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Final 'Middle East Analysis' Podcast

It's with very heavy hearts that we bring you the 100th and final 'Middle East Analysis' podcast. We sign off by looking over our shoulders at what was then termed the Arab Spring, walking briefly through what we covered since 2011 before casting an eye to the future.

Duration: 01:01:08

Aleppo, Mosul, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Trump

Today's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast - the 99th in the series - sees us analyse the following: Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States, the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo as a number of short ceasefires have come to an end, the Mosul Offensive in Iraq and the $4m restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Duration: 01:16:15

Syria ceasefire, Migrant crisis and Israel/Palestine

Today's Middle East Analysis podcast sees a welcome return to studio duties for Dr Harry Hagopian. After a two-month Summer hiatus, there was much to talk about - the US-Russian brokered ceasefire in Syria, the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants and the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel.

Duration: 00:44:20

Modern terror attacks - causes and symptoms

In today's podcast, Dr Harry Hagopian reflects on the Nice lorry attack that killed at least 84 people in southern France looking at the causes as well as the symptoms of modern terrorism and how tactics have changed over the years.

Duration: 00:43:50

Christian realities in Syria after five years of war

When we talk about the realities facing Syria's Christians, we do so from a comfortable studio in the centre of London. Today we get a valuable insight from one of Syria's Christian leaders - Reverend Harout Selimian.

Duration: 00:35:30

Pope Francis visits refugees on the Greek island Lesbos

Pope Francis meets refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos on Saturday, 16 April 2016. Our studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian discusses the visit in context with its humanitarian, ecumenical and political implications.

Duration: 00:46:07

Christmas in the Middle East North Africa

At a time when office parties, crazy-season shopping and the work wind-down are well underway, it's easy not only to get distracted and lose sight of Christ's coming at Christmas, but also to forget the region in which he was born.

Duration: 00:49:41

Implications of the 'Yes' vote on Syria air strikes

We take a look at two countries that are seldom out of the international headlines these days - Syria and Egypt. For the main segment of our programme we discuss Dr Hagopian's open letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asking him whether he would be willing to step aside in consideration of Syria's future good and that of its people.

Duration: 00:06:14

Holy Land: Land, Religion and Education

Fr Chris Thomas, General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, joins us for a Middle East Analysis podcast special focusing on the Holy Land and in particular, the complex issues of land, rights and religion.

Duration: 00:59:13

Middle East Turmoil and the Refugee Crisis

Our consultant on the Middle East North Africa region, Dr Harry Hagopian, has been tweeting extensively over the last week from his twitter account about the refugee crisis. In this podcast, we use Harry's latest eight-tweet talking points as the framework for September's extended Middle East Analysis.

Duration: 01:10:06

The Sorry State of Syria

The Syria crisis has dominated our Middle East Analysis podcasts with monotonous and depressing regularity in recent years. In this podcast, we discuss an air attack in Douma, a rebel-held suburb of Damascus, that according to reports resulted in over 100 civilian casualties. We also cover Egypt's new anti-terror laws, Israel resuming construction of the controversial Separation Wall in the Cremisan valley, Palestine and a final thought on Lebanon.

Duration: 00:49:08

Iran Nuclear Deal: A Safer World or a More Anxious Middle East?

The news that Iran has signed a nuclear deal with six world powers - including Britain - dominates July's'Middle East Analysis'. On 14 July 2015, after nearly two years of heated negotiations, the P5+1 group consisting of the UK, the US, France, Germany, China and Russia came to an agreement with Iran that seriously limits its nuclear capabilities in exchange for lifting global economic sanctions.

Duration: 01:04:24

Plight of Christians in today's MENA plus updates from Egypt and Turkey

Welcome to June's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast. It's a packed half hour. Today we cover plenty of ground with our regular studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian. We look at the complexities of mere survival for Christians and other minorities of the Middle East North Africa region and much more.

Duration: 01:12:17

Discussing the realities of the Holy Land with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

In recent times, whenever we've discussed the Holy Land and the wider Middle East North Africa region, we've ended up discussing turmoil, violence and political tension. Frequently we ask the question "Where is the hope?" In this 'Middle East Analysis' podcast special we welcome His Beatitude Fouad Twal - the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem - into the studio to discuss the realities with our regular guest Dr Harry Hagopian.

Duration: 00:34:09

The Hidden Genocide of the 20th Century

Armenian Genocide? What Armenian Genocide? That's a question regularly asked about an extermination that has come to be known as the hidden genocide of the 20th century.

Duration: 00:36:24

Gaza in 2015: Middle East Analysis - Extended

In this extended podcast Bishop Declan Lang is joined by our Middle East North Africa consultant, Dr Harry Hagopian, to talk about his visit to Gaza in January 2015 and the stark realities facing Gazans. The fear of another conflict with Israel is palpable.

Duration: 01:01:30

MENA bite-sized: Syria, Egypt and Libya updates

In this, the first 'Middle East Analysis' podcast of 2015, we've taken a bite-sized approach to Syria, Egypt and Libya. Joined, as always by our excellent studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian - an international lawyer and analyst who's the Bishops' consultant on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Duration: 00:42:27

Looking to Israel and Palestine this Advent and Christmas

Today's 'Middle East Analysis' podcast, in the middle of Advent, deliberately steers away from the hard news angles of Iraq and Syria and instead looks to the Holy Land where the on-going lack of stability and peace reverberates around the whole region.

Duration: 01:02:47

Christians in the Middle East

Today's podcast takes a close look at the Christian communities of the region with two knowledgeable guests. The first is the Bishops' consultant on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, Dr Harry Hagopian. Sitting in front of the second guest mic is a Maronite Catholic from Beirut, Lebanon - the Rev Dr Michel Jalakh. Fr Jalakh is the General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches.

Duration: 01:06:22

Islam: A Religion, A Culture, A Society

In our 'Middle East Analysis' podcasts, we regularly tour the MENA region to offer commentary and analysis on the political, religious and legal landscape. Today, thanks to our special studio guest, we're looking to the Gulf states.

Duration: 00:22:06

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