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Episode 29 - The Toxic Avenger - "Mash and Dinks"

In this episode, the Guys lend their commentary to the Troma breakout hit "The Toxic Avenger" and discuss Troma and its goals in film making. They dig up what they can on the cast and what big name was fired from this movie. They also reveal the scene that was originally banned from the movie... and the scene that made the movie that got even more complaints. Joe also reveals the Oscar winner with a non-speaking role in the movie. The guys are looking for your interaction with the...

Duration: 01:47:49

Episode 28.5 - Coming Attractions

The guys discuss their taste in low budget horror and announce their next movie, a film that stands atop that genre. Leah Remini is discussed at strange length and Joe fails to escape without a story about the TV show Community. The guys try to tackle the poor summer box office and Joe talks about his new puppy. Stereotypes in older movies is also discussed.

Duration: 00:37:59

Episode 28 - Speed - "Throwing You Under the Bus"

In this episode, the Guys take on the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock breakout movie Speed. They discuss the origin for the elevator scene, the studio's need for the movie to get off the bus and discuss the writer who came on last minute to rewrite the script. Other replacements from current movies are discussed as well. Joe talks about what could have been the original cast of the movie and calls todd out on a bad habits that he has during production. Todd and Joe send a message to those who...

Duration: 02:20:57

Episode 27.5 - Coming Atractions

In this coming attractions episode, the guys are back together for the first time after a number of prerecorded episodes. They catch up and announce the next movie.

Duration: 00:32:18

Episode 27 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - "U Boat, Me Boat, Everybody Boat."

In this Episode, the guys tackle one of the All Time Classics, Raiders of the Lost Ark. They discuss the immense impact of Steven Spielberg, the Original idea of who Indiana Jones would be and Todd pitches a brillant Indiana Jones related app. The guys wonder if this movie is the most "Bang for your buck" of any movie they have done and Joe reveals a child in this movie to be a man with multiple connections to Miscast Commentary Memories. The guys share their opinions on porn in a way that...

Duration: 02:18:54

Episode 26.5 - Coming Attractions

In this week's Coming Attractions Episode, The guys announce their next movie, discuss the bright side of some bad movies and share some high school facal hair stories. The guys give their New Season resolutions.

Duration: 00:26:27

Episode 26 - No Holds Barred - "Throwin' 50 Pies at a Robber"

Joe and Todd are fired up for Season 2 with their first movie, the Hulk Hogan vehicle No Holds Barred. The guys discuss the old WWF and the careers of actors who were unknown at the time. Todd discovers the scene that he thought was in a different Miscast Commentary Movie and reveals a sentimental gift idea for Joe. The guys come to blows over a game.

Duration: 01:46:48

Episode 25.5 - Coming Attractions

**This episode is being republished due to a technical error.** Recorded in May 2017 so some of the conversations are a little dated, but we wanted to keep them in the episode... Joe and Todd return for Season 2 of Miscast Commentary with the announcement of their next movie and discussions about the Marvel and DC expanded universes. Donald Glover's continued impact on today's pop culture is also talked about. Lots of Fan Theories aare shared and compared to the guys' thoughts on a number...

Duration: 00:43:55

The Best of Miscast Commentary Season 1

We continue our celebration of one year in podcasting with this look back at the whole year hosted by Joe. We revisit some favourite moments, see how dirty and racy the guys tend to be and determine whether Todd has a catchphrase. Check out all this and more in this week's episode.

Duration: 00:59:09

A Delay on this week's episode

A Delay on this week's episode by Joe Findlay and Todd Murray

Duration: 00:01:11

Anniversary Special Pt. 1 - Outtakes

Miscast Commentary is celebrating 1 year of Podcasts by bringing you some of their favourite moments. In this week's special, Joe takes us behind the scenes with some of their funniest outtakes during recording.

Duration: 00:31:29

Episode 25 - Dawn of the Dead - "Look At That Picture of a Hotdog Vagina"

This week, Dawn of the Dead receives the Miscast Commentary treatment. The guys discuss Zombie preparation, George Romero's casting style and where some of the cast members had worked together before. Joe explains why he constantly fell down Todd's stairs as a teen. The guys discuss some of the other movies in this universe. They try to determine if you would get infected in certain specific scenarios. Todd gives some insight into how he spends his time at sea. During our Extra Credit...

Duration: 02:35:31

Episode 24.5 - Coming Attractions

In this Coming Attractions Episode, the guys reveal the final movie of their first year of programming (Don't worry, there are many episodes to come), take Neil DeGrasse Tyson to task and Todd recounts his time at a metal concert. Joe and Todd compare their sleep habits, The effects of over the counter drugs on Joe is discussed After the trailer, they discuss the remake of the movie thay are doing and pitch their ideas to improve the genre. Twitter is further explained to Todd. Late night...

Duration: 00:45:14

Episode 24 - Weekend at Bernie's - "Fresh Off That Mannequin Buzz"

This week, Joe and Todd lend their commentary to the Summer Comedy "Weekend at Bernie's." They talk about the diversity in some directors' resumes, the worst potential sequel name of all time and who could have starred in this movie. Todd claims another Fist of the North Star Sighting and Joe explains clothes to Todd. More concepts for a Part 3 are discussed and the guys talk party etiquette. Joe shares the real life version of this story and reveals the movie after which Weekend at...

Duration: 01:53:47

Episode 23.5 - Coming Attractions

The guys announce their next movie, pitch their versions of a sequel to this movie and bitch about the heat. They share their philosophy of "The Right Kind of Bad," the formula that makes a bad movie enjoyable. Todd and Joe almost didn't make it again and they share their stories. Joe lists his top 5 Summer movies and a brief discussion of the making of the Friday the 13th Movies takes place.

Duration: 00:32:46

Episode 23 - Canadian Bacon - "We Went and Saw It 'Cuz You Were In It"

In this episode, the guys celebrate Canada Day and the 4th of July with the Michael Moore Satire "Canadian Bacon." Joe and Todd discuss John Candy and his connection to a vertain director and how he helped Rick Moranis' career, the proximity of most locations to their own hometown and Michael Moore's first foray into fictional filmmaking. For the first time ever, the guys pause the movie to show Todd's appearance as an extra in the movie as a young boy. An old Guest Host makes a quick...

Duration: 02:00:01

Episode 22.5 - Coming Attractions

In this Coming Attractions Episode, Joe and Todd announce the next movie which is meant to celebrate both Canada Day and The 4th of July, They also announce a special twist with this movie. Todd recounts rewatching Caddyshack and they critique the old classic and talk about the legacy of a great comedic actor. They tackle politcal leaders and Joe makes his case for a credit on a Comedy Central Show. We dip back into the Miscast Commentary Archives and Joe breaks down his top 5 Canadian Films

Duration: 00:35:27

A post wisdom tooth removal message from Joe

Joe just had his wisdom teeth out and felt the need to send a special thank you message to everyone for listening. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:03:11

Episode 22.1 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Part 2 - "We are F&$#ing mandatory"

The guys conclude The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in this episode. They discuss the location of Sting in Elijah Wood's House, how editing, not CG, can add performance and why One movie is on two blu ray discs when Todd has all of the Puppetmasters on one DVD. Todd talks about his exploits with religious recruiters and they talk about the impact that Andy Serkis is having in film today that started with this film. More connections to the BBC Radio play are revealed as is...

Duration: 02:21:22

Episode 22 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Part 1 of 2 - "It Has to Be Mutton"

So sorry for the delay in this episode's release. In this episode, the guys are watching Disc 1 of the Extended Blu Ray Edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. They discuss the casting of the movie, the origin of the prologue and Elijah Wood's early career (And Joe's inability to player hate Elijah). Details of the making of the movie are. You discover all of the roles that Christopher Lee could have played (and the people he knew) as well as Lee's record in the world...

Duration: 01:57:56

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