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Midnight Resistance is a podcast about videogames and videogame culture. Our goal is to be your number two source of facts and opinions about this offensively bourgeois, yet radical pastime.




Podcast #103 - Scalies

Hi! This episode is quite short, for reasons unknown. We did everything the same way we always do and then it was over. Dunno. gams: GNOGMonster Hunter XX Monster Hunter StoriesGTA OnlineXenowerkGuardian Hunter SuperBrawlRPGSlime-sanCave StoryAlso Sean talks about having a nice time at Arcade Club! BUY A T-SHIRT BUY A T-SHIRT BUY A T-SHIRT BUY A T-SHIRT BUY A T-SHIRT BUY A T-SHIRT

Duration: 01:04:42

Podcast #102 - I am Sean Bell, I Cannot Save

Pip-pip-pippip-pip! Games: RiMESplatoon 2Destiny 2PyreCave StoryAnd then questions! And then it ends and you have to go back to your life. x

Duration: 01:55:21

Podcast #101 - Robert Miles is a Fraud

Whammo! The classic one-two punch. So classic that we've never done it before! This episode we talk about the following gams: GoNNERGunvolt BurstThe WitnessMass Effect: AndromedaGrant Theft Auto OnlineARMSUltimate Street Fighter IIValkyria ChroniclesThen questions, obviously, because what would be the fucking point if we didn't? [KISS]

Duration: 03:26:02

Podcast #100b - Recap

So, editing down bits of the 24-hour show for an audio-only show proved to be a total nightmare, so instead we thought we'd just have a wee chat about the live show and discuss our favourite bits and that. If you think that sounds shite: jog straight on to episode #101, you total ingrate.

Duration: 00:42:14

Podcast #096 - D4 Damager

HELLO MATES Here is an episode where we talk about these: Yooka-LayleeTorment: Tides of NumeneraMario Kart 8 DEE-LUXESkylightKamikoThe Sexy BrutalePreyALSO we announce a fun (possibly horrific) thing we're doing in just over a month! We'll announce it properly on the tweets and that soon, but have a listen if you want the fuckin scoop eh. Ta! x

Duration: 02:17:20

Podcast #094 - Scorpio Specs Special

THESE games, among others: Graceful Explosion MachineFire Emblem: FatesMass Effect: AndromedaMr ShiftyNier: AutomataAlso we talk about having a nice time at Rezzed, then questions. Please do tweet at us about the lasagne thing because it's driving me fucking mental. Ta! x

Duration: 02:52:18

Podcast #091 - Listener Questions Special

Since the last episode was cut short, here is an episode entirely dedicated to answering listener questions! Which is doubly fantastic because it takes me half the time to write this blurb. Oh! Owen sounds a bit shite because he recorded from his webcam mic instead of his proper one, but other than that the episode is ALRIGHT.

Duration: 01:40:35