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Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling features Steve Migs, as he chats with wrestling personalities from the WWE & the indie wrestling scene.

Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling features Steve Migs, as he chats with wrestling personalities from the WWE & the indie wrestling scene.
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Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling features Steve Migs, as he chats with wrestling personalities from the WWE & the indie wrestling scene.




MIGS vs TWOW 033 -- Big E

On this episode of MVTWOW… Migs chats with WWE Superstar, Big E! Big E is a member of The New Day, and they just released a book called “THE BOOK OF BOOTY: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It.” Which is available now! Migs and Big E chat about the early days of the New Day, if he ever sees them breaking up, who is an honorary member of The New Day, and more! Follow Migs on social media: @ImSteveMigs Follow Big E on Twitter: @WWEBigE


MIGS vs TWOW 032 -- Elias

HEADS UP! The WWE Everett Show is now at 1pm this Saturday...not 7:30pm (there was a time change)! Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling is Back...and we are Walking With Elias! WWE Superstar Elias joins Steve Migs to chat about music, his love for Alice In Chains, his experience meeting Slash...oh and some wrasslin' chatting as well! Catch Elias at the Angel Of The Winds Arena in Everett this Saturday, and the Elimination Chamber this Sunday on the WWE Network.


MIGS vs TWOW 031 -- Rory Karpf and Charlotte Flair

On this episode of MVTWOW, it’s all about Ric Flair. Migs chats with Rory Karpf, the man that made the ESPN 30 For 30, “The Nature Boy”, which premiered earlier this week. Rory talks about his very first meeting with Ric (when he was a kid), what it was like to interview The Undertaker for this documentary, and more! Also on this episode, a throwback interview with Charlotte Flair that Migs did at Wrestlemania this past year. Joining Migs on that interview is AJ Francis of the Washington...


MIGS vs TWOW 030 -- Randy Meyers

This week, Migs chats with The Weirdo Hero, "Ravenous" Randy Meyers! Randy was recently in twon for a couple Defy shows, and will be taking on Sami Callahan on Friday 11/10 for Defy 9. get tickets at DefyWrestling.com. Migs and Randy chat about his time training at Stu Hart's Dungeon...how breaking his leg was the best thing for his career...and how improv is a big part of what Randy does both in and out of the ring! This is an absoloute fun chat with the "King Of Confusion"! Follow Randy...


MIGS vs TWOW 029 -- Ted DiBiase

This episode Migs chats with The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase! Ted has a movie coming out about him called “The Price Of Fame”. The movie will be in theaters on Tuesday November 7th. You can buy tix and find out where you can watch it HERE. The first half of the movie, Migs chats with ted about his movie, and how he bares it all when it comes to how his marriage almost ended due to an affair. In the second half of our chat we revisit his years in wrestling…as we chat about being one of...


MIGS vs TWOW 028 -- Natalya

Check out our chat with WWE Superstar, Smackdown Live Women's Champ, Natalya. Natty chats with us about being the champ...how the women's division of the WWE has changed since she started...training in Stu Hart's Dungeon...and more! Follow Natalya on Twitter: @NatbyNature Follow Migs on Twitter: @ImSteveMigs


MIGS vs TWOW 027 -- Matt Riddle and Shane Strickland

What happens when Migs chats with the King Of Swerve...and the King Of Bros? This episode of MVTWOW is what happens. Matt and Shane wrestled each other at DEFY 8...and before their match Migs grabbed some food with Shane Strickland at Nates Wings and Waffles to chat about his success on the indie scene and on Lucha Underground (he is Killshot on LU). After their match, Migs went outside of the Washington Hall to talk to Matt Riddle about an interesting tattoo that he has, the funniest match...


MIGS vs TWOW 026 -- Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross

This week Migs gets to chat with two of the biggest names in professional wrestling of all time! Stone Cold Steve Austin joined us to chat about the return of his show "Broken Skull Challenge" (Tuesdays on CMT), and they also chat about the 20th anniversary of Steve giving Vince McMahon the Stunner, the recent Kevin Owns moment where he headbutted Vince, and how tought wrestlers (like Cesaro) are. Jim Ross then joined us to chat about his new book, "Slobberknocker - My Life In Wrestling"....


MIGS vs TWOW 025 – Christina Von Eerie & Scotty Mac

This week Migs chats with Christina Von Eerie and Scotty Mac! They chat about recently getting married in the ring at a ECCW show in Vancouver (for real), their dislike of getting the “streamer treatment”, wrestling in Paraguay, and Christina’s connection to 321 Battle fave, Otis The Gimp! This is a fun chat with CVE and Scotty Mac! Big thanks to Steve West for setting up this chat! Catch Christina at Defy Wrestling tomorrow (9/29) night, as she is in a triple threat against Taya and Nicole...


MIGS vs TWOW 024 – Silas Young

On this episode Migs chats with “The Last Real Man” Silas Young. Silas is wrestling Jay Lethal in a last man standing match, as Ring Of Honor has their big PPV,"Death Before Dishonor", this Friday! Get info at ROHWrestling.com . Migs and Silas talk about the evolution of his character, who inspired it, and Silas shares a great story about some great words of “encouragement” that he received from his brother when he first started wrestling. Follow Migs on Twitter: @ImSteveMigs


MIGS vs TWOW 022 – Brody King

This week on MVTWOW, Migs chats with Brody King! Brody is wrestling at Defy 8 on 9/29 at Washington Hall. Get tickets at DefyWrestling.com. Brody is also the front man for a great hardcore band, God’s Hate (check out their new record, “Mass Murder”), so they chat about that…as well as their mutual love for pop music and Molly Moon’s Ice Cream! Follow Brody on Twitter: @brodyxking Follow Migs on Twitter: @imstevemigs Please subscribe to Migs Vs The World Of Wrestling on Apple Podcasts!


MIGS vs TWOW 021 - Jim Perry from Defy Wrestling

This episode features Migs chatting with Jim Perry, the man behind one of the hottest indie wrestling companies in the country... DEFY Wrestling. Jim and Steve chat about the past year of DEFY, its quick success...the incredible fan base...the relationship with the wrestlers...and how Steve almost ruined his shot at being a part of it (as Ring Announcer) because he nearly missed their initial meeting. Jim is an awesome dude that is passionate about the Seattle wrestling scene... get info...


MIGS vs TWOW 020 - Renee Young and Corey Graves

This week is a Flashback Friday episode, as we go back to Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando...where Migs had the opportunity to chat with the WWE's Renee Young and Corey Graves. The interview with Renee Young is what inspired Steve to start this podcast, as they chat about music, Seattle, and working in the WWE. In Migs chat with Corey Graves...Migs joined by his bud AJ Francis of the Washington Redskins (he also hosts an awesome wrestling podcast called "Jobbing Out"), as they talk about Byron...


MIGS vs TWOW 019 - Adam Copeland (Edge)

WWE Hall Of Famer, Adam Copeland (Edge), joined Steve Migs to chat about his new podcast that he does with his friend and former tag team partner Christian – E & C’s Pod Of Awesomeness. Migs & Adam also chat about their mutual love for the Seattle music scene, his early years learning to wrestle, and family life! Follow Adam on Twitter: @EdgeRatedR Follow Migs on Twitter: @ImSteveMigs


MIGS vs TWOW 018 - Al Snow

Al Snow chatted with Migs about his new clothing line, Collar & Elbow, that is helping put money in the pockets of indie wrestlers. Check it out: collarandelbowbrand.com . Migs and Al also talked about his wrestling philosophy, while also sharing some great stories about Al’s years in the wrestling business. Follow Al on Twitter: @TheRealAlSnow Follow Migs on Twitter: @ImSteveMigs


MIGS vs TWOW 017 - Lance Storm

Lance Storm is a true wrestling legend...you have seen him in the WWE, ECW, WCW, and he chats with Migs about the current state of professional wrestling, and more! Be sure to check out Lance's awesome podcast, "Killing The Town With Storm & Cyrus". Follow Lance on Twitter: @LanceStorm


MIGS vs TWOW 016 - Daniel Makabe

Migs caught up with Daniel Makabe hours before his incredible match against Timothy Thatcher at 3-2-1 Battle. Daniel is a fixture at 3-2-1 Battle, and is truly one of the best wrestlers in the Northwest! Migs and Daniel geek out about music, wrestling, and the connection between the two. If you missed Makabe vs. Thatcher (it's an absolute classic of a match)...you can watch it HERE!


MIGS vs TWOW 015 - Matt Cross

Migs sat down with Matt Cross (Son Of Havok from Lucha Underground) shortly after he finished wrestling at Defy 5 a few weeks ago. This made for a unique and fun chat as Matt was still riding the high of wrestling in front of a loud and passionate fan base at Seattle's Washington Hall. Migs and Matt chat about the rabid Seattle wrestling fan base, how Matt created a clothing line/movement after breaking his leg (in Seattle back in January), and more! This is a must-listen, as Matt is one of...


MIGS vs TWOW 014 - Lio Rush

Steve Migs caught up with "The Man Of The Hour", Lio Rush, as he is coming to Tacoma's Temple Theater on August 3rd for Defy Wrestling...taking on the Defy Champ, Shane Strickland. Migs and Lio chat about what has inspired him to succeed, his friendship with Shane Strickland, and how he is the talk of the wrestling world...for being Topanga's favorite wrestler! This is a fun and deep conversation between the two! Follow Migs on Twitter & Instagram: @ImSteveMigs Email:...


MIGS vs TWOW 013 - Bobby Fish

Check out Migs chat with Bobby Fish! Bobby just got signed to NXT...and when he was in town for Defy Wrestling, Steve and Bobby sat down in the "Men's Lounge" for a discussion about improv & wrestling, tipping etiquette, how he almost quit wrestling soon after he started, and more! Follow Migs on Twitter & Instagram: @ImSteveMigs Email: MigsWorldOfWrestling@gmail.com


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