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News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.

News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.
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News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, benefits and giving to charity. The UK’s premier weekly round-up of personal finance with Paul Lewis.




How well does Universal Credit 'make work pay'?

The latest news from the world of personal finance.

Duration: 00:25:49

Money Box Live: Universal Credit

Louise Cooper asks how universal credit is affecting the lives of those who claim it. If you'd like to share your views or experiences with the programme call 03700 100 444 from 1pm to 3.30pm on Wednesday 18 October or e-mail now. Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles . Universal credit is a new benefit which combines six existing means tested benefits. It includes support for the cost of housing, children and childcare, as well as financial support for...

Duration: 00:28:11

Young driver foxed by the box

Black Box technology is regularly touted as a way of reducing car insurance premiums. If the box shows your driving is safe then you qualify for refunds on your premiums. But how does the box determine that your driving is safe? Money Box reporter Tony Bonsignore has discovered that every company has a different way of assessing safe driving and that the digital readings are not always as accurate as they could be. The Government is proposing a draft bill to cap energy prices. What will...

Duration: 00:24:39

Money Box Live: Financial protection for missing money

Losses from financial fraud totalled £768.8m last year and criminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to target your cash. If you lose money after paying by credit or debit card, there are protections in place which allow for a refund while the matter is investigated. However if you're tricked by a fraudster into sending cash by bank transfer, which allows for the movement of substantial amounts of money, there's no similar safeguard. Instead banks have a regulatory right to...

Duration: 00:28:27

Are care services in retirement complexes guaranteed?

The disappointing reality of retirement complex living experienced by some residents, once the deal is done and the glossy sales brochure is a distant memory. Households being switched onto Universal Credit can now get a same-day advance on their benefits. Will this mean an end to delays in receiving their income? And Open Banking - we're promised it will revolutionise the way we organise our finances. But what exactly is it and how secure will your data be? Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer:...

Duration: 00:24:47

Money Box Live: Tax then and now

What was troubling the tax man back in 1977 when Money Box first broadcast? Chairman of the Board of the Inland Revenue, Sir William Pile took the hot seat in our first ever programme, quizzed by presenters Louise Botting and Peter Hobday. Simplifying tax, competence and the sensitivity of tax inspectors were all on the agenda. So what's changed in the last 40 years and have HMRC got to grips with these early challenges? Adam Shaw and guests listen back to Sir William's Pile's interview...

Duration: 00:28:57

Money Box at 40

We explore why so called 'most favoured nation' clauses used by comparison websites could be pushing up the cost of some insurance. Why are some small businesses spending hundreds of pounds setting up workplace pensions when they could be doing it for free? And we're celebrating 40 years of Money Box by looking at how financial education has changed in this period. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Alex Lewis Editor: Andrew Smith.

Duration: 00:27:20

Forty years of Money Box

In October 1977 Money Box made its first appearance on Radio 4. Hear presenters Louise Botting and Peter Hobday cover the big personal finance issues of the day including where to invest your money, the lack of opportunities for children to learn how to manage cash and a new breed of interest free loan. They also interview the then Chairman of the Board of the Inland Revenue Sir William Pyle.

Duration: 00:30:45

Money Box Live: The cost of means testing

Many of our welfare benefits are means tested, you're able to claim them only when your income and capital (your means) fall below a certain limit. This financial test aims to ensure that public funds are given to those who need it most and it's been argued that the principle should be extended to some non-means tested benefits. In June, the Conservative Party manifesto committed to means testing Winter Fuel Payments in England and Wales so that money could be transferred to health and...

Duration: 00:28:34

Beware student loan overpayments

More than 90,000 graduates were refunded hundreds of pounds last year after HMRC took payments for their student loan even though they had paid it off. Money Box has discovered these overpayments are routinely taken for many months because HMRC fails to communicate properly with the Student Loans Company. The programme hears from graduates who've experienced this and from tax expert Graham Farquhar at RSM. The UK's biggest doorstep lender is in trouble. Shares in Provident Financial...

Duration: 00:24:28

The Retreat of Employers

For many people, the workplace pension has been the crux of a decent income in retirement - a guaranteed sum paid for the whole of your non-working life. Stockmarket fluctuations, our increasing longevity and well-meaning changes to pensions policy by successive governments have helped make these sorts of schemes unaffordable. At the same time, something equally fundamental has been happening to the structure of the workplace as well as the nature of the relationship and expectations...

Duration: 00:28:29

Will the State Pay for Our Retirement?

The current State Pension system - guarantees anyone with requisite NI contributions a pension of £150ish a week (in real terms. It is protected by the "triple lock" and guarantees a minimum income on reaching State retirement age.'s not enough to live on - it's only it's only remotely enough for those with no housing costs and no-one believes the triple lock is affordable for much longer. How much can we rely on the State to fund a retirement. Presenter:Paul Lewis Producer: Ben...

Duration: 00:28:44

Money Box Live: Buy to Let

Louise Cooper would like to hear your views, experiences and questions about being a buy to let landlord. Call 03700 100 444 between 1pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday 28 June or e-mail now. Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply. The end of mortgage interest relief, the loss of the so called wear and tear allowance and additional stamp duty charges on new property purchases may mean that landlords have to rethink their financial plans. Some landlords...

Duration: 00:28:20

Flight compensation - where do the stranded stand?

Around 75,000 travellers were left facing long delays and cancellations after a British Airways computer system failed over the Bank Holiday weekend. Helen Dewdney, founder of the Complaining Cow consumer advice blog outlines how affected passengers should approach the compensation process. Ahead of next week's general election Chris Philp from the Conservative Party and SNP spokesperson for work and pensions Ian Blackford set out their personal finance manifestos. What might the policies...

Duration: 00:24:32

Tax changes blocked by the election, millions of 'smart' meters may have to be replaced, plus ethical banking

More than half the clauses in the original Finance Bill (which enacts the Budget measures) have been dropped to ensure its passage through parliament before the snap general election. Anything contentious disappeared so that important measures - like raising Insurance Premium Tax from 1 June - could be passed into law before the April 27 deadline. Making Tax Digital, cutting the tax free dividend allowance, reducing the amount that can be paid into a pension, and a lot of anti-tax...

Duration: 00:24:17

Thousands face current accounts shut down

Around 100,000 current account customers with Norwich and Peterborough Building Society have until the end of August to move their money elsewhere. It follows the decision by its owner, Yorkshire Building Society, to exit the current account market in order to focus on its savings and mortgage products. Guest: Mike Regnier, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Building Society. The growth of automatic enrolment workplace pension schemes reached a milestone this week. For the first time the number...

Duration: 00:24:21

Cheaper energy when it rains

Paul Lewis hears from a listener who built up savings of £180,000 over more than ten years in business, only to have it all stolen from her account in 24 hours by online scammers. Should her bank have noticed and stepped in? We also hear from the Payments Systems Regulator on one safety measure - confirmation of payee - being considered for 2018. And retail banking consultant Richard Emery, who specialises in investigating credit and debit card and online banking fraud, reveals the six...

Duration: 00:24:11

GB Energy collapses, An investment fund based on gambling, Banking fraud

Now that GB Energy has gone bust, what does it mean for its 160,000 customers? We hear what lies ahead for them at Co-operative Energy which has been appointed by the regulator Ofgem to take over GB Energy's business. We also ask if Co-operative Energy will be able to cope with such a sudden huge influx of new clients, especially given the criticism they have received for poor customer service in the past. And does this put a chill on competition in the energy supply market? Is it worth...

Duration: 00:24:14

Energy savings that disappear

The savings that energy companies promise customers are in many cases fictional and never will materialise. Those are the findings of a Money Box investigation. We found that the savings energy companies have been quoting to urge large numbers of customers to switch tariffs are phantom and can never be achieved. We have discovered that this is down to the way that Ofgem makes suppliers and comparison websites work out potential savings using the standard variable tariff as a basis for...

Duration: 00:24:29

Money Box Live: A hazardous year for UK holidaymakers.

This has been a hazardous year for British holidaymakers, who've had to endure terror attacks, a failed coup in Turkey and the recent collapse of travel firm Low Cost Holidays. To make matters worse, the pound has fallen against most major currencies, meaning your break abroad will cost you more than you first budgeted for. What are your rights if your break goes wrong? What will your insurance pay out for and what's not covered? And will you be avoiding popular summer getaway destinations...

Duration: 00:27:54

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