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MHGG Review - Civilization: A New Dawn

Our Hosts are joined once again by Andrew as they try to conquer an unfamiliar land in Civilization: A New Dawn. In this Area Control game, you will be controlling different nations as you expand your territory, gain access to new tech, build World Wonders, fight off barbarians, conquer City states and race your rivals to become the best, and all in less than two hours. Does the game meet all of these objectives or is it trapped behind too much abstraction to even be called a Civ game? Find...

Duration: 01:51:44

MHGG Ep74 Youre Tearing Me Apart

Our hosts are joined once again this week by Andrew, our resident historian. In recently played games, Andrew gets some One on One time with Hanabi, Zach tries to write himself to victory in Hardback, and Adrian gets eaten in Werewolf. Lacking actual games played, Jeff goes double deep into the Bloody Minute. In News, the LOTR LCG goes digital, Rick and Morty gets another game, and Patreon makes some divisive changes to it's payment structure. In Kickstarter's, Stalingrad, Postcard Dungeons,...

Duration: 01:40:51

MHGG Experience - Watch The Skies

This week, our hosts are talking about their experience with the Megagame, Watch The Skies. As the nation of China, they attempt to deal with the world after aliens are discovered. Will the world fall into collapse and human tears itself apart with this information? Does everyone come together to lift themselves into a new plane of existence? Do the aliens decide to just wipe out all life on Earth? Find out inside! Slack Channel Patreon Guild

Duration: 01:52:47

Episode 34 - Forgotten Pictures

This week, Adrian laments about the Broncos, and Zach and Jeff talk about their latest visit to Murder Island before diving into some recently played games. Jeff got to fight some gangs in Necromunda, Zach attempted to Civilize a series of hexes in Civilization: A New Dawn, and Adrian dealt with some Overgrown in Spirit Island w/ It’s expansion Branch and Claw. Jeffs talk about his winning streak in The Bloody Minute, before moving onto some News and Kickstarters. CMON is going to make...

Duration: 01:12:39

MHGG Discuss - Boardgame Components #1 : Player Pieces

This week, our hosts have decided to delve into the components of board games, starting with the player pieces/figures. They talk about the main three, wooden abstractions, miniatures, and cardboard standees. What works best in what situation? Are minis worth the cost? Do standees provide just as much at a much better value? Find out inside! Slack Channel Patreon Guild

Duration: 01:16:05

Episode 72 - Five and a Quarter

This week, our hosts give a recap of their Thanksgiving weekend activities before diving into some recently played games. Adrian got more people hooked on Terraforming Mars, Zach lost to a dirty sinner in Indulgence, and Jeff flicked some wood in Pitch Car. Next, The Bloody Minute goes digital, and then they move onto News and Kickstarters. In News, a new team deduction game, Decrypto gets previewed, and Cards Against Humanity goes into the snack industry. In Kickstarters, Living Planet...

Duration: 02:05:15

MHGG Review - Argent the Consortium

MHGG Review - Argent: The Consortium 00:00:39 - Argent the Consortium 00:01:01 Rules Overview 00:02:24 Initial Thoughts00:04:22 Review Copy Disclosure 01:10:00 Listener Responses 01:14:54 Contact Info 01:17:44 - Another MHGG Giveaway Announcement! MHGG Slack Channel MHGG Patreon MHGG BGG Guild

Duration: 01:20:47

Episode 71 - In A Giving Mood

This week, our hosts start off talking about Jeff’s foray into snowboarding and the lack of quality in the Broncos before digging into some recently played games. Zach got into the Food Truck Business in Food Truck Champion, Adrian played a game by a farmer in The Farming Game, and Jeff walked around some rooms in D&D 4th Edition. In News, another Legacy game is announced and The Imperial Assault Companion App finally comes out. In Kickstarters, Adrian seems a bit obsessed with Obsessed...

Duration: 01:31:45

Episode 70 - That's How Trains Work

This week, our hosts get in some nice banter, including a new Murder Island Story, before diving into recently played games. Zach made a last stand in Bang: The Dice Game, Jeff Tried out a preview of the future Kickstarter Game Hellenica, and Adrian traded a non-yellow thing for a yellow thing in Sidereal Confluence, followed by a special Bloody Minute report. In News, A DC version of Spyfall is announced, and New info is released on an upcoming Vital Lacerda game. In Kickstarters, a 3d...

Duration: 01:57:43

MHGG Ruin - EXIT: The Game

This week, our hosts decided to see if the Kennerspiel des Jahres Winning Game Series, Exit: The Game, was worthy of its' 2017 win over show favorite, Terraforming Mars. Is this something that can bring people into the hobby and yet still satisfy veteran gamers? Does it ACTUALLY feel like an escape room in-a-box? Or Do you feel like you are just cutting things with scissors and comparing cards to each other? Find out inside! The first half of the episode is dedicated to how our hosts feel...

Duration: 01:45:23

Episode 69 - Jeff Makes a Pun

Jeff Makes a Pun Our hosts start off the episode with some good ole banter, before talking about recently played games. Zach keeps mispronouncing Ethnos, and Adrian talks first impressions with Pandemic Legacy Season 2. Jeff gives us a double dose of Blood bowl, before moving onto news and Kickstarters. In News, Mondo announces a Jurassic Park game and Catan makes an edible version for Christmas. In Kickstarters, War room tries to suffocate you with components and Stumped brings building...

Duration: 01:50:33

MHGG Review - Twilight Struggle

MHGG Review - Twilight Struggle Our hosts are joined once again by Katie, from Katie’s Game Corner, and they all go into the wayback machine into the Cold War with GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle. This card-driven area control game features two superpowers fighting for “control of the world,” so it is super low stakes, don’t worry. Does the theme and simple yet deep play structure make you want to attempt to coup BGG for letting this amazing game fall from number one, or does the thought...

Duration: 01:06:10

Episode 68 - The Future with Katie's Game Corner

This week, our hosts get another new guest, Katie from Katie’s Game Corner! After asking her all the new guest questions, they all dive into some recently played games. Adrian goes head first into 1889, Zach tries to trick his way through Indulgence, Jeff tries out the new Hero Realms Campaign, and Katie goes out into space with The Expanse. Moving onto news, Fantasy Flight adds a computer game division, and the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund is live. In Kickstarters, Folded Space tries to give...

Duration: 01:20:40

MHGG Discuss - Dexterity Games

Well, after the dense, heavy game of Lisboa, we all needed a palate cleanser. Something lighter, sillier perhaps. Maybe where your success doesn't depend on how many moves ahead you have planned, but rather on if you can make this thing balance on that thing, or how well you can flick a piece of wood around a table? Having the ability for everything you created to be destroyed because you exhaled a LITTLE too hard? It's time for dexterity games! Some of the games mentioned include...

Duration: 01:09:06

Episode 67 - Pronouncification

Pronouncification After Adrian Laments about the Broncos’ current season, our hosts give a rundown of some recently played games, board or otherwise. Zach made a commercial empire in Card City XL, and Adrian tried to kill some kids and failed in Last Friday. In News, a self Taught Go AI destroys the competition, Eclipse 2nd edition is announced, and Sony pictures wants to make a Catan Movie. In Kickstarters, Dice Hospital wants you to treat the pips off some dice, Downfall gets...

Duration: 01:57:51

MHGG Review - Lisboa

MHGG Review - Lisboa 00:00:35 Intro 00:01:14 MHGG review - Lisboa 01:38:15 Episode Wrap-up and Contact Info MHGG Slack Channel MHGG Patreon MHGG BGG Guild

Duration: 02:29:46

Episode 66 - Bored with Sounding Board Games

Our hosts welcome Kyle from Sounding Board Games onto the podcast, and after finding out how he got into games, they all dive into recently played games. Just fought over a card skyscraper in Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Kyle tried to survive in EVO, Zach collected some dolls in Matryoshka, and Adrian wrote down some words in Wordsy. Moving into News, more Game Apps are introduced and more info is announced for Legacy of Dragonholt! In Kickstarters, Joan of Arc adds dragons and Devils,...

Duration: 01:55:20

MHGG Discuss - Bias and Objectivity in BG Reviews

In this week's discussion we follow up on our discussion about boardgame ethics with a discussion about bias and objectivity! Enjoy! Extra Credits' Video on Anchoring MHGG Slack Channel MHGG Patreon MHGG BGG Guild

Duration: 01:32:45

Episode 65 - We Aren't Dead

Back from illness, our hosts are joined once again by Wesley, and after some talk of drinking-related events, they dive into some recently played games. Jeff played a less intense version of Hanabi, Zach swindled an office building in Burgle Bros, Welsey found the right letters in Paperback, and Adrian got overwhelmed by money in For-Ex. Jeff gets caught up in the Bloody Minute, and then it is on to News and Kickstarters. In News, Eldritch horror and Inis get more expansions. Then in...

Duration: 02:15:59

MHGG Discuss - T.I.M.E. Stories: The Marcy Case

Following up our spoiler episode of T.I.M.E. Stories: Asylum, we bring you T.I.M.E. Stories: The Marcy Case! Stay tuned for better quality follow-ups as we play more T.I.M.E. Stories! MHGG Slack Channel MHGG Patreon MHGG BGG Guild

Duration: 00:26:57

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