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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.

Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.
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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.




Bacon: “Mediocrity will perpetuate mediocrity,” so how do the Red Wings break free?

We’ve had some listeners reach out on twitter to put in a request: talk some hockey! We aim to please, and the timing is perfect — i t’s the mid-season mark. John U. Bacon, Michigan Radio sports commentator, joined Stateside to give us an update on all things hockey, with a side of basketball and football.

Duration: 00:04:58

Will rare indoor velodrome become Detroit's newest Olympic breeding ground?

Take one impossible dream, and a dd an angel donor with deep pockets. What do you get? An impossible dream that comes true – i n this case, a new indoor velodrome that's just opened up in Detroit's Midtown area. It makes Detroit one of only three U.S. cities to have a specially-designed facility for indoor bicycle racing, and its designer believes this velodrome could put Detroit racers in future Olympics. Dale Hughes, e xecutive director of the Detroit Fitness Foundation and the designer of...

Duration: 00:06:08

To turn around the Wolverines, Harbaugh should look to his own past

This year, for the first time, the Big Ten failed to place a team in the four-team College Football Playoff. But the league redeemed itself by winning its first seven bowl games – an amazing run. The Big Ten was just one win away from an unprecedented 8-0 bowl record: Michigan versus South Carolina in the Outback Bowl.

Duration: 00:03:36

Bacon: Blame head coaches for UM bowl “disaster” and Lions’ lack of success

John U. Bacon, Michigan Radio sports commentator, joined Stateside today to bring us our first sports update of the new year.

Duration: 00:07:15

Michigan sports year in review for 2017

Time to look back on 2017 – but we’ll spare you the serious stuff and stick to sports. Even in sports, alas, Michiganders waded through a lot of bad news, starting with the passing of Mike Ilitch. He and his wife Marion opened their first Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat in Garden City, Michigan, in 1959. Twenty years later they had built an empire big enough to support a kid’s hockey league that produced NHL players. By 1982, they bought the long-dormant Detroit Red Wings, drafted a kid named...

Duration: 00:03:33

Bacon: If you like mediocrity in sports, Detroit was your city in 2017

To sum up the year in sports, Michigan Radio’s sports commentator John U. Bacon said this: “If you like mediocrity, I mean really like it, Motown is the place for you.” He sat down with Stateside host Cynthia Canty to explain.

Duration: 00:09:45

Why do so many international Olympic figure skaters train in Michigan?

Today's MI Curious question is especially timely with given that the South Korea winter Olympics are right around the corner. Why do so many international Olympic figure skaters train in Metro Detroit? The question came from listener Dan Major of Clinton Township. To find the answer, Stateside went to the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills.

Duration: 00:08:17

Soccer analyst Alexi Lalas doesn’t see Detroit winning bid for MLS team… yet

This is the day Detroit makes its pitch for one of two Major League Soccer franchises. The Motor City bid is led by Dan Gilbert, Tom Gores, and Martha Firestone Ford, who know a thing or two about owning pro sports teams with the Cavaliers, Pistons, and Lions, respectively. And they're proposing Ford Field as the site for the new MLS team. How strong is Detroit's bid?

Duration: 00:08:21

Bacon: MSU’s recovery from 3-9 to 9-3 not so surprising with a coach like Dantonio

John U. Bacon , Michigan Radio’s sports commentator, joined Stateside today for a roundup of the week’s sports news.

Duration: 00:05:54

112,000 fans gave this Vietnam vet and Michigan football alum a much overdue "thank you" Saturday

During every University of Michigan football game for the past few years, they’ve honored a veteran, some going back to World War II. But even by those standards, Saturday’s was special.

Duration: 00:03:33

How Michigan made a tradition out of football and turkey

When the Detroit Lions host the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow, they’re continuing a Michigan tradition that goes back further than many of us can remember. How and when did this tradition of Thanksgiving football get started? Mark Harvey , the state archivist at the Michigan History Center , joined Stateside to recount the history of the Thanksgiving game.

Duration: 00:08:00

Protests, profits, and health problems: When sports and society collide

Monday night’s Issues & Ale event dove into the complicated world of sports – where players kneel during the national anthem, college students get payoffs, and misinformation swells around concussions and other injuries.

Duration: 01:27:53

Bacon: To beat Ohio State, Michigan must "pull about five rabbits out of a hat"

John U. Bacon , Michigan Radio’s sports commentator, joined Stateside today for a roundup of the week’s sports news.

Duration: 00:03:53

Football is becoming safer, but perception of danger remains.

Americans have become obsessed with concussions, and with good reason. But for medical professionals, it’s a double-edged sword: people are interested, but they also have more misinformation. For example, concussions last only a week or two, while smaller, more frequent hits can result in chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE – but the two are often lumped together.

Duration: 00:03:28

Bacon: Winning streak puts Pistons under pressure, Lions on “cusp of mediocrity”

John U. Bacon , Michigan Radio sports commentator, joined Stateside today for a sports roundup.

Duration: 00:04:41

Bacon: Verlander deserves his World Series ring, and he wasn’t going to get it in Detroit

He was one of the most beloved of Detroit's pro athletes before he left. Now, Justin Verlander is going to be sporting a World Series ring thanks to that trade a couple months ago that sent him to the Houston Astros. The team beat LA in game seven last night to win the series.

Duration: 00:02:04

Bacon: Harbaugh considers QB change, calls for higher medical standards in Big Ten

Today is the day for Stateside ’s weekly sports roundup with John U. Bacon , Michigan Radio’s sports commentator.

Duration: 00:08:11

Michigan fans need to be more patient with Jim Harbaugh

After the Michigan Wolverines lost to Michigan State, they traveled to Happy Valley to take on Penn State, looking for a little redemption. What a difference a year makes.

Duration: 00:03:15

UM Dearborn woman wrestler fights for chance to compete against men

She wants to wrestle with the University of Michigan-Dearborn men’s team, but the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) says its rules are clear: “Women wrestle women, men wrestle men in practice and competition. Period.” Now wrestler Marina Goocher has the ACLU on her side in her fight to compete against the men. That includes staff attorney Bonsitu Kitaba with the ACLU of Michigan .

Duration: 00:07:22

Bacon on Verlander: “I have never seen any man so happy not to be a Tiger”

It's time to talk some sports. The Lions had a bye week. That means we'll dive straight into college football, and the fact that Michigan State has moved up two places, to Number 16, in the AP Poll, while Michigan dropped out of the AP rankings for the first time since 2015.

Duration: 00:05:19

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