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Hyderabad, India


Remember the era of black and white? The glorious run of NTR and ANR? Comedy scenes that can kill you with laughter? Songs that spoke of longing and veiled desire? Dialogues that started off like a thunder storm and caught the audience in a whirlwind of thoughts that still echo "emantivi emantivi" and left you interospecting. Of scenes where love was a message sent through the clouds and a lullaby is all it took to make the world seem right.. of moonlit nights and lyrics to pierce your heart… all that lore of yesteryears.. come lose yourself with us in the many gullys of Mayabazaar.. Mayabazaar – showcasing the best of Telugu cinema at its prime… from Mayabazaar, Danaveer Sura Karna, Gulebakavalikhada to NTR's Adavi Ramudu, ANR's Premabhishekam, to the songs that were stories in themselves. Every sunday night from 9pm to 12 am only on Radio mirchi idhi chala hot guru!



This show will be available on Sun, Aug 25 at 11:30AM.