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Midwatch With The Rev-Thousands have tuned in to listen to one of the most entertaining and extremely funny Christian talk show hosts on the air. Midwatch interviews Christian authors, artists, movie producers, indie film makers, ministers and just about anyone with a story of faith. The show is built around discussing faith and building encouragement to our listeners. Broadcasting primarily online through our servers to the world and across the USA on RevMedia Network. Midwatch has reached over 3.5 million listeners over the past 3 years. Join us for a show full of faith, humor, special guests, truth, entertainment and encouragement.




DYMRadio-Guests Charity Bradshaw

It has been said that Charity is the “straight-talk express” who shares “wisdom beyond her years”. What you will love most about her is her transparency. Charity shares with candor and clarity her personal failures as well as successes. Her laughable blunders will put you at ease, cause you to think and know that she stands shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey. She helps you sweep aside all of your possible excuses (that you are secretly tired of using anyway) and helps you see...

Duration: 00:59:59

MWTR-Guest Chris Surratt

Chris is a pastor, speaker, author and ministry consultant with The Unstuck Group.Most recently, he was the Pastor Of Ministries at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he oversaw and helped guide small groups and global and local good across five campuses. Before coming to Cross Point in 2009, Chris was on staff at Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina, for fifteenyears, serving as a worship arts pastor, campus pastor and on the directional leadership team. Both Cross...

Duration: 00:30:21

DYMRadio-Guest Edie Bayer

Edie speaks with authority and power! She mixes humor with hope, and information with inspiration, along with a little perspiration!Edie is a prophetic voice to the nations! She is a prophetic preacher, exhorter, motivational speaker and compassionate minister.Edie's ministry attracts miracles! Gold dust is always present when Edie ministers. Edie has written three books as well as her blog "God Notes". Edie is an ordained minister, and has worked with healing ministry giant Joan Hunter...

Duration: 00:31:44

MWTR-Guest Darrell McManus

With a ministry spanning over forty years Darrell is a prolific bible teacher with a powerful healing anointing. He has seen many saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered, along with creative miracles and the dead being raised. He has a rich ministry heritage, whose deep roots of revival date back four generations to the turn of the nineteenth century in the United States of America. His early ancestors moved in mighty miracles of healing, and were early pioneers of the move of God in...

Duration: 00:47:25

Updated DYMRadio-Guest Mary Bostrom

I have been married to my husband Ken since 1970. We have 2 married daughters and 6 wonderful grandchildren. I am a Bible teacher and love to connect the Old Testament and the New Testament together, using the Jewish Roots. We both are members of World Ministry Fellowship (WMF), Plano, Texas since 1994. We have appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) on a regional basis numerous times. Part of our earlier ministry included being presidents of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship...

Duration: 00:57:19

DYMRadio-Guest Mary Bostrom

I have been married to my husband Ken since 1970. We have 2 married daughters and 6 wonderful grandchildren. I am a Bible teacher and love to connect the Old Testament and the New Testament together, using the Jewish Roots. We both are members of World Ministry Fellowship (WMF), Plano, Texas since 1994. We have appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) on a regional basis numerous times. Part of our earlier ministry included being presidents of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship...

Duration: 00:57:19

DYMRadio-Guest Loree Lough

Once upon a time, best-selling author Loree Lough literally sang for her supper, performing before packed audiences throughout the Midwest. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two for her grandkids or to sing at weddings or funerals, but she mostly just writes. Over the years, her stories have earned hundreds of industry and Readers’ Choice awards and 4- and 5-star reviews. Loree has nearly five million copies of her books in circulation, and in March...

DYMRadio-Guest Mike & Martha Snow

Pastor Michael Snow was born and raised in Pasadena, Texas. He has been married for 14 years to his wife Francisca and they have three children. He graduated in 1997 with an Associates degree in Bible and a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Michael has helped plant churches in El Salvador and Nicaragua. He has worked as Youth Pastor, Outreach Director, Children’s Pastor and Master’s Commission Director before founding Lighthouse...

Duration: 00:44:44

DYMRadio-Guests Joan Hunter & Charity Bradshaw

Joan Hunter is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, an accomplished author, and an anointed healing evangelist. Joan is the daughter of the Happy Hunters, Charles & Frances Hunter. Her focus is to train and equip believers to take the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church and into the 4 corners of the earth! Joan's genuine approach and candid delivery enables her to connect intimately with people from all walks of life. Some describe her as being like Carol Burnett...

Duration: 01:02:43

DYMRadio- Guest June Hunt & Hope Deferred

Hope For The Heart Founder and CSO June Hunt is one of the world’s leading biblical counselors. An author, singer and speaker, she founded Hope For The Heart in 1986. Her life’s work has yielded landmark contributions in the field of Christian counseling. The ministry offers biblical hope and practical help—through biblical counsel, coaching, and context for contemporary concerns—in more than 60 countries on 6 continents. June is also a popular guest professor at colleges and...

Duration: 00:57:07

DYMRadio-Guest Joel Manby & Bill Salus

Joel Manby is the new CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment seaworldentertainment.com and former President and Chief Executive Officer of Herschend Family Entertainment,[1] the largest family-owned theme park corporation in the United States. HFE creates, develops and operates entertainment, tourism and hospitality properties spanning 26 locations in ten states, including Stone Mountain Park, Dollywood and Silver Dollar City.[2] He and his company were featured in the sixth episode of the...

Duration: 01:02:18

DYMRadio-Guest Bruce Van Natta

Bruce Van Natta is the founder and president of Sweet Bread Ministries. He is a common, everyday person that serves the Living God who is anything but ordinary. His journey from prodigal son to full time ministry stretched out over three decades berfore culminating in a display of God’s power and grace. Starting at an early age in Bruce’s life the Lord proved Himself faithful repeatedly, despite tragedies and countless bad choices and decisions made by Bruce. After high school the Lord...

Duration: 00:57:00

DYMRadio-Guest John Schlitt

John Schlitt officially joined Petra in 1986, bringing with him his amazing vocal range and abilities that made him a legend with Head East. Except this time, his mind was no longer blown on drugs and alcohol – he was clean, focused, and armed with a powerful message: God made us to be winners - Jesus Christ is alive and through Him we are to be victorious in His perfect plan for us. And that’s how it’s been with John ever since. Twenty years later and four Grammy awards on his shelf,...

Duration: 00:56:42

DYMRadio-Guest John David Ware

John David Ware is the founder and director of 168 Film. Originally from Columbus Ohio, John went to film school at Miami University, Oxford, OH) and graduated with honors. In 1998, he co-founded SLATE Entertainment Fellowship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, where 168 was born. John is a conference speaker and media and film festival consultant. 168 has helped propel the lives and careers of thousands of artists all over the world by teaching them to focus on excellence of craft and on...

Duration: 00:56:42

DYM Radio-Guest Pastor Jorge Vargas

Pastors Jorge & Sylvia Vargas are the founders and senior pastors of Freedom Center Church. Pastor Jorge has been in the ministry for nine years and has served in many areas of ministry. He was an usher, children's church teacher, head intercessor, cell group leader, praise & worship leader, Spanish pastor and youth pastor. Pastor Sylvia has served as a children's church teacher, women's leader, armor bearer, interpreter, cell group leader, youth pastor, was involved in missions and has...

Duration: 00:57:42

DYM Radio-Guest Bishop Miguel Renteria

Kingdom Faith Church was founded in June 1998; Bishop Mike Renteria and his family moved from Houston as he was called by God to preach the gospel. He was led to the Rio Grande Valley to teach and release the “NOW” Word of God and what God is doing at this present time with the church. Bishop Renteria was ordained to the ministry in 1986, by Rev. Jerry McKinney, Rev. Kelly Varner of North Carolina and Rev. Sanders of North Carolina. Gifted with a special anointing to preach the word of God...

Duration: 00:59:39

DYM Radio-Guest Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. She has worked in various media positions in radio, television, and print for more than twenty years. Currently, she oversees the media publicity for the annual RT Booklovers Conventions. She is the author of nine single titles and several eBook novellas. Her award-winning books include Talk to Me, ranked #14 of Top Books in 2008 That Changed Lives by Black Pearls Magazine. She is a two-time...

DYMRadio-Guest John P. McTernan

Is America on a collision course with God? There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for "peace." Costing hundreds of lives and causing hundreds of billions of dollars' damage, dozens of disasters including devastating earthquakes, raging fires, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and violent tornadoes have hit America–and always within twenty–four hours of putting pressure on Israel. What...

Duration: 00:52:32

DYMRadio-Guest Phil Brassfield

Phil Brassfield is a believer! He believes in Jesus Christ, and you and that there is a divine plan for us all, awaiting our discovery! For almost twenty five years he has been a Christian Leader, Minister of the Gospel, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Student of life. During those years he has traveled the World, discovering its wonders, experiencing its diversity and studying its divinely orchestrated truths. Along the way he has worked with leaders and students alike. These years of...

Duration: 00:47:08

DYMRadio-Guest Terry Squires

Terry is a veteran of the Christian publishing world and creator of many gift products for teens and adults. She is the author of the bestselling TodaysGirls.com series (13 books) and the creator of the popular online community, www.todaysgirls.com. She also authored Communicate Christ series for the youth audience, which was a nominated for a 2003 Gold Medallion award. Other books include God's Stories ... My First Thoughts, Bible Stories for Bedtime, I Believe, and the NIV One Impact Bible...

Duration: 00:59:04

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