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Episode 032 - 7 Myth-Busters About Boundaries

Episode Notes Summary: In this episode, Joseph talks about the 7 mythbusters about boundaries. Boundaries are set for a reason, and setting your boundaries as a person, should be on your terms. Having boundaries should not be a problem, it’s simply setting limits for yourself and for others in an appropriate and respectful way. Listen as Joseph shares what these 7 myths are, and what truths about boundaries you should know. Time Stamped Show Notes: ● 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your...


Episode 031 - 4 Reasons to Love Your Life Today

Episode Notes "Life is the flower for which love is the honey." – Victor Hugo Summary: Sometimes our lives get too much of the negatives, stresses, and unhappy experiences that we forget to make the most out of it. What happens in our environment affects how we live that we unconsciously forget what things are really meaningful to us. I will share with you 4 Reasons to love and appreciate your life. The 4 P’s to Love Your Life Today – Focus on: o Positive o Present o People o...


Episode 030 - 6 Family Dynamics of Murray Bowen

Episode Notes Summary: In this episode, Joseph lists down Dr. Murray Bowen’s 6 Family Dynamics. Families, just like individuals, are different in their own ways. Conflicts are not a rare occurrence with parents, spouses, siblings or children. Recognizing these family dynamics and what affects families both internally and externally will help us get a better grasp understanding them better. Time Stamped Show Notes: ● 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast ● 00:22 – Today’s...


Episode 029 - 5 Stages of Grief

Episode Notes Grieving is a normal part of life. It’s actually not just about losing someone we love, it’s also about losing our jobs, our hopes, our dreams, and our aspirations. Today, Joseph educates us with the 5 Stages of Grieving based on Elisabeth Kubler Ross’ approach, what these stages mean, and how it affects us as individuals. Time Stamped Show Notes: ● 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast ● 00:23 – Today’s episode: 5 Stages of Grieving ● 00:28 – Joseph will expound...


Episode 028 – 6 Ways to Give and Receive Love

Episode Notes Summary: Giving and receiving love requires its own set of rules. Today, Joseph opens with the principles of Gary Chapman who argues that love is communicated in different languages. One may feel love when they receive gifts. Others may need words of affirmation or physical touch. Whatever the language may be, if we aren’t approaching each other with this knowledge of what one needs to feel loved, then we may be missing the mark in our efforts to love one another. Tune-in...


Episode 027 – 4 Ways to Overcome Learned Helplessness

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Episode 026 – Why Steven Covey’s Seven Habits Work

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Episode 025 – 5 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Seek Help

Summary: In this episode, Joseph talks about how YOU can get your loved ones to seek help. When someone dear to us is struggling with emotional or mental issues, the family or close friends can often be the main source of support. However, being the sole support system can sometimes be very difficult—especially if the one supporting is not well-equipped or does not have their own support systems in place. Tune-in as Joseph describes 5 ways to approach a loved one that is struggling with...


Episode 024 – Anger Management 101

Summary: In this episode, Joseph lists five practical ways we can control our anger. It is natural to feel anger in a stressful situation such as a fight with a partner or loved one. But yielding to our anger and its consequential actions rarely results in good; instead, it can perpetuate a fight and even worsen it. Tune-in as Joseph explains the five D’s that we can employ to manage our anger in those heated moments. By utilizing one of these suggestions, the hope is that we’ll be able...


Episode 023 – Attachment: Part 2 – Adult Romantic Relationships

Summary: In this episode, Joseph opens Part Two of our attachment series. Adult, romantic relationships are where we truly see the ways in which we attach to our partner. One who is secure in their attachments will behave differently than one who is considered to be avoidant in relationships. Joseph refers to the work, Attached, as a guide for this discussion. Tune-in to hear how the three types of attachment—secure, avoidant, and anxious—affect one’s relationships and the ways in which...


Episode 022 – Attachment Part 1: Childhood and Personality

Summary: In this episode of Mind Your Mind, Joseph opens Part 1 of the attachment series. He takes us to the beginning—our childhood—and explains how our early experiences with our caregivers dictate the ways in which we attach. Joseph draws on the resource, Attached, to provide a basis of understanding for today’s topic. Listen as Joseph explains the causes for attachment development, the 4 types of attachment, and a breakdown of the 4 types of attachment using children’s reactions to...


Episode 021- Self-parenting in 4 Steps

Summary: In this episode, Joseph breaks down self-parenting into 4 steps. Nobody is perfect in this world; in fact, we are all flawed and our parents are no exception to this rule. So what do we make of the hurt and pain that was caused by our parents? Moreover, how can we learn to self-parent ourselves and fill in the gaps from our childhood? Tune-in to hear the 4 steps of self-parenting that are essential to our well-being. Joseph will explain why we need to love ourselves, the...


Episode 020 – 4 Denials That Can Ruin Your Life

Summary: Are you ever hard on yourself? Do you have a tendency to blame yourself for things that are—quite literally—beyond your control? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people are guilty of being overly critical of themselves. But for you—not anymore. In this episode, Joseph highlights the four most common denials and self-criticisms that, if left unchecked, can ruin your life. Listen to learn how you can keep these four psychological toxins from poisoning the well of your mind. Time...


Episode 019 – 7 Defense Mechanisms We All Use

Summary: In this episode, Joseph explains the defense mechanisms that are built into us as human beings. Though they are intended to protect our ego and state of mind, they often end up damaging our relationships and pulling us further into blame and anger. Tune-in as Joseph uncovers the 7 most common defense mechanisms we all use to protect ourselves. His greatest hope in opening this discussion is that we become aware of our defenses and understand our ability to develop healthier ways...


Episode 018 – Trauma: Part 2: Recovery

Summary: Trauma, unfortunately, is an experience had by most. Each of us have traumatic events that have happened either in childhood or in our adult life that form or shape part of who we are. The key is to not let our traumatic experiences and feelings dictate the rest of our lives. Tune in to hear how the treatment for trauma is NOT one-size-fits-all and how talk therapy can even present negative consequences for your overall healing and treatment. In this episode, Joseph shares four...


Episode 017 – Trauma: Part 1 of 2 - What Is It?

Summary: In this episode, Joseph opens the first installment for the 2-Part Series for Trauma. Joseph defines trauma, discusses the importance of conceptualizing what it is to us, and expresses just how common it is to experience trauma. He refers to the work of Dr. Peter Levine, an expert in the field of trauma, to describe the symptoms one may experience if one has experienced trauma. Tune-in to see if you can relate to having any of these symptoms and how acknowledging your own trauma is...


Episode 016 – 4 Self-Healing Lessons by Dr. Bernie Siegel

In this episode, Joseph teaches usDr. Bernie Siegel’s 4 Self-Healing Lessons. Not everyone would agree that mind and body connection is considered a mental health topic, but it truly is. The state of your mind and what you believe often precedes what your body will do. This is precisely why healing begins in the mind. Tune-in as Joseph discusses Dr. Bernie’s self-healing lessons and the RIGHT way healthcare givers can advocate and encourage their patients in their healing process. Time...


Episode 015 – The Trip Planning Session

Summary: In this episode, Joseph talks about trip planning. Trips are highly anticipated events in our lives. They bring promise of adventure, exploration, or just rest and relaxation. What people often forget though are the stress and hassles that come along with a trip. These can include entering a new culture and language, different people’s travel styles and/or expectations of the trip itself, and family or individual needs while traveling. Listen as Joseph lists ways you can cut down...


Episode 014 – Hypnosis Part 2

Summary: In this episode, Joseph ends the hypnosis series with 3 hypnosis superscripts, including one that helps cure a headache. Joseph invites you to participate in these exercises so that you can experience deep relaxation and rest. These superscripts will encourage you to clear your mind and expel any negative energy and stressors—bringing you to a whole new place of peace and relaxation. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:01 – Introduction to Mind Your Mind Podcast00:26 – Today’s episode is...


Episode 013 – Hypnosis Part 1

Summary: In this episode, Joseph teaches us about hypnosis and dispels the myths around its practice. What is hypnosis? Does it work? If I get hypnotized, am I still in control? Listen to find out the origins of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help those who struggle with smoking, alcoholism and phobias to name a few. Joseph also discusses the myths of hypnosis including whether or not you can control someone in a state of hypnosis and if one can get “stuck” in hypnosis. Time Stamped...


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