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Hear the latest Marvel TV, Film & Comic Book news
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Hear the latest Marvel TV, Film & Comic Book news






Mighty Marvel Geeks 199: Plural Of Thanos Is Ethan Sacks

Your Intrepid Trio is back, and this time with Marvel Comics writer Ethan Sacks. Come on in and listen while we talk Marvel, writing, the importance of comic shops, and his idea for a Netflix series!! Intel Debrief A writer's secret origin story Star Wars leads to Old Man Hawkeye George RR Martin on death scenes Why comics and comic shops are important Marvel Influential writers Ethan Sacks' must read titles P.O.W.(Picks of the Week) Marvel Unlimited POW


Mighty Marvel Geeks 198: Push It Back, Way Back

It's another info packed week of Marvel goodness and your Intrepid Trio is here to suss and discuss! From comics to clothing, we got you covered! So, just kick back, relax, and let the Marvel news wash over you! Infinity War is moving? The truth about Baby Groot Black Panter's numbers Where was Bucky during Black Panther? Ryan Coogler's open letter Silver Surfer may have a cinematic future? Infinity War Toys P.O.W.(Picks of the Week) Marvel Unlimited


Mighty Marvel Geeks 197: #FlyCheesesteakFly

With a week fill of Mighty Marvel news only your Intrepid Trio is brave enough to dive in and sort it out for your consumption! This has been a full week, so let's get to it!! Intel Debrief Mike Talks about Marvel Relaunch Eric gets animated over the new Moon Girl animated series Kylan gives a peek of what Ep 100 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. HAS IN STORE News from Toy Fair Black Panther's record braking numbers Sony's CEO throws a Sandwich at Kevin Feige P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) Marvel...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 196: What A Roller Coaster Ride

Looking for Marvel news? The Intrepid Trio is back, in full force, with the news you can use! Travelling the world from Wakanda to Hollywood, we got it all!! Intel Debrief Black Panther spoiler-free review Disney Parks Marvel plans Who is piloting that Lego Hulkbuster? A-Force coming to the MCU? Kraven was almost in Black Panther...sorta P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) Marvel Unlimited


Mighty Marvel Geeks 195: Not A Filter, It’s My Voice

Your Intrepid Trio is back...minus one, sorta. Eric is out, but sent his pics and is with us in spirit. This week's issue is a little different and bit more freewheeling because we are not on Sorcerer Radio this week. So, you're getting the pur podcast version of the show. Kick back and enjoy! Intel Debrief Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer talk Donald Glover on the pressure of Star Wars and Atlanta fandom vs Deadpool Marvel Studios 10 year Anniversary Pic Marvel Studios 10 year Anniversary...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 194: Marvel Grand Pubah

Hey everybody! It's a week chocked full of Marvel news and the Intrepid Trio is here to give it to you the only way we can!! From the possible merger and mutants to our favorite Agents on hiatus, we have it here for you!! Intel Debrief What does the merger mean for the X-Men in the MCU? Marvel Grand Pubah, Kevin Feige, tells the world when and if. DCEU fans wanna fight dirty Tom Hardy on Venom wrapping up filming Impressions of the Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer Black Panther's sister Shuri...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 193: It Just Doesn’t Matter

This week, Intrepid Trio brings to you an issue filled to the rafters with Marvel News! This issue features Oscar-talk and movie news, as well as TV and comic info gleaned from the web just for you!! Intel Debrief Hugh Jackman responds to Logan's Oscar nod Black Widow movie news Amazing Spider-Man gets a friend? First look at Captain Marvel New Ghost Rider revealed And More Plus P.O.W.!(Picks of the Week)


Mighty Marvel Geeks 192: Fire Pole In The Kitchen

Hey everybody!! After a longer than usual hiatus your Intrepid Trio has returned to the Above-Ground-Underwater-Sub-Orbital-Volcano Lair with news and infor to your ears and minds! We have quite a bit of ground to cover, so let's get to it!! Intel Debrief Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap Tom Holland Seen on the Venom set Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 talk All ages comics on the way An X Wedding in our future? Along with POW and info about the return of Marvel Unlimited Book Club


Mighty Marvel Geeks 191: 2017 Non Awards

Well, it's the end of the year and you know what that means!! Your Intrepid Trio issued a couple of lanyards to some awesome friends of the show: J.C., the manager of Coliseum of Comics and Derrick, Mike's co-host on We Be Geeks and Wookiee Radio, as well was two of his own, Keepers of the Fringe and The New England Society of Geeks. The show is fun and this year we have more categories and a bonus!! Intel Debrief Customary introductions Discussion about the artist catagories Star Wars,...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 190: What Does The Fox Say, Sold!

Your Intrepid Trio are together and talking about THE story of the year...Disney is buying Marvel!! You've heard us talk about this before and what it could mean, IF it happened. But, it is looking more like when and how does that look for Marvel? Intel Debrief What properties does this bring into the fold? Does this mean the return of the Fantastic Four? Constantine film's place in all of this. What characters return to Marvel? Fantasy Mash ups P.O.W.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 189.3: New Additions

Hey, True Believers!! Your Intrepid Trio is back with the P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week)! This is part of a new addition system that you'll see from time to time with Mighty Marvel Geeks. Mike, Kylan, and Eric are all present to give you the intel that you're looking for! Intel Debrief Mike explains the "addition system" The guys share their picks.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 189: That’s No Symbiote, It’s Tom DeFalco

Once again your Intrepid Trio is back and at full strength. But, this is not just any regular ole night in the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital, Volcano Lair! We have legendary former Marvel Editor in Chief, writer, and creator extraordinaire Two Fisted Tom DeFalco!! The interview hits the ground running, so pay attention!! Intel Debrief Gives his roadmap to working for Marvel Comics Shares his impression of the book Slugfest: Inside the Epic 50 year Battle Between Marvel and DC(click...


Mighty Marvel Geek 188: War Of Infinity

With Eric and Kylan absent, Mike is joined by We Be Geeks, Wookiee Radio, Keepers of the Fringe and The New England Society of Geeks host, Derrick. A lot of Avengers talk happened. Mission Debrief Avengers: Infinity War trailer Deaths in Avengers 4 Disney/Fox back at the tables? Marvel Editor-In-Chief wrote under a pen name Daredevil Season 3 Kevin Feige wishes Captain Marvel was first P.O.W and MU pick of the week


Mighty Marvel Geeks 187: Camera 1, Camera 2

Your Intrepid Trio is back and in full force this week. Agent Kylan cannot confirm nor deny the use of dandelions in last week's field op, but lives were saved!! Now, this week, there's tons of news analyze and discuss!! Mission Debrief -A bit of interesting news on Marvel's video game future -Looks like a definitive answer on the state of Marvel shows on Netflix -Discussion on the AoS Season 5 AND Deadpool trailes -Stan Lee in and upcoming Marvel Show?!


Mighty Marvel Geeks 186: Thor Live, Sorta

With Kylan out in the field (making danilion necklaces) Eric and Mike take the helm and bring you the news from the World O' Marvel. MAny surprises this week. Intel Debrief Thor passes 500 million dollars Movie goers get Thor Live, sorta Disney Buys Fox or not Bendis leaves Marvel GotG2 end credit Easter eggs Excalibur making a return? P.O.W. and a surprising MU pick of the week


Mighty Marvel Geeks 185: Ducky Game Stats

Your Intrepid Trio is back, in full force, and ready to share and discuss that Marvel news you crave! We also get to have a round of Marvel Family Feud and check out the power stats of a classic Marvel Character! Intel Debrief -A crazy round Marvel Family Feud -A New home for the New Warriors? -Disney lays down new rules for Marvel TV -Discussion of the Punisher Meme and Comic shops role in preserving the fandom -New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast members coming -The upcoming X-23 movie and...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 184: Cameos Gone Wrong

Well, you'd think that a light news week would mean things are kinda quiet at the Above-Ground-Underwater-Sub-Orbital-Volcano-Lair, but then you'd be wrong. Lighter news means more of the real discussion that you love to hear from your Intrepid Trio..oh, there's also Marvel Family Feud!! Intel Debrief -A new show runner for Daredevil Season 3 and someone is back!! -Why won't we ever see that pesky Avenger's Tower on a Marvel TV show? -15 wasted Marvel Cameos...or are they? -6 Crappy Marvel...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 183: A Gambit For Valentine’s Day

The Intrepid Trio are back with the Marvel news that you can use, but they are down a man with Eric handling a field op to debug Junior Agent Mac's laptop from an AIM cyber attack. But, Mike and Kylan are up to the task with an active news week and a bunch of stories just waiting for that MMG examination that you've come to expect! Intel Debrief -Gambit gets a release date -Deadpool wraps -Thor: Ragnarok is part of a bigger arc -New Mutants trailer and the unique path for the franchise...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 182: When Breakfast Goes Sour

Your Intrepid Trio is back. Sometimes life happens and we have to step away, but we're always there, on the watch. And here we are, back in the Above-Ground-Underwater-Sub-Orbital-Volcano-Lair, ready to give you all of the Marvel news and discussion that you can hand1e! Intel Debrief -The EGHL and Marvel team up -Mike Spoils the news item -Luke Cage Season 2 Update -Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. casting news -Stan Lee's message to the Marvel Universe -Discussion on the Marvel retailers breakfast...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 181: Excelsior Rose!

Irma has come and gone and your Intrepid Trio still stand tall!! Between the hurricane and Hydra agents attacking Kylan's line it has been an eventful week, but the Marvel news line has been even more so!! Intel Debrief -Mike shares a story about Stan the Man's thoughts on a couple of missing Marvel properties -Kylan muses about who could play Stan Lee in his biopic -Eric breaks down Stan's upcoming cameos -Mike list Salvadore Larocca's top 5 drawing Star Wars moments -Kylan talks about...


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