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151 Worry-Free Money - Shannon Lee Simmons, Author, CFP & Founder of The New School of Finance

At the end of the day, money shouldn't be something you worry about, or feel guilty about, or don't even want to think about. We all deal with money. We all earn it. We all spend it. But it shouldn't be something we're ashamed of or hate talking about. Which is why I loved reading Shannon Lee Simmons' new book Worry-Free Money, which takes a unique and refreshingly positive approach to how to manage your money and feel good about it. Long description: I know I say this for almost every...


150 Building a Successful Freelance Business - Matt Inglot, Host of Freelance Transformation

Is it even possible to build a successful freelance business without taking on debt and without sacrificing all balance in your life? Yes there is, and Matt Inglot shares how. Long description: Before I went full-time self-employed, I had this crazy idea in my head that freelancing meant you’d always be worried about money coming in, would be living from gig to gig and would have no balance in your life. Well, a year later and I was definitely proven wrong, but this episode isn’t about...


149 Living Your Best Life Through Sustainable Frugality - Elizabeth Willard Thames, Blogger & Author of Meet the Frugalwoods

Your path may not be to quit city living and move to the woods, but that's not what Liz's (a.k.a. Mrs. Frugalwoods) story is about. In her new book, Meet the Frugalwoods, she shares how defining your life can help lead you to your best life, whether that’s living simply in the country, living it up in the city, or being nomadic and travelling the world. Not matter what path you end up on, the most important things to always remember is being true to yourself and making sure you’re living a...


148 Why You Should Be the CFO of Your Life - J.D. Roth, Blogger at Get Rich Slowly

You take so much care and consideration at your day job, why aren't you doing the same with your financial life? I chat with early retiree & big-time blogger about why everyone should be the CFO of their life. Long description: In the personal finance blogging community. J.D. Roth is considered a very big deal. He started his blog, Get Rich Slowly, early on, became one of the go-to resources for personal finance information, and he was able to sell it for I believe 7-figures, helping...


147 What You Should Know About Prepaid Cards - David Eason, Chair of CPPO

Do you know the difference between open-loop and closed-loop prepaid cards? Learn that & more in my interview with CPPO chair David Eason. Long description: Back in October 2017, I did a really crazy thing. I participated in the Money 20/20 Payments Race and it truly was an adventure I’ll never forget. The best part was being able to meet so many amazing people, and one of those people was a woman named Heidi who works for an agency that represents the Canadian Prepaid Providers...


146 How to Afford a Life That Fits Your Purpose - Pete McPherson, Blogger & Podcaster at Do You Even Blog

Don’t think you can afford to live a life you’ve designed yourself? Think again! Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog shares how he risked it all to live a life with more meaning. Long description: As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I ended up randomly meeting Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog at a party at FinCon this past October. I liked him right away. He was so friendly, funny and full of energy. So when he non-pitched me to be a guest on my show, I couldn’t resist!...


145 Listener Series - Overcoming a Home Foreclosure - Lindsay VanSomeren, Blogger at Notorious D.E.B.T.

For this Listener Series episode, I'm joined once again by past guest Lindsay VanSomeren, also a blogger at Notorious D.E.B.T. Last time we talked she was about to finally get rid of her home from hell. But catching up, that's not exactly what happened (though there is a happy ending!). Long description: For my first "Where Are they Now?" Listener Series episode, I check back with Lindsay VanSomeren who was one of my first Listener Series guests. Lindsay, who also blogs at Notorious...


144 The Year of Less - Cait Flanders, Author & Blogger

How can a year of less change your life? Just listen to my episode with The Year of Less author Cait Flanders to learn how a shopping ban, getting rid of most of her belongings & being more mindful with her money helped her regain focus and control of her present and future. Long description: She was my first ever guest (excluding my husband) on the podcast when I launched it almost 3 years ago, and now my friend and blogger pal Cait Flanders is back to chat about what has happened since...


143 How to Manage Your Money as a Professional Beauty Blogger - Jessica Desjardins, Founder of Beautezine

It's not easy to become a professional beauty blogger, but it's not impossible. And it doesn't mean you have to spend all of your money on beauty products to do it. Just take it from Jessica Desjardins, the founder of popular beauty website Beautezine. Long description: I’ve always been fascinated by beauty bloggers and vloggers, and not just because I have no clue how they transform their faces into beautiful masterpieces (and I can barely do my own mascara without smudging), but...


142 Listener Series - Becoming Location Independent & Working Abroad

Ever dreamed of becoming a digital nomad, able to work from anywhere and travel on your off time? That’s what my listener Grace was able to do, and she explains how in this Listener Series episode. Long description: One of my big aspirations in life is to become completely location independent and to travel abroad more. So when my next guest, podcast listener Grace (who also runs the blog Gracefully Expat) emailed me about being on the show, I knew I needed to talk to her to find out how...


141 Deconstructing FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) - Bob Lai, Blogger at Tawcan

Have you heard of the FIRE movement before? In this episode I chat with Bob Lai from Tawcan about what it means to be financially independent and how make an investment strategy to get there. Long description: For anyone who wanted a deep look into the FIRE movement, and to get the low down on how to become financially independent, this is an episode you are gonna love! I chat with Bob Lai, the blogger behind Tawcan, about his plans to reach financial independence while being a...


140 Listener Series - Why You Should Try Out a No Spend Challenge

Looking for some inspiration to get your spending under control? There's no better time than the present to try something new, like a no spend challenge. That's why I'm chatting with two of my podcast listeners for this episode, so they can share their experience and tips on how to save money and conquer their bad spending habits by doing a no spend challenge. Long description: For my first Listener Series episode for Season 6, I've got not one, but two podcast listeners on the show to...


139 How Perez Hilton Bounced Back from Bankruptcy in a Major Way - Perez Hilton, Celebrity Blogger, Author & Media Personality

Yes, you can bounce back from bankruptcy. More than that, you can take it as an opportunity to get your financial life together, never get in debt again, launch a successful business and be on your way to financial independence. Don't believe me? Well, just take it from my guest Perez Hilton, the go-to celebrity blogger who has created an empire for himself as an actor, author, blogger, podcaster, reality star & more. Long description: I can’t even believe this is really life right now,...


138 How to Talk to Your Kids About Money - Buzz Bishop, Radio Host & Founder of DadCamp

For my first episode of SSN 6 of the Mo' Money Podcast, I interview well-known Canadian radio personality Buzz Bishop about DadCamp & how he teaches his kids about being responsible with money. Long description: It’s the start of a new season for the Mo’ Money Podcast (Season 6 to be specific), and I have got quite the line-up of guests for you, let me tell ya! And similar to last year, this season definitely has a theme. Well, two themes really: financial independence and women...


137 Being Smart with Your Debt & Credit - Lisa Zamparo, CPA & Financial Strategist

For my 4th Millennial Money Meetup (and my last one for 2017), I hosted the event once again in downtown Toronto selling out tickets in only a few weeks to 50 attendees. This event was sponsored by Manulife Bank (thank you for making this event possible during Financial Literacy Month) and featured the special guest Lisa Zamparo, a CPA and financial strategist. The theme for this event was debt and responsible credit card use, just in time for the holidays. This is the live recording of...


136 Thoughts on My First Year of Entrepreneurship - Jessica Moorhouse

For my season ending solo episode, I share my thoughts on making it to the one-year mark of entrepreneurship, what I’ve been up to & how I’ve grown these past 12 months Long description: To wrap up Season 5 of the Mo’ Money Podcast, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do another solo episode to share my reflection of the past year. A ton has happened these past 12 months, so much so that even though I spewed my guts for 40 minutes in this episode, there was still so much I...


135 Making Life-Changing Money - Michelle Jackson, Blogger at Michelle Is Money Hungry

Don't think of want to earn more money as being greedy. Think of it as a way to help you help others. I talk about the idea that it's okay to be "money hungry" with the goal of being able to serve others and live your best life with blogger and podcaster Michelle Jackson of Michelle Is Money Hungry in this last podcast interview episode for Season 5 of the Mo' Money Podcast. Long description: Before I recorded this episode, I’d only met Michelle Jackson from Michelle Is Money Hungry a...


134 Building a Successful Freelance Business - Jesse Gernigin, Blogger at LiveGoldRich

I talk with Jesse Gernigin from LiveGoldRich about how we went from comedic hypnotist to freelance copywriter, how he learned to ask for his worth and how he budgets with a variable income. Long description: For this episode, I chat with Jesse Gernigin from LiveGoldRich and the founder of the Freelancer Success Summit. He has a really interesting perspective on freelancing because he calls himself a bit of a serial entrepreneur. He started out as an entertainer, a comedic hypnotist to...


133 How to Actually Retire Early - Tanja, Blogger at Our Next Life

Retiring early isn't just for the privileged and doesn't have to be a daydream you refer at your 9 to 5 grind. You can actually retire if you have a plan to get you there, and Tanja from Our Next Life shares how her and her husband were able to do it. Long description: Ever since I connected with Tanja from Our Next Life about a year ago, I was waiting for the opportunity to have her on my show. But for most of the year she was an anonymous blogger. You see, she was waiting to reveal...


132 How to Get the Most Out of Your Credit Cards - Stephen Weyman, Blogger & Founder of Credit Card Genius

Are you getting the most out of your credit cards? It might be time to take a good look at them and check to see if they are really the best on the market. Just take it from Stephen Weyman, blogger at and founder of who knows how to optimize your credit cards, get free trips using points and figuring out a great formula to see which cards need to be ditched and which cards you should consider replacing them with. Long description: If you’re curious...


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