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Mises Weekends features weekly interviews with leaders in Austrian economics and libertarianism.

Mises Weekends features weekly interviews with leaders in Austrian economics and libertarianism.
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Mises Weekends features weekly interviews with leaders in Austrian economics and libertarianism.








Jim Bovard on Why Washington Never Learns

The great James Bovard addresses our annual research conference in Auburn on the dismal failures of government regulation — from farm subsidies to steel tariffs to FDA drug trials.


Jeff Deist: Are Millennials Abandoning Liberty?

After watching students across the nation march this week against gun rights, are we seeing young Americans abandoning liberty? Joining Dr. Paul and Daniel McAdams on the Liberty Report, Jeff explains that he thinks the media exaggerates the appeal of the left to Millennials and their successors in "Generation Z."


Michael Boldin makes the Case Against Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was at it again last week, insisting that the supremacy of federal law is "settled"—which is his way of saying nullification and secession are illegal. But Sessions is hardly alone in his thinking, which would be right at home on the pages of Salon or National Review. Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center joins Jeff Deist to discuss how we can fight back against the cult of federal supremacy, and why decentralization is a far more pragmatic and humane...


Dan Mitchell: Is There an Endgame for US Debt?

Economist Dan Mitchell joins Jeff Deist to discuss what might be the biggest threat of all to American prosperity: the shocking and unconscionable US government debt. What does $20 trillion in Treasury IOUs really mean for the private economy? Will the US government ever default and force bond holders to take a well-deserved haircut—or will the Fed continue to bail out Congress with low interest rates? Can this go on indefinitely, especially since other governments often have even worse...


Ryan McMaken on Privatized Approaches to Gun Violence

The gun control debate is nothing more than a smokescreen: another divisive and emotional issue in a country obsessed with politicizing every human ill, all premised on the wildly irrational idea that we can get rid of 300 million firearms. But there is a market for safe schools and safe public spaces, a market security entrepreneurs could fill if government got out of the way. Mises.org editor Ryan McMaken joins Jeff to discuss private solutions to gun violence, the kind of solutions only...


Michael Malice on North Korea's "Economy"

North Korea is not the poorest country on earth, but it is undoubtedly the most miserable. Michael Malice has been there, and joins Jeff Deist to discuss the bizarre economics of life in a country with virtually no outside trade. China and Russia provide critical imports, especially oil and grain, without which the DPRK would truly grind to a halt. But this is foreign aid disguised as trade for worthless North Korean "currency." Beyond that a depressing form of autarky reigns, whereby the...


Mark Thornton: Is the Bust Here?

With stocks markets in turmoil earlier this week, the Mises Institute's resident expert on booms and busts join Jeff Deist to make sense of it. Will new Fed Chair Jerome Powell do everything possible to prop up markets, or will he be more hawkish than Janet Yellen? What kinds of indicators does Mark look for to predict trouble (hint: it's not the VIX). Why does the volume of margin loans matter, and why is the Russell 2000 Index a better predictor than the Dow or Nasdaq? Are...


Daniel McAdams on the Real Cost of "Defense"

Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute joins Jeff Deist for an unbridled discussion of the true costs of war. We know the US spends more on "defense" than many big countries combined, but what are the actual numbers? How long can the federal budget sustain empire and entitlements? Will rising interest rates finally force Congress to stop expanding wars, building bases, buying useless weapons systems, and meddling around the world? And is Trump the president far more hawkish than Trump...

Jeff Deist: Beyond the Wall

Jeff Deist joins his friend "Mance Rayder" to discuss the political and economic state of the union, the endless fractures within libertarianism, a different way to look at immigration, and how Rothbard's fans and detractors alike benefit from reading him.


Ryan McMaken: Are We Getting Poorer?

By every measure extreme poverty in Third World nations is decreasing rapidly. But what about the US and the West? Economist and mises.org editor Ryan McMaken joins Jeff Deist for a wide-ranging discussion of what makes people rich, and how economists should measure wealth. This great discussion explains the decline of real incomes and savings rates in the West, the moral hazards created by central banks, and how a happy combination of technology and market innovation often manages to...


Michael Boldin: How Decentralization Could Work

Michael Boldin from the Tenth Amendment Center joins Jeff Deist to discuss the philosophical, electoral, and logistic realities standing in the way of creating a more politically decentralized America. Beyond thorny questions about federal land, federal entitlements, and "national defense," there are a million small ways to move power away from Washington. Both conservatives and progressives claim to want just that—so what holds us back? Michael, a onetime progressive, has the strategic...


Jeff Deist: The Small Revolution

Speaking at our recent event in Orlando, Jeff Deist discusses how libertarians should confront the current political landscape. Given the stubborn tendency for governments to emerge and endure in human societies, we should focus our efforts on creating smaller political units that more closely allow for a Misesian vision of democratic self-determination.


Bob Murphy on the Culture Wars

Our final show of the year features a talk given by Dr. Bob Murphy at a recent Mises Institute event in Orlando. His topic is the culture wars– and if you think America is divided now, just wait until we have another crash like '08. But Bob is ready with a prescription: less politics & smaller polities. It's time to stop hating each other and start reducing the political power wielded over us, as Bob conveys in his own unique and humorous style. Listen to Jeff's talk from the event here.


David Gornoski on Anthropology and Liberty

David Gornoski is a Christian libertarian writer, frequently featured at The American Conservative and Foundation for Economic Education. David takes inspiration from the work of the late Stanford professor Rene Girard, whose mimetic theory strongly influenced a young Peter Thiel. David's goal is to ground libertarianism in cultural anthropology, in particular by applying Girard's "scapegoat theory" to the modern state. Instead of allowing progressives to dominate arts, film, and...


Jim Bovard on Our Slavish Devotion to Politics

Wall Street Journal and USA Today writer James Bovard joins Jeff Deist to diagnose what's wrong with our body politic today. From relentlessly tribal voting to rank hypocrisy and "whataboutism," Americans are angry bunch. And their credulous belief in the sanctity of authorities like the FBI is almost entirely determined by whether their party holds the presidency. Is there any political system that can survive the division created by politics in the first place? Jim Bovard brings his...


Ryan McMaken: Who Prosecutes the Prosecutors?

So far, the federal investigation into Russian collusion during the 2016 election has been a farce. Lawless and corrupt federal prosecutors—and their pet police agency, the FBI—dominate the headlines. Yet, the Constitution never provided for a federal police force, and lists very few federal crimes. So, how and why did federal prosecutors and agents become so powerful? Mises.org editor Ryan McMaken joins Jeff Deist to discuss. For further reading, see Bill Anderson's Mises Wire article,...


Dr. Lucas Engelhardt on Why the Fed Should Scare Us

Professor Lucas Engelhardt, a popular lecturer at Mises University, joins Jeff Deist to discuss the monetary policy landscape. Janet Yellen makes jokes about $20 trillion in federal debt, but what about the trillions the Fed added to its own balance sheet since the Crash of '08? What will happen to the extraordinary amount of bank reserves parked in no-man's land, not being lent by banks? Can Mises's work help us understand what happens when the supply of money increases much faster than...


Gabriel Calzada on Free-Market Education in Latin America

Fifteen years ago Gabriel Calzada was a Fellow at the Mises Institute who aspired to bring the Spanish Scholastics' tradition of liberty to Latin America. Today he is president of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, the truly remarkable private school in Guatemala. All students at UFM, regardless of major, take a core curriculum in libertarian thought. The board of directors and almost all professors are entrepreneurs rather than academics. And UFM's charter provides the freedom to experiment...


Chris Calton: The March to America's Civil War

Chris Calton, host of the Mises Institute's Historical Controversies podcast, is back with a second season. If you enjoyed his revisionist view of America's drug war during the first season, you'll love his take on U.S. history during the latter 1800s. This episode, titled "The March to America's Civil War", is a fascinating account of the antebellum era. Tune in and find out why this podcast series is creating one of Stitcher's fastest growing audiences. Historical Controversies is...


Dr. Liliana Stern on Growing Up in the USSR

Dr. Liliana Stern, associate professor of economics at Auburn University, joins Jeff Deist in studio to discuss the realities of life under communism. Growing up in Ukraine, Dr. Stern experienced privations that would be unthinkable to her undergraduate students. Even today, hot running water remains a rationed luxury in the region. But if recent polls are correct, many of her students don't understand at all the horrors of collectivism. And they sometimes scoff at her terrifying...


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