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Star Wars

This week, Mike & Oli review the 1977 original Star Wars. Which droid is the biggest gimp? Would Mike shag, marry or kill Han? Should he be called Hans? Plug regular features Where is Jimothy? 5 quick questions, Mike's big finish, 1 minute run-down, what would we change and the new wacky effects at a whole lower volume level.

Duration: 01:11:52

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

This week for 'R' Mike & Oli review the 198-something classic Raiders of The Lost Ark. Who has their snake out? Who's whipping whom? Mike gives Oli a grammar lesson. Why is the monkey a tosser? Plus the regular features 5 quick questions, Shag, Marry, Kill, Who's the time traveller? Where's Jimothy? Where's it set? And Mike's big finish. PLUS fantastic new sound effects for your enjoyment. Boing.

Duration: 00:56:20

The Quick And The Dead

This week Mike & Oli review the 1995 stunner 'The Quick & The Dead'. Who is the quickest? Who is the deadest? Does everyone deserve what they get? Where is Jimothy? Who is the time traveller? Shag, Marry Kill and Mike's big finish all in this classic episode.

Duration: 00:55:00