jackson of Rwanda, discovered demand, micro-economy, sustainable and replicable.

Duration: 00:33:21

Patrick Murphy

Patrick and I talk about being the voice of channel 9, Missouri state parks, a place worth saving, smart people, cool places, pre-hip, television for smart people, crying interns, beepers, authoritative warmth, awful to mediocre, tips for seniors, art class being a drag, tuna cannery, from blue collar to broadcasting.

Duration: 00:34:35

Theo Louis Clark

Theo and I talk about reveling in mayhem, TLC, give me flowers while I'm still alive, movie entourage, willingness, old school r & b, why ear phones, master digresser, tangent octopus, shout out to my cougars, Jacque Cousteau, Atlanta the 8th largest market, quiet storm oh ladies watch out!, shout out to Lisa, Theresa and Pam, don't I look awesome, servanthood & gratitude.

Duration: 00:32:44

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