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Cannabis Banking – The Cole Memo + FinCEN, Part 1 – Ep 51

Show Notes | Episode 51 | Cannabis Banking - Part 1 - The Cole Memo | Episode Link URL – |

Duration: 00:21:42

A Museum Using iBeacons – 50th Podcast Episode

Show Notes | Episode 50 | A Museum Using iBeacons & Happy 50th Episode to Us | Episode Link URL – |

Duration: 00:19:43

Cheap Real Estate Tech – What’s New & What’s Good – Ep 49

Show Notes | Episode 49 | Cheap Real Estate Tech - What to Choose That Actually Works | Episode Link URL – |

Duration: 00:14:04

Proposed Canadian Cannabis Legislation – Adult Use Legalization

Show Notes | Episode 48 | Proposed Canadian Cannabis Legislation | Episode Link URL - |

Duration: 00:16:08

Better Online Coaching by Using Mobile Wallet Notifications (Episode 47)

Show Notes | Episode 47 | Better Online Coaching by Using Mobile Wallet Notifications | Episode Link URL - | It's time for another episode and this time the topic is how to use mobile wallets to become a more productive (and more profitable) online coach by leveraging mobile to engage with your prospects.

Duration: 00:16:42

Using iBeacons at a 420 Event – What Really Worked (Episode 46)

Show Notes | Episode 46 | Using iBeacons at Vancouvers 420 Event | Episode Link URL - | Today we're discussing how dispensaries were using iBeacons at 420 Vancouver and though it's a 420 specific event, the strategies implemented still apply to any festival to increase foot traffic.

Duration: 00:16:50

Why Mobile Ads Work (The Proof is in the Pudding) – Part 1 [Ep 34]

Show Notes - Episode 34 - Why Mobile Ads Work (Pt 1) - Episode Link - - We all know that mobile ads work, but sometimes it can be hard to understand just what, how or why they have become so effective. We're breaking down the reason behind the success of mobile ads, showing you what ads are really pulling with great response rates and giving you a lot of ideas to make your mobile ads better and more effective.

Duration: 00:22:03

Biggest Mistakes with Reading Podcasting Stats {Ep 33}

Show Notes - Episode 33 - Biggest Mistakes When Reading Podcasting Stats - Episode Link - Podcast stats are hard to measure - iTunes doesn't give you much; the other portals aren't a lot better, and what in the heck are the right numbers to be concerned about anyway? Depending on just what your goal is for your podcast, you may not care about the same stats that other people find useful (ok, maybe we're fudging a bit here...

Duration: 00:18:52

Trade Show Sponsorship – Why Sponsors Should Choose Your Event [Ep 32]

Show Notes - Episode 32 - Trade Show Sponsors - Why Should They Choose Your Event Over Another? - Episode Link - In the super competitive world of trade shows, it's often difficult to convince sponsors to spend more money at your show than the do at a competing event. When you're in a tight marketplace that has a lot of shows, such as advertising, it becomes even more important to...

Duration: 00:18:52

How Did Cannabis Legalization Fare on the Ballots? [Podcast Episode 31]

Is it time for a new gold rush in legal marijuana land? Cannabis legalization was on the ballot in a number of US states. What were the proposals, how did they fare with voters and when will the newly passed legislation go into effect? If you're thinking about getting into the legal cannabiz, you won't want to miss this episode. PS - Canadian police have been cracking down on dispensaries all over Canada, even though Trudeau ran on a platform that included legal marijuana. What's the story...

Duration: 00:21:25

Sponsors Value Add: Top 3 Ways for Event Promoters to Charge Sponsors More for Mobile

Showing sponsors value add for mobile updates is a great way to charge more for sponsor packages. Having a mobile component for your events is not only a fantastic way to keep attendees more engaged, but it's also a prime means to demonstrate added value to sponsors when you calculate the sponsor package totals. Whether you choose to do an add-on charge for the mobile updates inclusion, or increase the base price of sponsor packages, using a mobile component is a great upselling tool.

Duration: 00:17:55

3 Fast Ways to Double Your Sales Using Mobile Ads [Podcast Ep 29]

Just in time for the holidays - Hazel & Kim present a new episode that teaches you how to use the power of mobile ads to double your sales! Offering prospects what they want, when and where they want it, is the key to seeing a major increase in revenue and to doubling your sales. It's not rocket science, it takes very little time to set up, and you can spend your time running your business instead of playing IT manager around the office when you use mobile wallet ads to reach out and...

Duration: 00:20:22

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Wallet Applications – Part 2 – Podcast Episode 28

Back by popular demand - Part 2 - Mobile Apps vs Mobile Wallet Applications -- leveraging our super popular original episode (#9) - Mobile App vs Mobile Wallet - and giving the listeners what they've asked for, which is more detail and more specifics about how you can use mobile wallet applications to successfully avoid having to create, distribute and support an app. Hazel and Kim talk about the size of your current user base, what sort of UA costs you'll incur with an app compared to the...

Duration: 00:16:35

How Much Does it Cost to Successfully Market Your Podcast? [Ep 27]

Creating a successful podcast doesn't happen overnight (unless you've got deep pockets, lots of online connections or a huge fan base all ready to help out), and it can become costly to market, advertise and promote your podcast if you haven't strategized and planned properly. Starting with a grass roots campaign and growing organically from there might take a little longer, but it's also a viable option - especially if you're launching your first podcast and aren't entirely sure how...

Duration: 00:16:42

Legal Cannabiz – Top 3 Reasons to Add a Mobile Strategy [PODCAST 26]

If you haven't figured out your mobile strategy yet, NOW is the time. Don't wait until you wake up one day and realize that your competition has been effectively using mobile marketing to increase their sales at your expense. It's hard to decide what sort of strategy is going to best fit your business and your business plan, but you can't leave your head stuck in the sand, or you'll be left behind. Customers don't want to be sold - they want to feel like they are part of something and...

Duration: 00:16:18

5 Top Reasons to Use Mobile Updates for Your Event [Podcast #25]

Get the scoop on how to most effectively use mobile updates to help make your event a success. Whether you're a small show with a single track, or a large production with multiple locations, many speakers and lots of attendees, mobile can (and does) work to help promote your event, make your attendees feel welcome and provide your sponsors and vendors with a superior value add.

Duration: 00:19:33

3 Most Common Mistakes When Developing Mobile Strategy [PODCAST 24]

Once you have decided to make the leap into mobile marketing and advertising for your business, the next step is to create a strategy that will garner the results you're looking for from a campaign. Hazel & Kim discuss the three most common mistakes that SMBs and other marketers make when laying out their mobile marketing and advertising strategy, and supply several options for keeping things on track and getting the best ROI out of the mobile investment.

Duration: 00:18:59

How Mobile Affects the Shoppers Journey [Podcast 23]

It's important to respect the shopper's journey from the research phase all the way through to the purchase. Shoppers today have more options than ever and if you fail them at any point along their path, they will go to your competition. Whether you're a retailer, a realtor, an online marketer, or a coach doesn't matter. Providing your prospect with the tools to make an educated decision (logic), while tugging on their heartstrings a bit (emotion) is the only way to consistently close...

Duration: 00:17:47

[PODCAST 22] – 4 Biggest Mistakes Starting a New Podcast

Hazel & Kim are dishing this week on the four biggest mistakes they made when starting this podcast. It's hard to get it right the first time (especially if it's your first time), and all the things you don't know when decide to record a produce a podcast will probably fill a smallish sized book. It's (obviously) not impossible to get over the hurdles, but knowing in advance what to look for can solve a number of issues for you before you hit those roadblocks.

Duration: 00:19:07

The ROI of Legal Cannabis Networking Events [Podcast 21]

Should you spend the time and money to attend legal cannabis networking events? What should you expect if you decide to attend? How can you make the most of the trip and actually see a return on your investment? Hazel & Kim have some simple tips that will help you figure out if making the trek, especially out of your area, is right for you, or if skipping it is the better alternative.

Duration: 00:16:38

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