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M&M 41: Creating, Promoting, and Profiting from an Evolving/Experienced Podcast - Interviews with Elle Martinez and Joe Saul Sehy at Podfest

What will your podcast look like after 3-5 years? Elle Martinez from Couple Money shares how she is now monetizing more than her podcast. She's monetizing her brand with a book, video and courses. Joe Saul-Sehy talks about the one thing he WISHED he would have started sooner for Stacking Benjamins and what happened when he put some money behind Facebook ads. Rachel Cruze will be our opening Keynote speaker at FinCon18, and Talaat and Tai McNeely will share their Big Ideas on the big...


M&M 40: Creating, Promoting, and Profiting from a NEW podcast with Tyler Philbrook, Alex Mason and Lindsey Lawless

How can your podcast make money? There are quite a few ways, but these newbie podcasters share their ideas with Philip Taylor after attending PodFest - a conference for podcasters who want to grow their brand and audience and maximize their income. You’ll hear from Tyler Philbrook, Alex Mason and Lindsey Lawless about how they came up with the concept for their shows, interviews vs monologue episodes, how they will promote and get feedback from their audience, and of course how they plan...


M&M 39: How Jason Steele demands more than market value - and you can too!

Jason Steele has made a living - a GOOD living - as a freelance writer. Jason sits down with Philip Taylor in this exclusive interview at Affiliate Summit where he shares: For more information, or to see the ticket options for this year's FinCon Expo, visit


M&M 38: From Blogspot to Juggernaut - How Kyle Taylor Built

It took Kyle a number of months to earn his first $100 in AdSense revenue. Now he runs one of the most popular finance blogs on the web, How did he do it? Kyle says he began to connect with other like-minded bloggers. Sponsored posts brought in $500-$600 a month. As things really started to pick up, he connected with Alexis Grant at to bring on other writers who shared the interesting things they were doing to make or save money. The greatest challenge...


M&M 37: A Guide To All Things FinCon 2017

Just like Disneyland, there is NO WAY you can do EVERYTHING while at FinCon. How do you get the most out of the conference and Expo? Nick True, FinCon Team member, joins Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins to take a virtual walk through the entire conference from wheels down to hotel check-out. We share what to wear, transportation ideas, and all the evening events you won’t want to miss. For more information: Schedule: Travel suggestions:...


M&M 36: Award Nominees Revealed and Live Podcasting at FinCon

Nominees for this year’s Plutus Awards have been revealed - and we have Miranda Marquit and Harlan Landes here to share some of the biggest categories with you. Scott Alan Turner will be hosting the awards, even though his idea of a Rock Opera style show couldn’t get past the permits. But even without the pyrotechnics, the show will explode with energy as Bethany Bayless helps present this year. But first, we talk with Steve Stewart about how you can record your podcast LIVE at...


M&M 35: Putting yourself out there and working with brands with Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters started with a beauty blog while working at a large company. What she was doing attracted attention from brands. Coming from the corporate world, she pitched partnerships and speaking engagements. Then, she quit her job in front of 10,000 Periscope viewers. Nicole is our closing Keynote Speaker at FinCon17. For more information about all our speakers, go to


M&M 34: An Easy Way To Meet Your Audience

Joe Saul-Sehy breaks into the FinCon Headquarters for a peek at some of the surprises coming up at this year’s FinCon Expo in Dallas, October 25-28, 2017. While there are some big things we can’t share with you yet, there is one thing you’ll want to know about - and can make some money from… Your Money Live This year PT is giving anyone the chance to meet their favorite money and media celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters for one afternoon: Friday October 27th. What does...


M&M 33: Taking Financial Planning to the Next Level; PT Live from the XYPN Expo

PT checks in with our friends at XYPN LIVE conference 2017. Farnoosh, Eric Roberge, Kali Hawlk, Brian Bain and Kate Dore talk about their practice and what they gain from attending conferences. You will likely see them speaking at FinCon17. For more information on speakers and the FinCon schedule, go to Watch Alan Moore's Ignite presentation For information about next year's XYPN Live in St. Louis, go to Thanks...


M&M 32: First Timer's Guide To Conferences with Bobbi Rebell

Bobbi Rebell attended FinCon for the first time as she was publishing her book, “How to be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams”. Bobbi didn’t go to FinCon to pitch her book but to make personal connections with others in the money & media genre. For more information, visit


M&M 31: The Making of a Hit Podcast with Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett

Paychecks and Balances wasn't the first project Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett worked on. They tried blogging and had some success, but they found podcasting to be a much easier medium to create content for communicating their message: To become Debt Free or Die Trying. Listen to more of their story in today's Money & Media Podcast, presented by FinCon. For more information and links mentioned in this episode, visit


M&M 30: How a Seminar turned David Bach into an Author

David Bach is best known for his "latte factor" - but that's not what got him started writing. After hosting a seminar for women, he found a need for a resource for women to learn how to manage money. For more information, visit


M&M 29: Marketing Your Brand and Better Speaking (The Plutus Awards and Ignite FinCon)

The Plutus Awards are back again and will be held at the conclusion of this year's FinCon Expo. Harlan Landes, Executive Director of the Plutus Foundation, joins us to talk about what's changed, how nominations and voting will work, and the non-profit aspect of the organization. Then we talk with Eric Rosenberg about how you can improve your speaking skills in 5-minutes by presenting at Ignite. Find out more at...


M&M 28: How She Built An Empire on $5 Dinners

Erin Chase found a way to cut down her grocery bills AND create an incredibly successful online business with her website On today’s show she’ll tell you details behind some of the methods she used, how she networked, and the strategies she followed to build her operation. We’ll talk about hiring people, outsourcing, and finding the right partners to be successful. For more information, go to For information about the...


M&M 27: How Paula Pant Grew Afford Anything

Paula Pant is an award winning blogger and podcaster, and today we're finding out the behind-the-scenes story of how she grew her brand! What's important to her? How does she write her pieces? When did she decide to start a podcast, and why? What mistakes has she made along the way? We'll ask her all of those things and more. Of course, at the end of the show we'll share notes from Phillip Taylor about this year's amazing FinCon in Dallas, Texas. We've got important updates so make sure...


M&M 26: Leaving the Blog Behind to Build Your Own Brand, with guest Lacey Langford

Are you growing bigger than your blog? That’s the topic of today’s show where we listen back to last year’s panel discussion Blog to Brand - Leveraging Influence to Become a Thought Leader. Our special guest Lacy Langford is a military money-life coach, speaker, and writer who attended the panel and is using what she learned to build her own personal brand. Inside this episode you will hear snippets of the panel presentation from Jennifer Barrett, Cat Alford, Stefanie O’Connel, Tonya...


M&M 25: How to Become a Problogger with Darren Rowse

Ever wonder how to take a blogging hobby and turn it into a full time gig? Not only did Darren Rowse do exactly that, but he also created lots of value for many people in the FinCon community. Today Darren tells us his background. How did he start out blogging? What were the steps he took to get Problogger off the ground? How did he make it successful? What is he planning for his next steps? We'll talk about all of that and much more with one of FinCon '17's keynote speakers! Learn more...


M&M BONUS Episode: FinCon Orientation Video (Audio Track)

If you're headed to FinCon for your first FinCon but will arrive after PT's orientation session Wednesday, we have the audio track from PT's video he posted to Facebook Live. The session is best live, so head there if possible, but if not....we've got you covered.


M&M 24: Last Minute #FinCon16 Tips and a Wide-Ranging Chat With Noah Kagan

Founder of AppSumo and our closing keynote speaker Noah Kagan joins us for a chat about productivity, interviewing, nutrition, and more. Joe & PT share last minute tips for those of you jumping on a plane to #FinCon16 OR for anyone headed to any usual, there's something good for everyone on the Money & Media show presented by FinCon! Head to for show notes and to for more on the...


M&M 23: Social Media Tip, Tricks and Trends with Kim Garst

Whether you're attending FinCon or not, you know that 2016 keynote speaker Kim Garst from Boom! Social is a social media powerhouse. She'll talk about her long struggle learning the ropes of social media (and technology in general) and give us her thoughts about Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and other channels. We'll talk about best practices in social media and also take a look into the crystal ball for a discussion on the future of social. What's the next big thing? We'll find out on today's...


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