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MBS Food: Alix Moore & the Archangels

What a year it has been! As we stand poised to leap into 2018 with perhaps either hope or dread, what will help us put our best foot forward? Well, the archangels, via Alix Moore, will certainly want to weigh in. Join us as we return from our Fall break to receive messages from the angels as well as receive on-air readings. Alix is a highly-gifted psychic healer, medium, and spiritual teacher who channels the wisdom and healing of the archangels for individuals and groups. Alix specializes...

Duration: 01:02:51

MBS Food: Summer Red-hot Readings with Delia Golden

This has been yet another year filled with major shifts. As the summer marches on, many are releasing old ways of living, loving, thinking, and being. It can be helpful to seek guidance from Spirit. Enter Delia Golden, the Akashic Librarian, to provide intuitive laser red-hot readings to help you access information to assist you in navigating this changing landscape. Delia is a lifelong intuitive of empathic and mediumistic heritage. An intense spontaneous Kundalini spiritual awakening in...

Duration: 01:30:48

MBS Food: Woman Most Wild with Author Danielle Dulsky

The Divine Feminine energies are rising, and now is the time to tap into that pow-her-full energy to restore balance to ourselves and to our planet. Author Danielle Dulsky is doing her part to usher and anchor it in. In her new book, Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within, she invites back the power of women through honoring nature and remembering the importance of ritual. In the process, she debunks outdated assumptions about witches being "bad" or "evil" and reveals...

Duration: 00:56:57

MBS Food: Healing from the Red Tent with the Trinity Wombkeepers

Anita Diamant’s novel, The Red Tent, struck a chord in women worldwide, telling the story of the rape of Dinah found in Genesis from her perspective. The book brought alive the "menstrual hut" where women gathered to menstruate and give birth. Since the book, we’ve seen the creation of Red Tents around the globe. Today’s Red Tent is a sacred and safe space where women gather to connect with themselves and each other through education, ritual, ceremony, and support. Join us as Trinity...

Duration: 01:20:39

MBS Food: 2017 Numerology Forecast with Dr. Craig Wright

2017 has been quite an eventful year in the aftermath of "45" taking office as President. What do the numbers say about that? What else is in store for this #1 year? Enter Numerologist Extraordinaire, Rev. Dr. Craig Wright, to interpret for us. Dr. Craig of Numerology Services out of Baltimore, MD, is an internationally known and respected Numerologist. He has wowed our listeners for several years with his insightful interpretation of numbers, mixed in with his own powerful intuitive...

Duration: 01:30:39

MBS Food: Stories of Hope for the New Year with Rev. Jane Batt

Pandemonium, chaos, hate, bigotry, separation, fear, terror. Looking through a certain lens, this is what our world seems to have come to embody, particularly since the 2016 Presidential Election. Enter Rev. Jane Batt, collector of stories of hope. Tune in as she shines her lens on powerful stories of love, light, community, cooperation, happiness and hope that have sprung up since the Election. Then stay with us as Rev. Jane helps the host, Tonya Parker, launch a new segment, Conscious...

Duration: 01:29:20

MBSFood: The Art of Healing with Dr. Bernie Siegel

While I'm off working at the beach (I will be working, really!), tune in to enjoy this special rebroadcast from 2013. Many people focus on the science side of medicine, and do not take into consideration the actual art of healing. Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD has been on the cutting edge of mind-body medicine for quite some time. Tune in as we hear how this author updates his insights into the healing power of drawing, dreams, and intuition with The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom...

Duration: 01:02:35

MBSFood: Channeled Messages of Love & Healing with Rev. Julianne Robertson

Many of us hope to find meaning in the seemingly crazy occurrences happening in our world today. Traditional places from which we have sought answers no longer seem to satisfy us. Perhaps we need to seek help from higher authorities. Enter Rev. Julianne Robertson, here to start off our Mind, Body & Soul Food 5th Anniversary month celebration. Tune in to this show as this divinely annointed goddess tunes in to Spirit to channel messages of love, healing, and more. Rev. Julianne comes about...

Duration: 01:28:20

MBSFood: Answers from Astrology with Pamela Bacher

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Many of us have heard this tired old pick-up line, but who stops to really consider what our Astrological sign really says about us, or can predict for us? Enter Pamela Bacher, a professional astrologer of 30 years. She knows how to read the stars to provide insight on finances, career, love, health and more. Astrology speaks to the effects that distant cosmic objects have on our lives. It is based on the belief that the position of the stars, sun, moon, and...

Duration: 01:30:26

MBSFood: Love is Always the Answer says The Divinely Inspired Women

The Divinely Inspired Women share their gifts individually and collectively to facilitate personal growth and inner exploration.Tune in to a special show as each one answers the question, What is Love?These Spirit-given messages will prepare you for a heart-breath meditation to connect you to a place in your life where love is the essential answer.Listeners are invited to call in with questions and insights.We hope to hear you! Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Reiki...

Duration: 01:17:28

MBSFood: Full Bloom Spring Forecast with Coach Wilma Lee

Are you ready for the blooming process to begin? After this especially frigid winter, many of us are past ready for Spring to spring. We are convinced we have so much to look forward to; after all, anything is a welcome change from the seemingly endless snow and sub-zero temperatures. Will life be sunny? Rainy? Windy? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? There is no need to guess when MBS Food regular guest Coach Wilma Lee is reading your life's weather report. Tune in to the show as Coach...

Duration: 01:05:38

MBSFood: The Wonders of Womb Work with Thema Azize Serwa

Thema Azize Serwa believes we are powerful enough to heal ourselves from ANY dis-ease. She draws from her own experience to believe in the power of holistic medicine, especially the power of vaginal steaming--a treatment many of us in the Western World are ignorant of. What started as a journey to heal herself from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) quickly became an opportunity to transform her life. Thema believes illness is the alarm system from our spirit that is saying, “It’s time for...

Duration: 01:23:55

MBSFood: Return of the Scientific Mystic

Join us as we welcome back Rosemary Bredeson, The Scientific Mystic! Our favorite Hubble Telescope-loving friend returns to talk Lunar New Year (February 19th) and share how to use Moon Cycles this year. We'll also open the phone lines for messages from The Other Side. Rosemary is a spiritual teacher/healer/medium/mystic who works with individuals looking for the guidance they need to have confidence, clarity and creative energy to choose to Live Your Richest Life. Working with individuals...

Duration: 01:29:03

MBSFood: Heart Chakra Healing with Crystals and More

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. We have many of these energy centers located on and around the body, each having various functions. The connecting bridge of the lower and upper of the seven major chakras is the 4th chakra, called the heart chakra. This chakra governs the heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, arms, shoulders, hands, diaphragm, ribs/breasts and thymus gland. It is the seat of unconditional love and forgiveness. What happens when our heart chakra energy...

Duration: 01:00:18

MBSFood: Heart 2 Heart Readings with Ty Johnson-Anderson

Ty Johnson-Anderson is a self-love infused aficionado that just happens to be a psychic medium. She works with women who could give two damns about the fault in their stars. They need answers NOW. Through her blog posts, YouTube videos, readings and self-paced courses Ty is here to remind you that you are worthy of more --- while making your evolution feel like an emotional ice cream infused binge sesh. Join us during Heart Month as Ty provides Heart 2 Heart Readings for callings seeking...

Duration: 01:29:35

MBSFood: The Letter Writing Project with Author Wendy Wolff

The Letter Writing Project isn't just a book; according to the book jacket, "it's an emotionally liberating experience that could change your life." Join us as author Wendy Wolff shares about the healing power of letter writing expressed in her book, and the many lives it has changed. Wendy Wolff is a public advocate who found healing through writing her own profound story of loss. In her own words: "The Letter Writing Project began as a tribute to my sister, Donna, on the day that the...

Duration: 01:00:13

MBSFood: Numerology for the New Year - 2015

Popular returning guest and Numerologist Extraordinaire, Rev. Dr. Craig Wright has continued to wow us over the past few years. Join us as we start off 2015 experiencing his know-how with the numbers as he once again provides "Numerology for the New Year." Listen to what the numbers say about 2015, and call in to receive your personal forecast for the year. We hope to hear you there! Dr. Craig is a nationally and internationally sought expert on Numerology. He is an Ordained Metaphysical...

Duration: 01:29:57

MBSFood: Holistic Pain Relief w/ Dr. Heather Tick

The Institute of Medicine reports that over 100 million people suffer from chronic pain compared to 25.8 million from diabetes, 16.3 million from coronary heart disease, and 11.7 million from cancer. In 2004 Americans spent $16.6 billion to relieve pain, most of it to purchase over-the counter or prescription drugs. No matter how you measure it, pain is a big problem: for the person in pain, those providing treatment, the insurer, the employer waiting for an employee to return to work, the...

Duration: 01:00:07

MBSFood: Readings Galore & So Much More

On this special 2-hour show to help mark the end of the year, we have lots in store for you--Readings Galore & So Much More! Tune in to hear a panel of three of our favorite intuitives from the show talk about what they are hearing/seeing for the new year, and call in to receive messages from Spirit to help support and guide you through the holidays and beyond. We'll also get to hear the exciting new offerings of our witty and wonderful message-bearers: Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C of...

Duration: 01:59:40

MBSFood: All You Need is Less for Eco-friendly Living w/Madeleine Somervill

Most eco-friendly books start with terror-inducing lists of the carcinogenic chemicals you are liberally slathering all over every single surface in your house, painting most people as unwitting eco-villains, happily Lysol-ing their way straight to hell. Well, readers can just relax and unpack the (plastic) bags. There are no guilt trips with All You Need is Less, which is about realistically adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle without either losing your mind from soul-destroying guilt or...

Duration: 00:58:08

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