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News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.

News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.
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London, United Kingdom




News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.




Money Box Live - Personal Debt

Household debt in the UK is still at a record high - between us, we owe nearly £2 trillion on mortgages, credit cards, loans and overdrafts. With inflation rising and wages stagnating, debt charities say many consumers are having to borrow just to make ends meet. As the Christmas credit card bills start arriving, how much have you borrowed and what are your plans to repay your debts? Can you afford your monthly repayments or are you living on the never never? Adam Shaw and a panel of experts...

Duration: 00:30:18

Money Box Live: Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.

How does Bank of England monetary policy affect your money, wages, mortgage and the wider economy? Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England joins Louise Cooper to take your calls on Wednesday. If you've got a question or a view about inflation, interest rates or even quantitative easing get in touch. Call 03700100444 from 1pm to 3.30pm on Wednesday 10 January 2018, standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply. Or e-mail Presenter: Louise...

Duration: 00:28:21

Credit Card Charge Ban

On January 13th a new law outlaws surcharges for paying by card, through PayPal or Apple pay. In the past, firms have been adding as much as 5% onto bills for paying with a credit card even though the actual charge they pay is a fraction of that. In response some firms (and government departments) have announced that they will no longer allow people to pay with a credit card. However concerns have been raised about how effectively the law will be policed. New research by the Resolution...

Duration: 00:27:20

Money Box Live: Financial Education

What are the key financial skills we need to manage our money effectively and where should we learn them? Do we need more monetary and economic education in our schools and how important are parents in shaping the saving and spending habits of children? Join the conversation with Paul Lewis and guests on Wednesday's Money Box Live. On the panel are Iona Bain, Young Money Blog Steph Hayter, Head of Young People Programmes, The Money Charity Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive, National Numeracy...

Duration: 00:28:22

Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites have become the first port of call when we shop for many of the products that run our lives. We compare prices on offer for necessities such as insurance, energy and broadband deals. We search for the best deals on flights and hotels when we plan our holidays. These sites are free of charge and easy to use, and they seem to be the consumer's best friend. But they are also very lucrative businesses which can earn commission every time we switch from one provider to...

Duration: 00:24:12

Learning about money

Huge housing costs, a changing labour market, stagnant wages, and - for many - a massive burden of student debt. It's not surprising that some young people feel hopeless when it comes to their finances. Despite financial education now being on the secondary school curriculum for all state maintained schools very little is known about whether it's helping improve money skills. In this edition of Money Box, Young Money blogger Iona Bain investigates how money skills are taught, what we need...

Duration: 00:24:59

Money Box Live: Vulnerable Customers and Financial Services

Louise Cooper speaks to artist and listener Jessie who lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Jessie explains how memory loss and impaired thinking caused by MS, made it harder for her to spot a recent bank fraud, costing her life savings. Like Jessie, we may all experience personal circumstances or life events which make it difficult to manage our money or leave us vulnerable to fraud and theft. It could be a period of mental or physical illness, a condition or disability, the onset of dementia...

Duration: 00:28:26

British steel pension member - Have I made the worst decision of my life?

There's concern that thousands of steelworkers and former steelworkers at Port Talbot may have been badly advised to withdraw funds and put them into unsuitable investments. Money Box has learned that six firms have now voluntarily stopped signing up new clients. Money Box's Tony Bonsignore reports from Port Talbot. The programme hears from steelworker Paul who fears he's made the worst financial decision in his life. Megan Butler, director of supervision at the FCA and Michelle Cracknell,...

Duration: 00:24:49

Money Box Live: The Autumn Budget 2017

Financial phone-in.

Duration: 00:28:15

Money Box Live: New technology and banking

New technology is transforming the way we handle our finances. Are you someone who uses mobile apps to keep track of how you spend your money or does the thought of it fill you with dread? Have you signed up to text alerts informing you of when you're about to go overdrawn? Do you use Twitter and other forms of social media to communicate with your bank or would you rather visit your branch and have a chat with a real person? Open banking, an industry wide initiative being introduced by...

Duration: 00:28:17

Parents fear online problems will cost them childcare places

Parents who use two government childcare schemes tell Money Box about a problem they fear is putting their children at risk of losing their nursery places. It happens when they go online to reconfirm their continued eligibility for either the tax-free childcare top up scheme or for 30 hours free childcare. After receiving a successful confirmation message they then get another one saying their entitlement will be stopped as they no longer meet the criteria - despite there being no...

Duration: 00:32:17

Money Box Live: Rent Controls

Rent controls are common across Europe - but do they work? And could they work in the UK? It's a popular idea with voters but detractors say it could destroy the private rental sector. Nearly a third of private tenants had problems paying their rent, according to a recent report published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Amid rising concerns about the cost of renting, there are renewed calls for some sort of price cap to limit cost increases - a policy already in...

Duration: 00:29:36

Young driver foxed by the box

Black Box technology is regularly touted as a way of reducing car insurance premiums. If the box shows your driving is safe then you qualify for refunds on your premiums. But how does the box determine that your driving is safe? Money Box reporter Tony Bonsignore has discovered that every company has a different way of assessing safe driving and that the digital readings are not always as accurate as they could be. The Government is proposing a draft bill to cap energy prices. What will...

Duration: 00:24:39

Money Box Live: Tax then and now

What was troubling the tax man back in 1977 when Money Box first broadcast? Chairman of the Board of the Inland Revenue, Sir William Pile took the hot seat in our first ever programme, quizzed by presenters Louise Botting and Peter Hobday. Simplifying tax, competence and the sensitivity of tax inspectors were all on the agenda. So what's changed in the last 40 years and have HMRC got to grips with these early challenges? Adam Shaw and guests listen back to Sir William's Pile's interview...

Duration: 00:28:57

Forty years of Money Box

In October 1977 Money Box made its first appearance on Radio 4. Hear presenters Louise Botting and Peter Hobday cover the big personal finance issues of the day including where to invest your money, the lack of opportunities for children to learn how to manage cash and a new breed of interest free loan. They also interview the then Chairman of the Board of the Inland Revenue Sir William Pyle.

Duration: 00:30:45

Beware student loan overpayments

More than 90,000 graduates were refunded hundreds of pounds last year after HMRC took payments for their student loan even though they had paid it off. Money Box has discovered these overpayments are routinely taken for many months because HMRC fails to communicate properly with the Student Loans Company. The programme hears from graduates who've experienced this and from tax expert Graham Farquhar at RSM. The UK's biggest doorstep lender is in trouble. Shares in Provident Financial...

Duration: 00:24:28

The Retreat of Employers

For many people, the workplace pension has been the crux of a decent income in retirement - a guaranteed sum paid for the whole of your non-working life. Stockmarket fluctuations, our increasing longevity and well-meaning changes to pensions policy by successive governments have helped make these sorts of schemes unaffordable. At the same time, something equally fundamental has been happening to the structure of the workplace as well as the nature of the relationship and expectations...

Duration: 00:28:29

Will the State Pay for Our Retirement?

The current State Pension system - guarantees anyone with requisite NI contributions a pension of £150ish a week (in real terms. It is protected by the "triple lock" and guarantees a minimum income on reaching State retirement age.'s not enough to live on - it's only it's only remotely enough for those with no housing costs and no-one believes the triple lock is affordable for much longer. How much can we rely on the State to fund a retirement. Presenter:Paul Lewis Producer: Ben...

Duration: 00:28:44

Money Box Live: Buy to Let

Louise Cooper would like to hear your views, experiences and questions about being a buy to let landlord. Call 03700 100 444 between 1pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday 28 June or e-mail now. Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply. The end of mortgage interest relief, the loss of the so called wear and tear allowance and additional stamp duty charges on new property purchases may mean that landlords have to rethink their financial plans. Some landlords...

Duration: 00:28:20

Flight compensation - where do the stranded stand?

Around 75,000 travellers were left facing long delays and cancellations after a British Airways computer system failed over the Bank Holiday weekend. Helen Dewdney, founder of the Complaining Cow consumer advice blog outlines how affected passengers should approach the compensation process. Ahead of next week's general election Chris Philp from the Conservative Party and SNP spokesperson for work and pensions Ian Blackford set out their personal finance manifestos. What might the policies...

Duration: 00:24:32

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