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Episode 26: The Gonzales Family Murders

Welcome back! This week we are headed to the land down under to discuss the murders of the Gonzales family in Australia. What would drive a seemingly normal young adult to kill his entire family? Hint: greed, and being an overall terrible human. Join Melissa and Mandy as they discuss some really fascinating details about the family, their lives before the murders and what insanely creepy thing the killer did at the funeral in memory of his family. This week’s show is sponsored by...

Duration: 00:42:18

Episode 25: Tragedy in Arkansas

We’re back! After a one week hiatus (like the cool kids say), we are back on the saddle and starting 2018 with a riveting case. This week we are discussing the abduction and murder of a top real estate agent in Arkansas. We discuss the perpetrator’s complicated history, but more importantly we talk about the loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend who was taken far too soon. We also have a short interview at the end with Andy Tolbert with Safer Agent where we discuss a little about...

Duration: 00:56:09

#NotAnEpisode- We will be back on 1/9/2018!

Sorry guys, no new episode this week, but we need your parenting fail stories! Email us at We will be back in the saddle on 1/9/2018. Join us then! Happy New Year, friends!

Duration: 00:02:42

Episode 24: Sameena Imam

Merry everything, everyone! This week the show’s format is a little different. The first half of the show is spent discussing the tragic and unusual murder of Sameena Imam. Sameena was a beautiful English woman who fell in love with a man who only really loved himself. The second half of this episode (beginning at 25:15) is a discussion all about holiday traditions and an end of the year wrap up. This year was a wonderful year for us and we are so thankful for each and every one of...

Duration: 00:49:22

Episode 23: Jenelle Potter

Happy Holidays, friends! Get ready for a shocker of a show this week. Join Melissa and Mandy as they discuss the murder of Billie Jean Hayworth and Billy Payne, two parents, killed over a social media un-friending. This story has so many twists and turns, and you may want to rip out a page from your Oprah dream journal to keep track of all the players. Also find out the one trash show Mandy watches and who Melissa will hide on Facebook (no one is safe). Learn the rules of being in the CIA...

Duration: 00:50:23

Episode 22: Justin Michael

This week the ladies are Manksless and back to your regularly scheduled programming. Join the ladies as they discuss the devastating murder of Justin Michael. Justin was a friend, son and fiancé. Who would want to kill Justin just feet away from him Mom and soon to be bride? Melissa and Mandy discuss the twists and turns of this real life whodunnit mystery. Also, find out which Mom has voluntarily jumped out of a plane and why they are swooning over the coolest guy to own a metal...

Duration: 00:47:28

Episode 21: Interview With Dateline's Josh Mankiewicz

What do you get when you mix Dateline’s Josh “The Manks” Mankiewicz and the ladies of Moms and Murder together? The best show ever! Join us this week as we talk behind the scenes of Dateline, why Manks believes the world is fascinated with true crime, the history behind the infamous Mankiewicz GIF and who would be the most likely suspect in Melissa’s ultimate demise. Mandy and Josh also play a special game of “Dateline Episode or Hardy Boys Mystery” for a very lucky listener…or unlucky...

Duration: 01:12:26

Episode 20: The Bling Ring

20 Episodes in and we decided to skip the homicide and settle in for a good old fashion tale of Hollywood’s Bling Ring. The ladies discuss one of the greatest clips in all of Reality Show history (even Mandy agrees!) and Melissa plays a game of “things I’d grab in a fire” and Mandy writes a terrifying children’s story called “Paris Hilton and the Three Little Bears”. We have a huge announcement regarding next week’s show and it includes how you can win free merch from our merch store AND...

Duration: 00:45:37

Episode 19: Vampire Cult Killers

Vampire Cult When you think of Moms and Murder the first thing you think is “Vampire Cult Killers”, right? Well, this week you will. Join the Moms as they discuss the NOT TOTALLY FLORIDA, Vampire Cult, why it matters who you hang out with, and more of the old crowd mentality. Make sure you listen to this one quickly, as some of the key players could be out of prison soon and we don’t need that in our lives. This week instead of running promos, we wanted to feature some small businesses...

Duration: 01:01:14

Episode 18: Darlene Gentry

Today we’re discussing the unjustifiable death of devoted husband and father, Keith Gentry, and we will examine how his wife, Darlene found herself at the center of the investigation. Mandy goes on a weird rant about organ donation and offers up wisdom on where not to hide evidence. Melissa struggles with “manmade” vs. “naturally occurring” and introduces us to a key player who may just be the male version of herself. In the end, we both agree that you should always lawyer-up BEFORE being...

Duration: 01:02:16

Episode 17: Samira Frasch

This week the patron’s have spoken! Our friend’s over on the old patreon page voted for this week’s episode and they have chosen Melissa’s hometown story! Join the ladies as they discuss the puzzling death of Samira Frasch and find out whether or not Melissa’s hometown of Tallahassee is actually the Paris of Florida. Melissa makes another show reference that is lost on Mandy and we find out if one can ever wear too much Ed Hardy (answer: YES!). All that PLUS we will introduce you to the...

Duration: 00:57:50

Episode 16: Cindy Song

Happy almost November 1st (or just Happy Halloween if you are not weird like Melissa and aren’t terrified of Halloween). This week Mandy forced Melissa to talk about a Halloween case, but in a true portrayal of friendship, she did not choose anything too scary or ghost related. This week the ladies are discussing the unsolved case of Cindy Song who went missing after attending a Halloween party. They also take a deep (deep deep deep) dive into one of the main suspects of her disappearance,...

Duration: 00:51:16

Episode 15: Podcast Extravaganza

This week Melissa and Mandy got lazy. Real, real lazy. So lazy in fact that they invited some of their friends to do all of the research for them! Join them for the celebration of their 15th show (that’s a thing, they promise). They also have a Q&A towards the end of the episode, plus a small segment with their kids (warning: it gets loud) and a listener submission because this episode is the best. Lastly, the kids debut their “show” which is a complete rip-off of their favorite show,...

Duration: 02:24:11

Episode 14: Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore was a small town girl with dreams of living a big city life. After meeting Ryan Jenkins she thought she had found her prince, but she could not have been more wrong. Listen in as we discuss the rise and fall of reality star Ryan Jenkins and the heartbreaking murder of his new bride, Jasmine Fiore. This week Melissa talks Brett Michaels and terrible reality shows, and Mandy may or may not have created the most earth shattering invention in the modern age (patent...

Duration: 00:57:38

Episode 13: Clara Harris

Clara Harris was a Mom, Wife, Dentist, and the subject of the most terrible Lifetime Movie of all time. Today the ladies talk the death of David Harris at the hands of his wife, Clara. Was it a cold-blooded murder, a crime of passion, or a terrible accident? Also, learn why Mandy would be a terrible mid-wife, what would cause Melissa to go off of a cliff, and why comparison lists are always a terrible, horrible, no good idea. We also wanted to let you know about a campaign we are taking...

Duration: 00:52:21

Episode 12: The Clear Lake Murders

*This week’s episode was recorded prior to the massacre in Las Vegas. In this episode we discuss “The Clear Lake Murders”, and we understand if it’s not something you are ready to hear about after the events of the week.* Another day, another crime. Join us as we lay out the facts on the senseless tragedy of the Clear Lake Murders. Melissa and Mandy converse about how terrible high school superlatives are. Was Melissa an all-star high school athlete? Is Mandy a closet Bieber fan? Will...

Duration: 00:56:46

Episode 11: Uloma Curry-Walker

This week we are delving into the senseless murder of everyone’s hero, William Walker. We will unravel the details of this poorly planned murder plot, tell you how criminals keep ruining food for us, and reiterate why you should always keep the number of accomplices to a minimum when planning a crime. Mandy tries (and fails) to pronounce another name and explains why she doesn’t have any credit cards, and Melissa has a hilarious spin on exactly why her husband needs to keep her around. We...

Duration: 00:40:09

Episode 10: Kelley Clayton

It’s our 10th episode! This week we discuss the untimely death of the lovely, Kelley Clayton. We’ll go through what happened the night of her death and talk about why, if you’re going to be dumb enough to commit a crime, at least be smart enough to buy a burner phone. Mandy considers bird-napping a cardinal, and Melissa explains why she will always have the world’s smallest life insurance policy. We discuss a meet cute between a hockey player and a fan and have entirely different scenarios...

Duration: 00:57:48

Episode 9: Frederic Bourdin

This week, the ears have it! Join Melissa with her very special guest, her sister Megan, as they break down the strange but true story of Frederic Bourdin. Find out whether or not you can smoke in Spain, how to get a quick group home tattoo, and stick around for THE craziest #ImInvincibleWhen we’ve had to date. #RobbableFace Quick note, if you are following us on social media, you know that we are right in the heart of where Hurricane Irma has hit. Mandy was unable to record on this...

Duration: 00:48:17

Episode 8: Sherri Rasmussen

Put on your shoulder pads and tease your hair to the heavens and join us this week as we discuss the peculiar murder of Sherri Rasmussen. We’ll look at the timelines of events surrounding Sherri’s last days, and discuss why the husband very well could have been Benjamin Button. Find out what new word bums Melissa out and what Mandy does with year old cake. And just remember, never judge a book by it's cover…unless that book has crazy eyes and has gone full Fatal Attraction, then yes, judge...

Duration: 00:54:17

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