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We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.

We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.
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New York City, NY


We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.






#169 - The Final Orgy

BANG! It's the Ménage à Trois Radio swan song! Live from the UCB Theatre in Chelsea, the Lovers host one last orgy with Kaki King, Gary Richardson, Griffin Newman, and of course, Hoz. Peep the hilariously touching video tribute to Ménage à Trois Radio featuring some of the program's sexiest past guests right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84pJc9H3pJQ Stay in touch with us by checking in at http://www.menageatroisradio.com/ Thank you to all our listeners for bringing us to climax! We...

Duration: 00:46:31

#168 - Colin Burgess of The Special Without Brett Davis

Whoosh! Comedic wonder Colin Burgess blows by, and let's just say, he's like the wind to the hot n bothered Lovers! Colin feels his twin's orgasm, Diana shits in someone else's ass and Murf pens the perfect Tindr prof; meanwhile, Hoz jerks off into an ancient sock. Hit up colinburgess.net, follow @Colinoscopy and don’t miss Colin’s weekly novelty mic: Late Mic, every Monday at 9PM at The Topaz.

Duration: 00:39:32

#167 - Kristen Bartlett, SNL writer

Lights, camera, perfection! The Lovers become comedy writer & performer Kristen Bartlett's instagram husband and everybody faves! Kristen adopts a randy rat, Murf hums a sensual tune and Diana gets an early morning boner; meanwhile, Hoz jerks off to a Sean Spicer clipping. Hit up KristenBartlett.com, follow @KristenCheeks, and watch SNL!

Duration: 00:47:41

#166 - Jim Tews, I Was In Band

Frozen in time! The Lovers go in on a Groupon with stand-up Jim Tews for botox in their buttholes, and those brown eyes are lookin' TIGHT! Jim shows off his wrinkly dick, Diana frenches Nana and Murf makes a splash in the comments section; meanwhile, Hoz makes love to a pussy...cat :( Head on over to jimtews.com and follow him @jimtews. Don’t miss his show Fresh Out, every Thursday at 9:00pm, at the UCBT East Village, and check out his new comedy album, 'I Was In Band' on iTunes.

Duration: 00:43:18

#164 - Hilary Campbell, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...But You Could've Done Better

FEED YOUR HEAD! Cartoonist and filmmaker Hilary Campbell joins the Lovers on a sensually psychedelic voyage through Sextown and everyone peaks! Hilary O-pines, Diana shows off her pencil dick and Murf grays out; meanwhile, Hoz freezes to death. Head on over to CartoonsbyHilary.com and follow her @cartoonsbyhil. Also grab her delightful new book: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But You Could’ve Done Better.

Duration: 00:53:35

#163 - Orlando Olier of The Chris Gethard Show

At the Copa! COPACABANA! The Lovers fall in love and lose their minds with the hottest man north of Havana, producer and comedic angel Orlando Olier. Orlando adopts 15 dogs, Diana tries anal and Murf shows off his rainbow genitals; meanwhile, Hoz drinks a seltzer. For a great time, hit up orlandoolier.com and follow @RandomOrlando!

Duration: 00:54:51

#162 - Marcia Belsky, The Headless Women of Hollywood

FFFTTT! That's the sound of the Lovers swiping right on Miz Marcia Belsky, stand-up, writer and misandrist extraordinaire! Marcia gives Pepsi zero stars, Murf gets a clean bill of health on his scoliosis exam and Diana makes love to a G train; meanwhile, Hoz jerks off to Trump's infamous Access Hollywood recording. Hit up marciabelsky.com, follow @MarciaBelsky and listen to her "radical" feminist band, Free the Mind.

Duration: 00:32:56

#161 - Phone Sex with Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook

Ring! Ring! Hello...? The Lovers answer with their very first four-way phone sex episode! Diana & Murf are joined on the horn by Lauren Cook & Kurt Braunohler. The hotline is on fire with tales of religious romance, Golden Girls, and of course some funky sex/marry/kill scenarios for the ages. Check out Kurt & Lauren's new audio series, Wedlock with Kurt & Lauren, premiering April 20th on Audible, and follow them on Twitter @kurtbraunohler & @LChoochTrain

Duration: 00:26:21

#159 - Patrick Noth of Cooking in the Trap

It's After Dark LIVE from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea, and we get nice & loose with actor/comedian/musician Patrick Noth! Diana soars through the sky, Murf dives into the audience, Hoz brings the hype, and Patrick sheds light on the history of LaCroix. Follow Patrick @PatrickNoth & peep his series Cooking in the Trap on Comedy Central.

Duration: 00:44:53

#156 - Casey Jost of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

POP! That's the sound of Casey Jost wigglin' through your eardrums as he joins the Lovers for some Q (just the) tip talk! Casey opines on future sex, Diana makes love to the elderly and Murf vacations on Staten Island; meanwhile, Hoz tweets while masturbating. Get more Casey—go check him out at ‘youtube.com/caseyjost’ and follow him @CaseyJost & @LesVinyl. Go download his band Les Vinyl’s latest EP, Milkshake, and checkhim out live at the UCB Theatre NY & East Village!

Duration: 00:48:26

#155 - Art Gollapudi of Sexuality &

Pop pop, fizz fizz! Oh what a release it is! Comedian and artist Arti Gollapudi stops by for some Lambrusco and we all explode! Arti finds an extra hole, Murf becomes a wedding planner and Diana gets laid in the parking lot; meanwhile, Hoz learns about bunnies. Get more Arti over at ArtiGollapudi.com and follow her adventures @ArtiParty. Don't miss seeing her live at her shows LAWL: Ladies and Women Laughing at New Women Space, Comedy CUNT at Bluestockings Bookstore every other month and...

Duration: 00:50:34

#154 - Noah Forman of Improvised Seinfeld

Sl-u-u-rp! Noah Forman of Improvised Seinfeld and the Chris Gethard show speaks to the Lovers about cockhey rules and regulations. Smoking marijuana gives the men boobs, and Diana and Ryan Gosling still have the same birthday after all these years. Follow Noah on Twitter (https://twitter.com/nforman)and check him out in the UCB NY shows Improvised Seinfeld and The Terry Withers Mysteries, as well The Chris Gethard Show! Keeees.

Duration: 01:02:01

#153 - Mary Houlihan of Cartoon Monsoon

Boiiiing! Comedian and fine artist Mary Houlihan stopped by the candy shop for some cum drops with the Lovers! Mary falls head over heals for a puppet, Murf makes love to an old movie and Diana learns to drive a car...the hard way; meanwhile, Hoz's nipples get so small that he dies. Treat yourself to a painting by Mary, or a live show starring Mary! Find all the goods over at maryhoulihan.tumblr.com and follow her @maryhoulie

Duration: 00:44:28

#152 - Chris Fleming of GAYLE

It puts the potion in the basket or else it gets SOAKED with Chris Fleming and the Lovers! Chris shares tragic emu stories, Diana wikis love, Murf contemplates human meat and Hoz hands out chubs.

Duration: 00:48:48

#151 - Jane Hammer, MATR's #1 Fan!!

Wee-oo, wee-oo! Bust out the restraining order cuz the Lovers' #1 fan, Miz Jane Hammer, done pulled up! Jane finally explains the corndog's appeal, as Murf and Diana braid each others' pubes; meanwhile, Hoz learns the facts of life...the hard way. Follow Sweet Jane on all her soc-media accounts @girltakeiteasy, and check out #nailmatchymatchy—it's dope AF.

Duration: 00:50:49

#150 - Dom Manzolillo, My Name Is Dom Hanks

Hide ur kids! Sensual comedic stallion, Mr. Dom Manzolillo, gallops into the Lovers' boudoir and burns the fucker down with his hot moves! Dom loses a testicle, Murf combines cocaine + molly for a s'experience and Diana screws her accountant; meanwhile, Hoz tries to hump a student and goes to jail :( Keep an eye out for Dom's next one-man show performance: My Name Is Dom Hanks, and, in the meantime, follow the lad @DomManzolillo, #HotDom.

Duration: 00:52:55

#149 - Sebastian Conelli of UCB Theatre

Sebastian Conelli joins the lovers live from UCBT Chelsea.

Duration: 00:49:15

#148 - Carly Ann Filbin of Single Blonde Failure

Yeehaw! Hold on to your horses, 'cause the Lovers welcome Miz Carly Ann Filbin to their boner barn and she's stirring up lots o' love trouble! Carly Ann tickles Hoz till he pees, Diana lusts after Jafar from Aladdin and Murf has a HUGE sack; meanwhile, Hoz drowns in his own piss, never having paid his taxes :( Don't miss seeing Carly Ann in action on Wednesday nights at the UCB Theatre East Village performing w/ her team The Nightmare, and go watch her series Single Blonde Failure on the...

Duration: 00:43:52

#147 - Robert Dean of the Robert Dean Museum

Ho daddy! Comedian, Robert Dean jumps into our slippery wagon for some love bumps and let just say this horse ain't smooth. Robert picks a dog name, Murf's privates buffer, Diana gets locked in a closet and Hoz is now a ghost. Goto Robert Dean Museum Sunday, January 29, 2017 at Littlefield! Tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/2iECarJ

Duration: 00:36:41

#146 - Lynn Bixenspan Of Relationshit

It's Ménage à Trois After Dark LIVE from the UCB Theatre in Chelsea! Silver bells are ringin' and blingin' cuz NYC comic & love guru, Miz Lynn Bixenspan, rode her reindeer all the way to our holiday California King! Lynn converts to an elf religion for love, Murf sticks a candy cane up his peehole and Diana burns her junk rubbing one out on a heater; meanwhile, Hoz crashes an office holiday party as Santa Cock and ruins Christmas. Don't miss Lynn's monthly show at Q.E.D., Relationsh*t, and...

Duration: 00:37:00

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