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Million Dollar Insights is the SaaS analytics podcast that helps you take your business’ data and transform it into millions in revenue. Host Cara Hogan interviews SaaS thought leaders, sales experts and data analysts to understand how analytics can help you drive reliable and sustainable growth.






Driving Powerful Startup Sales with Mark Birch

In the latest episode of Ramp, Mark Birch, founder and organizer for the Enterprise Sales Meetup, explains why so many startups get sales wrong, and how to get it right at your company.

Duration: 00:22:45

Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup with Laura Roeder

In this exclusive 23 minute episode, Laura Roeder explores the importance of list building in marketing a new SaaS product, succeeding without a freemium model, and finding the right price for your SaaS product. Learn how to drive a healthy SaaS business without VC funding in the latest episode of Ramp.

Duration: 00:22:57

Bob Apollo Makes Complex Sales Simple

Ask anyone in sales today, and they’ll agree: B2B selling has become increasingly complex. Bob Apollo wants to help sales teams handle that complexity, and break it down into more manageable and understandable processes. Apollo is the Founder and Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point, the UK-based B2B sales process experts. He has worked for many of the world’s most respected technology companies, including HP. Apollo now uses his experiences in sales to help tomorrow’s tech companies cut...

Duration: 00:23:07

Mike Grigsby’s Strategy for Combating Analysis Paralysis

According to Mike Grigsby, your business is like an iceberg —there’s a lot happening below the surface, but you can’t see it without analytics. Grigsby is the SVP of Strategic Business Analytics at Targetbase, a data-driven communications agency, as well as the author of the new book, "Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide to Real Marketing Science." Grigsby explains that for most marketers and business leaders, analytics can be overwhelming and almost paralyzing. He offers advice on how...

Duration: 00:26:06