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Sons and Dads: An Author interview with Humphrey W. Muciiri

Dad's behavior communicates a lot to his son. In traditional families, a son looks up to his dad as a model for his behavior. When a dad creates opportunities for free discussions with his son, the son grows up respecting and trusting him as his model. On the other hand, when a dad becomes authoritarian, lays down rules and regulations for his son without adequate and reasonable explanations or discussions, the son may resent it, feel alienated, and seek other avenues, albeit honorable or...

Duration: 00:16:38

The Return Of The Pied Piper

Everyone knows the famous story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The one where a small town Hamelin, in Lower Saxony, Germany, had trouble with rats until the Pied Piper came to their rescue. He lured the rats away with his magic pipe. When the Mayor of Hamelin refused to pay for his services the Piper retaliated by using his instrument's magical power on their children, leading them away to an unknown place. Fast forward a few years later. In the Return of the Pied Piper, we find the Pied...

Duration: 00:21:56

Living with Jezebel: An interview with Miko Marsh

Many are familiar with the biblical character known as Jezebel. Her name has become something of a tag used to describe a woman deemed to be of a shameless or immoral background. In reality, the woman was a malignant narcissist. Her actions have become a blueprint for narcissism and include terms we recognize today, such as – smear campaigns, character assassination, gaslighting, and so on. Join me as I speak with Miko Marsh, author of Living with Jezebel (available on Amazon).

Duration: 00:15:36

How Just Touch 360 is Changing the World

Since 2007, Just Touch 360 has nurtured our communities youth and provided them an opportunity to unleash their inner potential. Whether you’re interested in becoming a professional athlete or entering a health-related career, we’ve got options that are suitable for everyone. Just Touch 360 has ancillary services and more all under one roof. Join me as we talk about how is helping Students, Parents, Schools and Businesses.

Duration: 00:15:22

In The Hands of God with Terry Williams

Have you trusted and yielded to others who supposedly love you only to find yourself hurt, weary, and burdened? Many of us have my friend. Our Father longs for us to trust and yield to him who is love. Join me as I talk with Terry Williams, about his ministry His Will Not Mine ( and available books. COMMERCIAL BREAK: Just Touch 360:

Duration: 00:15:25

Stolen Jesus with Jami Amerine

Let's be honest. The journey to discovering Jesus—Real Jesus—can be complicated, messy, and a little crazy. Just ask Jami Amerine. Banned from the Mormon church as a child, she's spent the rest of her life trying to reconcile Fifth-Grade Jesus, Catholic Jesus, and Americanized Jesus (just to name a few). But when she met Real Jesus, everything changed. Pick up a copy of the book on Amazon COMMERCIAL BREAK: Just Touch 360:

Duration: 00:23:12

You Have Been Chosen: An Author Interview with Mary Nyambura Muchiri

Mary shares the journey through the process of adoption and tries to discuss the many problems they faced and still have. Her hope is to inspire and encourage others who have similar issues. Their faith in God and His love inspired and encouraged her during her time of childlessness. See how she approached the relationship of God, and us as his childeren, with how humans adjust to adoption of another's child. COMMERCIAL BREAK: The Professional Pastors:

Duration: 00:19:43

Dear Worshiper: An Interview with author Rocky Dania

Dear Worshiper: The Core of Praise and Worship” is a book for those who desire to worship God in spirit and in truth. This book is designed to inspire worshipers to look past tradition and delve into the significance of true worship. Praise is more than something we give to God in churches. Worship is more than a song. “Dear Worshiper” uses various topics to teach readers that intimate time spent in the presence of God is the true source of peace, fulfillment, wisdom, and joy needed for...

Duration: 00:23:11

Beautiful with Yvonne Poche'

Women are always being compared to others or comparing to others ourselves. God calls us beautiful and unique. Why don't we believe this? He made no mistakes in how and who he created us to be, let's begin speaking what the word of God says about us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made to be our beautiful selves. Pick up a copy of "Beautiful" on Amazon:

Duration: 00:17:21

Helping College Students with Homesickness

Is your freshman talking about being homesick? If they are they are far from alone. According to a popular survey of college freshmen, 66% of first year students report feeling homesick. So what are some things that you can do to help your freshman settle in and enjoy school better. Bonus Interview: I'll interview Earvin Owensby writer of Follow the Bread Crumbs. A movie that takes a hidden journey into the life of the intriguing biblical character, the CANAANITE WOMAN. Visit his...

Duration: 00:15:41

Mentally Preparing for Autumn

Fall is here. Some don't care for the season of Autumn; the summer sunshine doesn't last as long, and there's a crisp coming in the air. Autumn is a transition season. A time when we move from one season and mindset into another. A time when even our bodies take notice. So, how do you prepare mentally for Fall? COMMERCIAL BREAK: Follow the Breadcrumbs: Kickstarter page (2018 movie)

Duration: 00:15:36

Does Avoiding Conflict Escalates Conflict In Relationships?

A recent study of found that fear of conflict was one of those "up there" problems for many people. The problem is, avoiding conflict doesn't reduce tension, if anything, it escalates it. Until you learn to work through those difficult emotions and learn to accept that disagreements can be healthy in relationships, you'll never reach your full potential. So what should you do? Tune in!

Duration: 00:31:27

Wrapping Up Summer

Congratulations on making it through your summer! In a few short weeks everyone will be in #backtoschool mode and Fall colors will find their way back into our colorscape. So what can we do to hold onto Summer for just a little while longer? Join me as I look at 5 things you can do to keep Summer in your heart and home. COMMERCIAL SPOT: Stories Podcast:

Duration: 00:16:05

Never Forsaken with Bishop Ted G. Thomas

Never Forsaken is a profound memoir of Bishop Ted G. Thomas Sr. It chronicles his journey from Hoke County, North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia and beyond. Each experience gained from his two hundred and fifty mile transition to the city and his upward climb to community and church leadership transforms into powerful messages and principles that encourages each reader to apply to their lives. This book recounts Bishop Thomas’ life of humility through submission to God and obedience to the...

Duration: 00:32:33

Remedy: How Matthew J Murphy Cured the Incurable

Matthew J. Murphy’s new book Remedy: How I Cured the Incurable ($17.99, paperback, 9781545606285; $7.99, eBook, 9781545606292) is the go-to book for those suffering from IBD, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease. It provides an alternative path to overcoming debilitative digestive and autoimmune disorders through bone broth, faith, and alternative remedies. An estimated 60-70 million Americans suffer from digestive ailments according to the National Institutes of Health. This book...

Duration: 00:32:08

UnCaged Destiny with author Lisa Farrell

A unique look at the anatomy of falling in love—with another soul, and with one’s own soul—through all the baggage and pain of life. A story of one woman’s journey of self-growth and maturity, through the lens of her own spiritual beliefs. Cage spends her days inside the emotional walls she’s so carefully built as her only defense against old memories of rejection and abuse. Cage patches together a life out of an incompatible mixture of religious traditions and fleeting moments of physical...

Duration: 00:17:06

Battle Cry" (A Solider's Anthem)

San Diego is a military town, and Rodney E. Burns has personally witnessed the plight of homeless veterans. The song "Battle Cry" (A Soldier's Anthem) was spawned from seeing their daily struggle. Rodney created this song as a catalyst for raising money for Binishells. Binishells are environmentally safe, weatherproof mini-homes for all veterans who are experiencing homelessness. " It feels incredibly gratifying to give back a fraction of what our veterans gave us, the song's lyrics spell...

Duration: 00:30:56

Elevator Music: It's All God

Join us as we talk with Shane Collins a.k.a. ShaneO about his debut album "Elevator Music" featuring " It's All God." A heartfelt song giving glory to God for ALL things. Check him out: Facebook: @shaneodaoptimis Elevator Music by Shaneo on Apple Music: A.L.E. Records Inc.© Houston,TX Booking: Contact: 409-223-0165

Duration: 00:17:19

Solitude or Loneliness

Everyone needs some "me time" - some space to just be, but certain forms of seclusion have been found to be unhealthy: There’s a big difference between rejuvenating solitude and fear-driven avoidance. How can you tell if you're recharging your system, or causing it to break down? COMMERCIAL BREAK: Love of Life Concepts, LLC.

Duration: 00:16:15

Seven Threads: Author Interview with Jason Atkinson

In this collection of seven short stories from Jason Atkinson, follow a man accused of murder, a runaway girl on a train, a scientist at the heart of a government conspiracy, and more! Full of twists and turns, Seven Threads offers a selection of fast-paced stories full of heart and excitement. ISBN: 978-1-68401-276-3

Duration: 00:29:57

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