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Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 47: Automatic

Good Morning Meditators! In today’s episode I go over a few announcements: April 15th & 16th I’ll be at the OPERA Spirit Mind and Body Expo. I will be doing tarot readings all weekend long. And on Saturday morning at 10:30am I’ll be leading a guided meditation class. For more information on the expo, click here. Also I’m actively looking for more opportunities around the country and around the world to join any expos, fairs, conventions or events where I could either do tarot card readings...

Duration: 01:32:35

Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 45: Find Your Happy Place

Good Morning Meditators! In today’s episode we talk about finding our happy place. And we do it through the auspices of Toon Town from the classic animated movie ”Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. Part of my happy place is discussing spirituality with people and finding out where their spirituality lies. Or doesn’t. So if anyone has Ricky Gervais’ or Stephen Colbert’s ears, let them know I’d LOVE to interview them. Because interviewing people about how their spirituality manifests itself is...

Duration: 01:32:46

Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 44: You’re The Common Denominator

Good Morning Meditators! In today’s episode of Monday Morning Meditation we kick off the episode with a few announcements. Then we get into the meat of the episode which is all about being the common denominator in the relationships we find ourselves in. I talk about my most recent break-up. I give you the history and backstory of my relationship with my most current ex and then I go into how I and my need to always date my parents were the common denominators in the demise of this...

Duration: 01:46:31

Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 42: The Crossroads or Meditating With Bone Thugs N Harmony

Good Morning Meditators! We kick off today’s episode by going through a few announcements. 1) Monday Morning Meditation has a new logo. 2) All but the last ten episodes are now premium content. To subscribe to the premium content go to or search for Monday Morning Meditation at On there are various levels of patronage you can choose. From a dollar a month all the way up to one hundred bucks a month. Or click the “Donate”...

Duration: 01:27:05

Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 39: Courage or, A Gamer’s Guide to Self-Preservation

Good Morning, Meditators! In this week’s episode we talk about being up and running. We discuss how I want that site to be your one-stop shopping for all things meditation. So go there and bookmark it! Then I tell everyone about the Spirit, Mind and Body Expo presented by OPERA going on this week-end. I will be doing psychic tarot card readings at the fair and I invite everyone to come out and partake in the good and positive energy created that week-end. Then I...

Duration: 01:50:24

Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 36: Hearing - Headphones

Good Morning Meditators! We handle a bit of business to kick off the show - is up and running, I’ll be at the December Spirit Mind and Body Expo presented by OPERA on December 10th and 11th, and I want to travel the world doing meditation classes and psychic readings (have passport will travel) - and then we get into the gravy of the episode. Today we talk about my most recent surgery (2016 - the year of surgeries!) to put a tube in my left ear. We talk about...

Duration: 01:30:48