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3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!

3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!
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Denver, CO


3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!








Episode 87 - A Horn Within a Horn

The episode starts off with the usual winter activities and meeting another listener before diving into some recently played games. Jeff let the wookie win in Imperial Assault, Zach could not throw to save his life in Sanfranito, and Adrian handed the win over in Terraforming Mars. After a quick article about a quick Monopoly game, our hosts move onto some News and Kickstarters. More harry potter games ar announced, Samurai Jack gets a game, and a lot of Sierra Madre games are getting...


MHGG Review - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

MHGG Review - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle 00:01:23 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle 01:05:36 Cost and Availability 01:06:08 Listener Feedback 01:16:24 Episode Wrap and Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 86 - The Most Apex Predator

The Most Apex Predator Our hosts complain about rss feed problems, get lost in video games, and run over a guy in PUBG before digging into some recently played games. Zach and Jeff dish out some hits in Hit Me! And Adrian bought some paintings in The Gallerist. Jeff gets another season started in the Bloody Minute and moves on to News and Kickstarters. In recent News, What’s Your Game relocates and expands, Mage Knight get’s it full version, and Shem Phillips starts a new trilogy with...


MHGG Review - Ponzi Scheme

MHGG Review - Ponzi Scheme 00:00:37 Ponzi Scheme 00:54:05 Listener Feedback 01:00:01 Episode Wrap-up and Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 85 - Jet Lag

Fresh from a trip to LeiriaCon, Adrian gives a rundown of Portugal and the great people he met there, and then dishes on his long list of played games, including Nogging the Nog. Jeff got ALL of Mystic Vale and its’ expansion to the table, and Zach looked at pictures in Jungle Speed and its’ expansion. Jeff gives us a bloody minute update and then leads us to News and Kickstarters. In News, Fun Again calls it quits, Whistle Stop goes to the Rockies, and Zombicide gets all spacy. In...


MHGG Discuss - Bite-Size Discussions

00:00:29 - Intro 00:02:00 - Question 1 - What game ruined mechanics/designers for you? 00:08:52 - Question 2 - Best F you moment in a game? 00:17:20 - Question 3 - Talk about the Broncos? 00:19:48 - Question 4 - What games get you angry? 00:26:58 - Question 5 - What games hold up/fade away? 00:33:58 - Question 6 - What do you do to help people with intense AP? 00:42:12 - Question 7 - Do you repeat strategies in replays of games? 00:51:22 - Question 8 - Biggest game changer? 01:01:19...


Episode 84 - Winning by Default

Our hosts start this week off with some banter before digging into some newly played games. Zach fought without honor in Rising Sun, Jeff stole from Zach in Machi Koro, and Adrian played with pretend money in For-Ex. In News, Dinosaur Island gets a 2 player verison, France announces its Game of the Year, and our hosts look at an article about 19th century board games. In Kickstarters, new games Edge of Darkness, City of Gears, Donning the Purple, and The Big Score are discussed, and...


MHGG Review - Raiders of the North Sea

MHGG Review - Raiders of the North Sea 00:01:09 Raiders of the North Sea 00:55:43 Cost and Availability 00:57:31 Contact Info and Close Out Slack Channel Patreon Guild kttah5kk


Episode 83 - Nemesi

With Zach reporting from his house due to snow, our hosts start off talking about the weather before diving into some recently played games. Jeff found out cannibalism has consequences in Kingdom Death Monster, Zach threw a wood pole in Jungle Speed, and Adrian turned some dice in Madeira. In News, Blood bowl gets an intro edition, so many expansions get more info, and Terraforming Mars will soon be on the PC. In Kickstarters Aeon’s End go Legacy, The Reckoners tries to bring the book series...


MHGG Review - XCOM The Boardgame

MHGG Review - XCOM The Boardgame 00:01:02 XCOM The Boardgame 01:05:29 Cost and Availability 01:06:01 Listener Feedback 01:10:50 Episode Wrap-up and Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 82 - Take Two

Our hosts start off the episode talking about the failed attempt to record earlier and then dive into some recently played games. Zach attempted to crush Bone Dragons in Too Many Dice, Jeff Felt the pain of no information in Stockpile, and Adrian pulled into the station for some 1830. Jeff then gives a rundown of his League Championship and the KIL tournament. IN News, Asmodee buys another company, Tabletopia brings more tabletop gaming to the iPad, and Kickstarter is still working great for...


MHGG Review - Pandemic Iberia and Rising Tide

MHGG Review - Pandemic: Iberia and Rising Tide 00:0:49 Pandemic: Iberia 00:40:58 Pandemic: Rising Tide 01:31:26 Listener Feedback 01:33:43 Cost and Availability 01:34:49 Episode Wrap-up Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 81 - Whipping Blu-rays

Our hosts start off talking about all the commercials and trailers in the super bowl, before diving into some recently played games. Jeff lost it all in Ponzi Scheme, Zach explored a new planet in Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, and Adrian drew some lines in Roads and Boats. In News, A bunch of expansions and games were announced in the German Toy fair, ShipNaked messed up a LOT of shipping, and HG Wells made a war game. In Kickstarters, Agents of Mayhem, Xia, Herbalism, Isles of terror, and...


MHGG - Put to the Question 01

MHGG: Put to the Question #01 00:02:37 Twitter Questions 00:21:27 Email Questions 00:57:39 BGG Questions 01:56:59 Episode Wrap-up Interesting Discussion Links: How to ask a questionJimmy Crack Corn Shocking OriginsJason's huge game collectionSome pictures of us Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 80 - A Couple Bucks Short

Our hosts start off talking about some recently played games. Jeff went wrecked Ghoulish havoc in Vast, Zach shot bullets in Flick ‘Em Up, and Adrian flipped some cards in Flip City. Jeff gives a rundown of a semifinal match in the Bloody Minute and then moves onto News. In News, a New CLank expansion is announced, Root makes fun of the Hate Trailer, and CMON pulls some info from Wikipedia. In Kickstarters, Fancy Versions of The Scarlet Pimpernel and Gentes are announced, and The Poly Hero...


MHGG Review - Galaxy Trucker

MHGG Review - Galaxy Trucker 00:00:53 Galaxy Trucker Info 01:07:16 Galaxy Trucker App 01:11:01 Cost and Availability 01:14:06 Episode Wrap and Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 79 - Things and Stuff

Fresh off a ton of gaming, our hosts start out with some newly played games. Jeff used the new expansions to conquer the Mystic Vale, Zach attempted to be a steel baron in Stockpile, and Adrian watched his planet explode in Sol: Last Days of a Star. Jeff gives a bloody minute update then moves onto some news. In News, Twilight Imperium 4 gets an official playmat, BGG gets DDOS’D, and clue mike get remade. In kickstarters, Hate, Home on LaGrange, CharacTable, Nemesis, and Tiny Epic Zombies go...


MHGG Review - Caverna

MHGG Review - Caverna: The Cave Farmers 00:01:31 Caverna Info 1:00:15 Listener Feedback 1:03:32 Cost and Availability 1:06:10 Episode Wrap-up and Contact info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 78 - A God Hammer

A God Hammer With a fury matched only by the gods, our hosts jump straight into an abundance of recently played games. Adrian put off built a pyramid of lies in Ponzi Scheme, Jeff watched everything crash and burn in Galaxy Trucker, and Zach hid in a vent in Burgle Bros. Finally, Jeff and Zach got to experience the glory of Kingdom Death Monster, and became an “immortal” with a god hammer and a swole, bare knuckle brawler with a taste for skulls. Jeff then breaks down his playoff game in...


MHGG Review - Champions of Midgard

MHGG Review - Champions of Midgard 00:00:49 Champions of Midgard 01:12:33 Listener Feedback 01:22:25 Contact and Episode Wrap Slack Channel Patreon Guild


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