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Moby Lives Radio, 04/29/06

We talk with Sarah Nelson, the editor of "Publisher's Weekly" and Copyright attorney, Richard Danay, about the plagiarism case surrounding 17 year-old, Kaavya Viswanathan's, "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life".

Duration: 00:48:02

Moby Lives Radio, 04/22/06

Gerard Jones discusses his website, "Everyone Who's Anyone In Adult Trade Publishing", where he collects rejection letters from across the publishing industry, responding to the submission of his novel.

Moby Lives Radio, 04/08/06

A discussion with Jenna Freedman of, a website providing research support, education, and access to information to activist communities, progresive organizations and independent journallists; and an interview with Steve Almond about his new novel, 'Which Brings Me to You, co-written with Juliana Baggott.

Moby Lives Radio, 04/01/06

On the ninth anniversary of the death of Allen Ginsberg, and the publication of his best known poem, "Howl", we talk about Ginsberg's life and work with poet Eliot Katz, to whom Ginsberg was a friend and mentor.

In Italy working on a book about a serial killer known as "the Monster of Florence," New Yorker writer Doug Preston was arrested and charged as an accessory to murder. His Italian co-author, meanwhile, is being charged by a rogue Italian judge of something worse. The writers' phones have been tapped, their offices broken into, accusations of murder and satanism are flying — we talk to Preston about the bizarre and dangerous situation that has developed in the attempt to suppress his book.

Moby Lives Radio, 02/25/06

Kelly Burdick talks to Punk Planet publisher Ann Elizabeth Moore about a distribution crisis threatening some of the country's leading zines and small book publishers. And Denise Nicholas talks about how she went from starring in TV shows such as The Cosby Show to writing what one reviewer called "the best book of fiction ever written about the civil rights movement."

Duration: 00:50:09

Moby Lives Radio, 02/11/06

New York Times reporter Warren St. John discusses how he got one of the main players in the J.T. Leroy hoax to 'fess up, and Jessa Crispin talks about the passing of Betty Friedan and Wendy Wasserstein and which feminist writers should take their place. Also, the UK report from Mark Thwaite, and some letters-to-the-editor.

Moby Lives Radio, 12/19/05

An interview with Eric Lorberer, Editor-in-Chief of the literary review, Rain Taxi, on the occasion of Rain Taxi's 10th anniversary; and, continuing our series of interviews with independent booksellers, an interview with Rachel Whang of Baltimore's "Atomic Books."

Moby Lives Radio, 12/16/05

Chicago report from's Jessa Crispin, UK report from Mark Thwaite, and an interview with Rick Simonson of the Elliot Bay Book Company of Seattle, WA.

Moby Lives Radio, 12/15/05

A discussion with Stephen Dixon, the author of 25 novels including his latest, Phone Rings, discusses his process, his novels, and more; and a report from George Murray of, and Moby Lives' Canada correspondent, on the latest from the icy north.

Moby Lives Radio, 12/14/05

An interview with Paul Berman, the author of "Terror and Liberalism," about his new book, "Power and the Idealists," and how it began with a photograph of former German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, as a young revolutionary leftist.

Moby Lives Radio, 12/12/05

More book reviewer and New York times contributer talks about year-end Critics' "best-of" lists - how she compiles hers, what the critera are, what role popularity plays, what role political considerations play, how much attention people pay, and more...

Duration: 00:40:54

Moby Lives Radio, 12/08/05

George Murray reports from Canada on the decline of English Language fiction sales, a $1.3 billion deal between the owners of the 'Toronto Star' and the 'Globe and Mail' newspapers, and this year's 'Canada Reads' list; an interview with Lucinda Carter, of the French Publisher's Agency, a unique agency that helps French publishers place their books in the U.S.; and a look at the gender bias in this weeks' "New York Review of Books"' table of contents.

Duration: 00:34:22

Moby Lives Radio, 12/07/05

Former poet laureate of Queens, Hal Sirowitz, reads some examples of his new poetic form, the "Hal-ku," and explains his great popularity in Sweden; and Monty Python covers the writing of a Thomas Hardy novel.

Duration: 00:53:06

Moby Lives Radio, 12/05/05

An interview with Connie Doebly, the Executive Producer of C-SPAN's Book-TV on why Book-TV doesn't cover fiction, and what happens if an author taped for Book-TV turns out to be boring, among other things, and letters to the editor.

Duration: 01:23:33

Moby Lives Radio, 11/30/05

"Is George W. Bush actually the Anti-Christ?" Journalist Tim Apello finds that the president fits the description, and book designer Deb Wood talks about her work at the Princeton Architectural Press and the finer points of quotation marks.

Duration: 01:39:48

Moby Lives Radio, 11/29/05

David Yulen talks about his new job as head of the Los Angeles Times Book Review, poet David Lehman reads from his book, "Operation Memory," and more...

Duration: 00:40:59

Moby Lives Radio, 11/28/05

Robert Gray gives us a dispatch from the Northsire bookstore on what's known in retail as "Black Friday," "Publisher's Lunch" proprietor Michael Cader talks about Google Print, Publisher's Lunch, and more...

Duration: 00:40:58

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