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Mobile Nations brings together the editors-in-chief of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central for industry-wide commentary and analysis.




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Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile

Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Daniel of Windows Phone Central, Derek of Mobile Nations, and Rene of iMore talk about the state of mobile. How many platforms is Android, what's happening with BlackBerry, can Microsoft deliver, and what's next for Apple?

Duration: 00:28:19

Mobile Nations 21: Announcing Talk Mobile 2013!

Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and Rene Ritchie of iMore come together to talk about… Talk Mobile 2013! What is it, how will it work, and just how awesome will it be? Find out!

Duration: 00:44:01

Mobile Nations at GDC 2013

Simon Sage, gaming editor for Mobile Nations, joins Rene to talk about PAX East and GDC 2013, the state of mobile gaming in general, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone in specific, and the explosion of free-to-play titles. Also, Facebook's mobile event. Show notes Android Central at GDC 2013 Crackberry at GDC 2013 iMore at GDC 2013 Windows Phone Central at GDC 2013 Debug Iterate team-up podcast: The future of human interface The true cost of free-to-play games Guests Simon Sage of...

Duration: 01:36:04

Mobile Nations at MWC 2013: Day two

We're winding down here in Barcelona, as the major announcements draw to a close and we finish up our hands-on coverage of the new devices at Mobile World Congress. In our final MWC podcast, we discuss TouchWiz on a TV, the difference between a Fonepad and a Padfone, and whether a Photosphere is really a Photosphere if no-one's around to see it fall. Windows Phone Official Twitter client receives major update, introduces new interface and more Hands on with Glam Me lens from Nokia:...

Duration: 00:26:19

Mobile Nations at MWC 2013: Day one

We've just wrapped up the first proper day of Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, Spain, and there's been a lot of Android and Windows Phone developments to go around. From the Optimus G Pro to the ASUS Fonepad and PadFone, from Nokia's Lumia 520 to Lumia 720, there's a ton of mobile news out of the first day of MWC, so check out our day one podcast below. Windows Phone: MWC 2013 Nokia press conference - the device T-Mobile announces Nokia Lumia 521 Nokia updates navigation and...

Duration: 01:04:48

Mobile Nations at MWC 2013: Day zero

Join Android Central's Phil Nickinson and Alex Dobie as well as WPCentral's Jay Bennett and a mostly silent Daniel Rubino for the first Mobile Nations podcast of Mobile World Congress 2013. With the show about to start, we've already got plenty of Android to talk about. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hands-on NVIDIA Tegra 4i versus Tegra 4 Kyocera Torque hands-on HP Slate 7 hands-on Huawei Ascend P2 hands-on

Duration: 00:26:53

Mobile Nations 20: CES 2013 preview

Kevin, Phil, Daniel, and Rene talk about CES 2013, what they expect to see, and whether it's still relevant, then fight about ActiveSync, RIM vs. Microsoft, and what they want to see from Apple, Google, and everyone going forward!

Duration: 00:11:26

Mobile Nations 19: Passport

Kevin, Phil, Marcus, Daniel, and Rene talk about the upcoming Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry events, and upcoming Mobile Nations features!

Duration: 01:02:17

Mobile Nations 18: Apple vs. Samsung special verdict edition

Phil Nickinson of Android Central and Rene Ritchie of iMore talk Apple vs. Samsung and the U.S. court verdict that saw Apple awarded over $1 billion in damages. This is a Mobile Nations special!

Duration: 00:07:13

Mobile Nations 17: Tasty hardware profits

Kevin from, Phil from, Daniel from and Rene from talk Google I/O, Windows Phone 8, WWDC, BlackBerry 10, 7-inch tablets, and media streamers. This is Mobile Nations! Agenda Google I/O 2012 Android 4.1 Jellybean Google Nexus 7 Google Nexus Q Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8 BlackBerry 10 WWDC 2012 iOS 6 iPad mini Hosts Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) of Android Central Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin) of Daniel Rubino...

Duration: 00:12:33

Mobile Nations 16: People who do things

Kevin from, Phil from Android Central, Derek from webOS Nation, Daniel from WPCentral, Gary from Mobile Nations, and Rene from iMore talk iPhone 5 and iOS 6, BlackBerry 10, Samsung Galaxy S III and Jellybean, Windows 8, ecosystems vs. best of breed, and... the Facebook Phone. This is Mobile Nations!

Duration: 01:04:59

Mobile Nations 15: BlackBerry 10, HTC One, Lumia 900, new iPad

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Simon, Jay, and Rene talk BlackBerry 10, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 900, the new iPad, something something webOS, and Google Drive. This is Mobile Nations! Agenda BlackBerry World 2012 BlackBerry 10 HTC One X Google Drive cloud storage service launches, 5GB free space for all Nokia Lumia 900 The new iPad Hosts Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) of Android Central Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin) of Derek Kessler (@dkdsgn) of webOS Nation Simon Sage (@simonsage of...

Duration: 01:10:50

Mobile Nations 14: New BlackBerry boss, unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Win

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Daniel, and Rene discuss RIM's new CEO and what it means for BlackBerry in 2012, the unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8 tablets, Chinese working conditions, and apps and your privacy. This is Mobile Nations!

Duration: 00:59:39

Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 wrap up

Mobile Nations editors Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, Rene Ritchie, Daniel Rubino, Derek Kessler, Simon Sage and Jared DiPane join Mickey and Joey to wrap-up the biggest events of the 2012 CES.

Duration: 01:05:17

Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 Kickoff

Mobile Nations teams up with the Cell Phone Junkie to talk CES 2012 -- all the pre-show news from BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone including Playbook OS 2.0, 18 new Android devices -- today! -- Apple's non-presence, and the Titan 2 and Nokia Lumia 900. Listen in!

Duration: 00:42:10

Mobile Nations 13: 2011 year in review

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Daniel, Georgia, and Rene take at look at the year in mobile, from BlackBerry to Android, webOS to Windows Phone, iPad to iPhone. Highs, lows, great new devices, frustrating delays, devastating losses, and a look ahead to 2012.

Duration: 01:13:42

Mobile Nations 12: 2011 mobile gift guide

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Dan, and Rene discuss the future of phone fashion, how to pick a tablet for the holidays, and what happens when all phones are smart. Plus, our holiday gift guide! This is Mobile Nations!

Duration: 01:07:28

Mobile Nations 11: Cheap tablets and cloud music

Phil, Adam, Derek, Jay, and Rene talk Amazon Kindle Fire pros and cons, Porsche's BlackBerry and phones as fashion, webOS indecisions, and Google Music vs. iTunes Match vs. Amazon Cloud vs. Zune Pass and more! This is Mobile Nations! Agenda Amazon Kindle Fire Google Music Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry Video Unboxing! HP still not sure what to do with webOS, will take three-to-four weeks to decide iTunes Match Hosts Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) of Android Central Adam...

Duration: 00:10:18

Mobile Nations 10: The F-word

Agenda Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support Editorial: Fun with ‘fragmentation’ charts (or, why you shouldn’t be distracted by shiny objects) Android 'fragmentation' -- why it really matters to you and me Forked up Everything is a grid Hosts Phil Nickinson of Android Central Rene Ritchie of TiPb Michael DeGusta of The Understatement Feedback Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just...

Duration: 00:50:50

Mobile Nations 9: Grand Theft Mobile

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Dan, and Rene talk Windows Phone from Mango to Tango (and Nokia!), BlackBerry DevCon and BBX superphones, Android's Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus, webOS and the road ahead, and iPhone 4S and Siri. This is Mobile Nations!

Duration: 00:18:37

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