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Urban Legends-ish: Anson Lights/Suicide Forest

Anson Lights/Suicide Forest In this episode, we discuss the fabled Anson Lights, off US 180 in Anson, Texas, and the suicide forest (Aokigahara). The Anson Lights is a debunked (or is it?) ghost story, but the Suicide Forest is a very real place with real stories. Listen to hear more. This episode contains sensitive material. Listen at your own risk. 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Multi-Level Marketing Part 1: LuLaRoe

Picture this: you’re on facebook, scrolling through your feed, when a message from an old high school acquaintance messages you out of the blue. He/she asks you about your family, how you’ve been since high school, what you’re doing for work, etc. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, you might be met suddenly with an invitation for you to host a “party” or “pop-up shop” to bring your friends over to sell this acquaintance’s product. Does this sound familiar? This is usually how “independent...


Weird Medical Treatments: Lobotomy and Insulin Shock Therapy

Weird Medical Treatments Lobotomies and Insulin Shock Therapy Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those pesky migraines or nervous indigestion? Have you suffered from depression or schizophrenia and ever wished for the miracle cure for your ailments? If so, a lobotomy is your answer! Popularized in the 1930s by psychiatrist Walter Freeman, the transorbital lobotomy consisted of sticking an icepick-like tool in the patient’s eye, then wiggling it in and out for about 5 minutes. After...


Urban Legends: Black-Eyed Children/Hell's Bridge

Season 1, Episode 5: Urban Legends On this week’s podcast, we discuss two urban legends that are sure you scare your socks off (maybe): Black-Eyed Children (not associated with the Black-Eyed Peas) and Hell’s Bridge. Be sure to listen to the entire episode, because Colton shares a super creepy story that had me too scared to watch anything other than King of the Hill when we finished recording. The Black-Eyed Children have their origin story in Abilene, Texas, (where we record the podcast)...


Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill On April 20, 2010, drilling rig Deepwater Horizon sustained an uncontrollable blowout, spilling 205.8 million gallons of oil and 225,000 tons of methane into the Gulf of Mexico. 11 men were killed aboard the rig. This disaster is commonly known as the BP Oil Spill. The Deepwater Horizon was a 10-year old semi-submersible, mobile, floating, dynamically positioned drilling rig that could operate in waters up to 10,000’ deep. The rig was leased to BP from...



This week’s podcast is a quick and easy one. We thought we’d throw in some comedy with a couple of shockers to lighten the mood after last week’s depressing episode. If you thought your mother-in-law was bad, listen to some of the horror stories we found in the subreddit JustNoMIL. References: reddit.com/r/JustNoMIL


Warren Jeffs

This episode does contain some gross and disturbing shit. Listen at your own risk. Warren Jeffs: Prophet and Polygamist Cult Leader, Now Felon In 2011, Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison for assaulting two of his child brides. Between 2003 and 2008, girls between the ages of 12 and 17 were forced into unlawful marriages to men that were sometimes 4 times their own ages. In 2008, a large FLDS compound in Eldorado, Texas, was raided by Texas Rangers and local...

Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey: Socialite or Con Artist? In our first episode, we discuss the timeline and origins of the enigma that is Anna Delvey. From 2013 through 2016, Delvey managed to work her way into the upper echelon of society’s elite, befriending celebrities, moguls, financiers, and attorneys. With seemingly endless amounts of cash on hand, Delvey convinced everyone around her that she was filthy rich and loved to spend money. Her origin story was mysterious. No one really knew where she came...