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Increase your focus, calmness and happiness. Interviews & more. For entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, teachers & parents.

Increase your focus, calmness and happiness. Interviews & more. For entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, teachers & parents.
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Increase your focus, calmness and happiness. Interviews & more. For entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, teachers & parents.




254 Conquer Your Food Demons With Help From Lorraine Crowston

Lorraine Crowston is a certified life coach, a speaker and an author and is particularly interested in helping people deal with their food demons. Lorraine has worked as a chef, a computer network instructor, a trainer and a project manager. Lorraine Crowston has bundled all of her life experiences into a package where she helps people achieve physical and emotional health in playful, easy-to-follow steps. Her book, ‘The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It’, is a great example of Lorraine’s...

Duration: 00:35:18

253 The Power of Having Fun With Dave Crenshaw

Dave Crenshaw is the master of building productive leaders and has transformed hundreds of thousands of business leaders worldwide. He has appeared in TIME magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News. His courses on LinkedIn Learning have received millions of views. He has written three books and counting, including The Myth of Multitasking which was published in six languages and is a time-management bestseller. His fourth book, The Power of Having Fun, releases September 19th,...

Duration: 00:28:04

252 Unlock Your Energy System Says Former Dominatrix Dana Pharant

Dana Pharant is a Master healer, life strategist, published author and past CEO of a near 7-figure business and former Dominatrix. Dana is a transformational coach who uses dynamic tools for rapid change to your mindset. She uses her kick-ass energy and ability to perceive, pinpoint and pop the problem limiting you, your body or your business while having fun. Contact Info www.DanaPharant.comDana’s BlogThe Inner Dominatrix PodcastMost Influential Person Effect on Emotions

Duration: 00:27:36

251 Do A Day Is Mindfulness Says Bryan Falchuk

Bryan Falchuk has an amazing story; he went from being obese and depressed to losing over 100 pounds and running marathons. He’s faced the trauma of nearly losing his wife to illness while their young son watched. He became vegan in just one day. He got his masters from a top school and rose to a senior executive position in a successful business. He’s transformed his life and developed an approach to help others do the same that he teaches in his best-selling book “Do a Day: How To Live A...

Duration: 00:32:14

250 Achieve Your Theta State With Mindfulness Says Kallen Diggs

Kallen Diggs is an author and also host of the syndicated show, Reaching The Finish Line. He is passionate about reducing the high levels of unemployment by helping people achieve their goals. Last year, Kallen lived in 3 countries, walked 65 miles on Spain’s Camino De Santiago, and completed a Vipassana meditation retreat (12 hours of meditation per day for 10 consecutive days). Contact Info ReachingTheFinishLine.comReachingTheFinishLine.com/buy/NewBookMost Influential Person Effect on...

Duration: 00:32:35

249 Have The Fun By Skipping The Alcohol Says One Year No Beer’s Andy Ramage

Andy Ramage is the co-founder of Aalpha Energy, one of the largest independent commodities brokerages in the world. He is also co-creator of One Year No Beer, also known as OYNB. This is an alcohol-free challenge you can embrace for 28 days, 90 days and even a year. Eliminating alcohol from his life caused him to lose 42 pounds and cut his body fat from 28% to 10%. He is totally passionate about being fit and healthy. Andy meditates and exercises daily and has studied habit change in order...

Duration: 00:26:27

248 Discover The Magnetic Memory Method With Dr Anthony Metivier

Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, an effective, fun way to memorize foreign language, vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more. Dr. Metivier writes books and creates training for anyone who needs to improve their memory. What separates him from other authors on memory skills and development is that he doesn’t focus on long strings of digits or training for memory championships. He offers simple techniques for memorizing the information that...

Duration: 00:31:23

247 Dogs, Cats and Cannabis; Learn from Ultimate Pet Health Guide Author, Dr. Gary Richter

Dr. Gary Richter is a holistic veterinarian who focuses on the integration of holistic and general practice veterinary medicine. He’s passionate about educating professionals and pet owners on the benefits of integrative care. The safe and effective use of medical cannabis in dogs and cats is central to both, Dr. Richter’s medical practice and educational outreach. By integrating medical cannabis with other conventional and alternative therapies Dr. Richter has been able to improve the...

Duration: 00:30:48

246 Escape The Grip Of Desire Says Buddism 101 Author Arnie Kozak

Dr. Arnie Kozak is an author, psychotherapist and a teacher of Buddhism. He’s written a number of books about mindfulness, and has recently penned a new book called Buddhism 101: [From Karma to the Four Noble Truths, Your Guide To Understanding The Principles of Buddhism.] Back in the 1980’s, before mindfulness was as popular as today, Dr. Kozak traveled to India and became immersed in Buddhism and mindfulness. He took the Bodhisattva vows from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. Now he shares...

Duration: 00:33:03

245 Communicate Effectively To Build Your Relationships; Jonathan Pritchard


Duration: 00:39:36

244 Mindfulness Is Yours With 20 Minute Convos Host Engel Jones

Engel Jones is all about conversation. So much so, that he set out to break a podcast conversational record. He recorded 1001 conversations in 3 months. He’s host of the podcast – Twelve Minutes Convos , he’s an Entrepreneur and Life Coach. He loves helping you create a brand of yours through his personal formula called YOURS, and acronym for Your Own Unique Real Self. Engel is from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and lives there with his wife, Amanda and their 2...

Duration: 00:36:31

243 Creativity Is Essential to Brambleberry CEO, Anne-Marie Faiola

Anne-Marie is a bubbly, fun-loving, mindful CEO - and she calls herself the Soap Queen. She’s been making soap for over twenty years and loves teaching her followers on SoapQueenTV.com Her business is called BrambleBerry.com. Anne-Marie lives in the moment, and many of those moments have been spent with essential oils and beautiful colorants in her highly sought-after recipes. Anne-Marie thrives on the truly pleasurable experience of helping others discover their own world of soaps,...

Duration: 00:38:54

242 Get Rid Of Your Head Trash and Earn The Millions You Deserve; Noah St. John

Noah St. John is an author, a key note speaker, and a money expert. In fact, he helps people make money who gave up on the idea long ago. Noah is the only author in history to have published with all of the following: Hay House, HarperCollins, Mindvalley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher. Contact Info NoahStJohn.comGet Rid of Your Headtrash About Money by Noah St. Johnwww.SendMeABookNoah.com

Duration: 00:35:31

241 Cerebral Palsy; Turn Hardship Into Power With Win Kelly Charles

Win Charles is an artist, a speaker, a disability activist writer, a podcaster and a true inspiration to everyone she connects with. She has cerebral palsy, but she hasn’t let that stand in her way of achieving huge successes. She has a thriving Jewelry Design Business, she’s authored several books, she’s host of a terrific podcast called Butterflies of Wisdom and she has declared 2017 her Year of Warriorness. Contact Info Win CharlesButterflies of WisdomAspenWin@gmail.com

Duration: 00:36:59

239 Flourish With A Focus On Smaller Steps Suggests Nancie Vito


Duration: 00:28:07

238 A New Business Mindset Revealed by Gareth Young

Gareth Young is an experienced, corporate businessman who decided to transform his life. He did this by undertaking a journey that took him into the unknown. As a result of his explorations into life’s meaning, he now feels more connected in his relationships and he feels his life has far more depth than ever before. He explains, ‘I’ve learned a new way of being with people’. Gareth is anxious to share the profound lessons he’s learned with the world through his podcast which is called, A...

Duration: 00:34:09

237 Be Present Explains ‘Cindy Uncorked’ Host Cindy Ashton

Cindy Ashton is a performer, singer, musical theatre actress and a blast of energy. She inspires people wherever she goes and is known for her ability to entertain anywhere, anytime on the spot. Her natural ability combined with her Second City comedy improvisation experience has a lot to do with this part of her sparkling personality. She studied performing arts, Opera and Kinesiology so she’s all about movement. One of her most recent projects is a TV show called Cindy Uncorked,...

Duration: 00:44:25

236 Archangel Event Creator Inspired by X-Men; Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni Marsico is a connector of superheroes. He is is the founder of the wildly successful Archangel Academy which is an organization bringing together mission-driven entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place. Archangel proceeds go to The Archangel Fund, which is used to provide micro-loans and donations to entrepreneurs and charities making the world a better place. On September 7th, he will again host the Archangel Summit in Toronto, which will unite two thousand...

Duration: 00:32:42

235 See Into Your Mind With Timothy Carroll

Timothy Carroll is a leadership expert who, through his study of cognitive behaviour sciences and psychology has equipped himself to coach high level achievers. Also a successful athlete, at only 16 years old he represented New Zealand at Four World Championships as a barefoot waterskier. Later, in 2008, he participated as a performance coach at the Beijing Olympics for a Swedish equestrian riding event. Through his elite coaching, Timothy has helped top companies in Europe greatly boost...

Duration: 00:31:29

234 Your Higher Conscience Is Your GPS Explains Antar The Navigator

Antar The Navigator is a screenwriter, author and coach. He’s passionate about using his own rocky story to inspire and motivate others to make the best of their lives. In his late teens, robbing banks and drug trafficking became his life, resulting ina six-year prison sentence. While in jail he experienced an epiphany which changed Antar into a person intensely focused on helping others. In his books, Antar teaches you how to reach your true consciousness and how meditation and prayer is...

Duration: 00:38:10

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