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Talking Money: Lee Gardhouse - Do best buy lists of funds really add any value?

Lee Gardhouse is the Chief Investment Office of Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK’s largest stock and fund broking firm, which boasts 950,000 active clients and administers or manages £79 billion of client money on its platform. His responsibilities include researching the firm’s influential Wealth 150 list of favourite funds and managing its range of in-house multi-manager funds. In the latest Money Makers podcast, he and Jonathan Davis discuss the way that HL chooses funds - a highly topical...

Duration: 00:31:45

Talking Money: Keith Ashworth Lord

In this week’s Money Makers podcast Jonathan Davis talks to Keith Ashworth-Lord, manager of the Sanford DeLand UK Buffetology fund, about his investment philosophy and current portfolio. A former City analyst, Mr Ashworth-Lord has put in a strong performance since moving into fund management with his specialist small and mid-cap fund. Many professional investors name check Warren Buffett as an inspiration, but what exactly are the key principles that other professional investors can...

Duration: 00:32:51

Talking Money: Chris Hutchinson on what investors need to know about VCTs

In our latest Money Makers podcast we turn our attention to venture capital trusts, specialist investment vehicles which put investors’ capital to work in higher risk, early-stage businesses. VCTs, as they are known, offer significant potential tax benefits for those prepared to risk their money in this way. This year the marketing of VCTs has started earlier than normal. Why is that – and what else do potential investors need to know about the VCT market this year? Are the tax benefits...

Duration: 00:47:49

Talking Money: Charlie Morris

What the oil price does next is key: Fund manager Charlie Morris gives his take on where markets are heading In this week’s Money Makers podcast, one of our regular big picture market roundups, Jonathan Davis talks to Charlie Morris, Investment Director at Newscape Capital, and editor of the Fleet Street Letter, about the latest developments in the UK and global markets - and what they mean for investors' portfolios. The oil price holds the key to future developments, he argues.

Duration: 00:31:27

Talking Money: Richard Hallett

In the latest Money Makers podcast Jonathan Davis returns to talk to a fund manager whose multi-cap equity fund has the distinction, according to research by FE Trustnet, of having outperformed its benchmark in every rolling five year period since 2000 - one of only two funds out of several hundred in the UK All Companies sector to have done so. The fund manager in question is Richard Hallett, whose Marlborough UK Multi-Cap Growth fund, has as its name suggests the freedom to invest across...

Duration: 00:32:34

Talking Money: Chris Sexton

No need to panic over Brexit or the market In our latest Money Makers podcast Chris Sexton, Investment Director of Saunderson House, a fee-based wealth management firm, offers his perspective on the outlook for markets, cautions against reading too much into media headlines and explains why investment returns are likely to be lower from here. Saunderson House specialises in providing financial planning and portfolio management services to private clients, including many lawyers,...

Duration: 00:28:03

Talking Money: Graham Harrison

What is a fair fee to pay for the services of a wealth manager or financial adviser? There is a widespread suspicion that in many cases the answer is: less than you are paying now - if only you could get behind the figures to find out what the real all-in costs, including add-ons, actually are. Next year new regulations will force managers of other people’s money to disclose much more information about their charges. In this latest podcast Jonathan Davis asks Graham Harrison, MD of Asset...

Duration: 00:42:03

Talking Money: Stagflation on the way

In our latest podcast the independent economist Peter Warburton explains why he thinks we are heading for a period of stagflation - a combination of slow growth and rising inflation - which will require investors to make changes in the way they allocate their investment assets.

Duration: 00:24:06

Talking Money: Nick Greenwood

The Investment trust sector has changed a lot over the past 20 years, as traditional buyers in wealth management firms retreat and a new generation of more sophisticated DIY investors look to exploit the advantages of closed-end funds. In the latest Money Makers podcast, Nick Greenwood, manager of Miton Global Opportunities, a specialist investment trust fund, discusses these changes with Money Makers editor Jonathan Davis and highlights the themes and special situations that have been...

Duration: 00:25:27

Talking Money: Asset allocation with Robin Griffiths

While the UK and French elections are grabbing all the market and media attention, the most important issue most investors face is to get their medium- and long-term asset allocation right – which means getting the right side of the underlying cycles that drive market behaviour beyond the noise and excitement of immediate political events. Few market analysts are as well placed to make those judgments as Robin Griffiths, the Head of Multi-Asset Research at ECU, who has been analysing the...

Duration: 00:21:51

Talking Money: The UK Election and Beyond

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election on June 8th took Westminster and the financial markets by surprise. What does it mean for the Brexit negotiations and investors? That was the question I discuss this week with three leading market commentators in a special edition of the Money Makers weekly podcast. The three expert voices you will hear are those of Mark Dampier, Head of Research at Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK’s largest online broker, Charles Morris, editor of the Fleet Street...

Duration: 00:32:45

Talking Money: Why global strategist Eoin Treacy is feeling upbeat

In this week’s Money Makers podcast Jonathan Davis spends 40 minutes talking to the market strategist Eoin Treacy about his latest views on equity markets, bonds, currencies and the outlook for inflation.

Duration: 00:31:12

Talking Money: What next for resource stocks? A conversation with Angelos Damaskos

Resource stocks made a strong recovery in 2016 after a torrid bear market, with both oil and mining companies heading the index performance tables. Few professional investors were more exposed to this rollercoaster ride than Angelos Damaskos, the manager of two specialist small cap commodity funds widely followed by private investors, Junior Oil and Junior Gold. In the latest Money Makers podcast he gives his views on the two sectors now – where he thinks commodity prices are heading and...

Duration: 00:40:22

Talking Money: AIM in the age of Trump and Brexit with Chris Hutchinson of Unicorn AM

In the latest Money Makers podcast we catch up again with Chris Hutchinson, lead fund manager at Unicorn Asset Management, the boutique small cap and AIM fund management firm that boasts one of the best long-term records in its universe. How has the fund coped with the fallout from Brexit and Trump’s election? What are the prospects for future returns? And why despite strong demand has the firm capped new applications to its market-leading AIM venture capital trust at just 10% of assets?

Duration: 00:30:23

Talking Money: HL's Mark Dampier discusses whether good returns can continue

The Trump rally has taken the world’s equity markets to new highs in many countries, and together with the fall in the value of the pound, has made the past year among the best 12-month periods for investors in living memory. What next? Can the good times keep rolling? In the latest Money Makers podcast I sit down with Mark Dampier, Head of Research at Hargreaves Lansdown, the number one platform for private investors in the UK, to discuss the market outlook and where the best...

Duration: 00:33:26

Stephen Eckett on profiting from stock market anomalies in 2017

The Harriman Stock Market Almanac is an annual publication which is a must-read for all fans of stock market investing – it combines a mixture of some trivial but amusing anecdotes and facts about the stock market with some more interesting analysis of trends that recur each year and other kinds of anomalies: things that, theoretically at least, you can make some money out of if you are aware of them. In this podcast, Jonathan Davis speaks with Almanac editor and investor Stephen Eckett...

Duration: 00:26:03

Talking Money: Paul Jourdan and the secrets of investing in small companies

Paul Jourdan is the CEO of Amati Global Investors. With his colleagues, a team of three, he runs three funds that specialise in small-cap and unquoted stocks. In this podcast, Jonathan Davis asks Paul how where we are in the market cycle has affected small caps, what the impact of Brexit looks like, and what makes for an ideal small company from an investor's perspective.

Duration: 00:36:54

Talking Money: Joe Bauernfreund on value investing's comeback

Value investing has had a bad run, one of its worst in market history. Is that finally about to change? There are signs that a patient, long-term investing style based on finding cheap securities is finally starting to make a comeback. In the latest Money Makers podcast, Joe Bauernfreund, manager of the British Empire Trust, an investment trust closely associated with a value approach, explains why he thinks the recent revival has legs – and where he is currently finding the best bargains...

Duration: 00:38:36

Talking Money: Charlie Morris on gold and asset allocation

In this podcast, we turn our attention to gold, that most emotive of investment topics, derided by some as a “barbarous relic” and feted by others as a vital defence against inflation and the debasement of currency. Jonathan Davis is joined to discuss this always fascinating subject by the fund manager Charlie Morris, who in his day job, after 15 years at HSBC, now runs multi-asset portfolios for Newscape Capital and finds time to produce a regular free monthly commentary on gold called...

Duration: 00:46:50

Talking Money: Peter Spiller's macro view of the markets

In this latest Money Makers podcast Jonathan Davis talks with Peter Spiller, who enjoys the distinction of being perhaps the longest continuously serving fund manager in the London investment trust sector. He has been managing the Capital Gearing Trust since 1982, over which time the trust has generated a compound annual return of 15% per annum, more than 4% better than the FTSE All-Share index over the same time frame. Put that another way, £1,000 invested at the outset would be worth...

Duration: 00:36:19

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