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KTVX Fairvale #001 - Psycho and 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene

Recently, Chris McMillan from The Shadow Over Portland ( joined Derek at Portland's NW Film Center for a double feature of Alfred Hitchcock's classic, Psycho, and the new documentary 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene (dir. Alexandre O. Philippe). And did we mention that Psycho was a 35mm print?

Duration: 00:25:34

Monster Kid Radio #347 - Caltiki, The Immortal Monster with Chris McMillan AND The Monster Kid Chronicles by Timothy Price

Last week, the Monster Kid Radio 2017 Holiday Gift Guide was revealed, and one of the items on the gift guide was the movie Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (dir. Mario Bava, Riccardo Freda). It made the guide because The Shadow Over Portland's Chris McMillan recommended it, so it only seemed fair to have him on the show this week to talk about the movie itself. We also hear a bit about his experience at a recent screening of Suspiria (dir. Dario Argento), and there's a VERY slight tease...

Duration: 01:12:51

Monster Kid Radio #346 - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the Monster Kid Radio 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, including items like this handmade Tingler by Dominique Lamssies! And make sure you check out It's Terri-ific! Download the .pdf here! - Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: (.mp3s of every episode of Monster Kid Radio is available for download at our barebones behind-the-scenes website at...

Duration: 01:12:55

Monster Kid Radio #345 - The Creeping Flesh and Dan Day, Jr.

1973's The Creeping Flesh (dir. Freddie Francis) is on deck this week, as is Dan Day, Jr., the man behind The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog. Dan is a huge fan of this film, and while he and Derek did get a chance to talk about it briefly at this past summer's Monster Bash, they saved the really good conversation for this episode of Monster Kid Radio. Along the way, they also talk about Veronica Carlson, independent filmmaker and mutual friend Joshua Kennedy, and of course they play the Classic...

Duration: 01:38:15

Monster Kid Radio #344 - Andrew Roebuck and Gamera/Gammera

There's another new voice this week on Monster Kid Radio this week when Bloody Good Horror's Andrew Roebuck joins Derek to talk about everybody's favorite giant turtle. But which version of the original Gamera do they tackle? BOTH OF THEM! Gamera: The Giant Monster (dir. Noriaki Yuasa) and Gammera the Invincible (dir. Sandy Howard, Noriaki Yuasa) are decidedly different films . . . or are they? Listen to this episode to find out. Also, Jeff Polier calls in his thoughts on last October's...

Duration: 02:02:45

Monster Kid Radio #343 - The Woman Eater with Micah S. Harris

Author Micah S. Harris joins Monster Kid Radio this week, and he's bringing The Woman Eater (dir. Charles Saunders) with him. This 1958 film is the main topic of conversation, but that's not all Micah and Derek talk about this week on the podcast. We'll learn a bit about Micah's background as a monster kid and writer, what interesting . . . creature . . . he had for a pet as a kid, and, of course, he plays a round of the Classic Five. Also this week, Derek has just a few words to say about...

Duration: 02:13:00

Monster Kid Radio #342 - It! The Terror from Beyond Space with Scott Morris

Scott Morris joins Derek on a trip to the far flung future of 1973 when they get together to chat about 1958's It! The Terror from Beyond Space (dir. Edward L. Cahn). Scott may be one of the founders of Disney, Indiana, but don't let those mouse ears fool you. He's a classic sci-fi fan through-and-through . . . although before prepping for this recording, he'd never seen 1979's Alien (dir. Ridley Scott). He and Derek talk about It! The Terror from Beyond Space's influence on Alien, and...

Duration: 01:21:13

Monster Kid Radio #341 - Son of Frankenstein with Dwight Kemper

Author Dwight Kemper (The Vampire's Tomb Mystery, Who Framed Boris Karloff?) returns to Monster Kid Radio, and he's bringing a child with him. Specifically, he's bringing a son. A Son of Frankenstein (dir. Rowland V. Lee). Son of Frankenstein has a lot to offer monster fans and Monster Kids, and Dwight's here to tell us all why. He also tries his luck at the Classic Five. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: Books by Dwight Kemper -...

Duration: 01:34:13

Monster Kid Radio #340 - Horror of the Blood Monsters wth Tom Biegler

Horror. Blood. Monsters. Three great words to throw around during the month of October, but what happens when you combine those words with a podcaster and his guest? You get a fun chat with guest Tom Biegler about the 1970 film Horror of the Blood Monsters (dir. Al Adamson). This was a first time viewing for Derek, so it was a real treat to talk about this movie with a long time fan. Also, there's feedback. A contest. An announcement. Download the show . . . Don't leave John Carradine...

Duration: 01:50:41

Monster Kid Radio #339 - The 2017 HP Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon

The stars are right! Derek attended the HP Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon, and brought his audio recorder along! This was yet another fantastic film festival in the long line of fantastic film festivals produced by Brian and Gwen Callahan, Andrew Migliore, and the rest of the HPLFF crew and volunteers. Here's what you can expect in this week's episode of Monster Kid Radio: 0:03:01 - Primer to the Cthulhu Mythos Panel (with DB Spitzer, Tim Uren, Dominique Lamssies, Cody Goodfellow,...

Duration: 03:19:55

Monster Kid Radio #338 - Tripping through the Mihmiverse with Steven Turek, plus Demon with the Atomic Brain thoughts

By the time you hear this episode, the latest Christopher R. Mihm film Demon with the Atomic Brain has had its world premiere, and to celebrate the 12th film (in 12 years!) of the Mihmiverse, Derek is joined by Mihmiverse super fan Steven Turek to journey through the movies. Derek met MKR listener Steven at Monster Bash, so they catch up for a moment before diving into their discussion. Afterward, we'll hear from three Monster Kid Radio regulars - Rich Chamberlain, Jeff Owens, and Stephen...

Duration: 03:47:06

Monster Kid Radio #337 - Goliath and the Vampires with Alan Trump AND a chat with filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm

Sword and Sandals and Monsters Month concludes this week on Monster Kid Radio with guest Alan Tromp when he joins Derek to discuss 1961's Goliath and the Vampires (dir. Sergio Corbucci, Giacomo Gentilomo) . . . after Alan gives us a brief trip report from NecronomiCon Providence 2017. After Derek puts away his loincloth (it will be back next year!), he invites filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm to the show to talk about the upcoming premiere of his new film, Demon with the Atomic Brain!...

Duration: 01:50:35

Monster Kid Radio #336 - Hercules in the Haunted World with Rod Barnett and Dominique Lamssies

Sword and Sandals and Monsters Month continues on Monster Kid Radio with two guests this week - Rod Barnett and Dominique Lamssies - and Derek's going to need the back-up because we're taking on Christopher Lee this time around! The movie on deck? 1961's Hercules in the Haunted World (dir. Mario Bava). Are Christopher Lee and Hercules two great tastes that taste great together? Check out this week's episode to find out. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email:...

Duration: 01:27:16

Monster Kid Radio #335 - The Witch's Curse with Chris McMillan

Sword and Sandals and Monsters Month continues on Monster Kid Radio with the conversation Derek and guest Chris McMillan started last week with Hercules Against the Moon Men (dir. Giacomo Gentilomo). That movie was released on DVD as a double feature with this week's movie - The Witch's Curse (dir. Riccardo Freda) - so it made sense (to Derek at least!) to keep the dialogue between podcaster and Shadow-Over-Portland-er going for this week's episode. Also, we want to know where you live!...

Duration: 00:53:36

Monster Kid Radio #334 - Hercules Against the Moon Men with Chris McMillan

It's the first week of Sword and Sandals and Monsters Month on Monster Kid Radio, and this week, Chris McMillan from the Shadow Over Portland joins Derek to take on the sweaty peplum epic Hercules Against the Moon Men (dir. Giacomo Gentilomo). Are they SURE this movie features Hercules? What ARE the Moon Men? And is Chris wearing a KILT or a LOINCLOTH? Listen to Monster Kid Radio this week to find out! Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: Universal Unite!...

Duration: 00:59:47

Monster Kid Radio #333 - 2017 Monster Rally Retro Award Winners with Stephen D. Sullivan

It's time to announce the winners of this year's Monster Rally Retro Awards! Stephen D. Sullivan (Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors, White Zombie, etc.) joins Derek this week for a quick Monster Bash reminiscing before reviewing the ballot and announcing the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Monster, and Best Movie of 1933, 1943, and 1953. Monster Kid Radio on TeePublic - Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email:...

Duration: 01:30:30

Monster Kid Radio #332 - Dominique Lamssies and 1943's Phantom of the Opera

Author, monster kid, and Batman-fanatic Dominique Lamssies joins Derek this week for a trip to the opera house. In addition to talking about 1943's Phantom of the Opera (dir. Arthur Lubin), Derek and Dominique also rap about Universal's Dark Universe, Marvel vs. DC, and, of course, Peter Cushing. Monster Kid Radio on TeePublic - Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: The University of the Bizarre -...

Duration: 00:59:40

Monster Kid Radio #331 - George McGowan and The Blob (dir. Irvin Yeaworth, Russell S. Doughton Jr.) and Kris Yeaworth (Monster Bash Part Four)

Things get sticky this week on Monster Kid Radio when Collecting Classic Monsters' George McGowan joins Derek to tackle the 1958 classic The Blob (dir. Irvin Yeaworth, Russell S. Doughton Jr.). There's a lot to talk about regarding The Blob, so much so that Derek and George can't cover it themselves! So to fill in some more blob blanks, we go back to Monster Bash for a recording from the Q&A session with Kris Yeaworth, the son of the film's director. Plus, feedback and announcements...

Duration: 02:07:51

Monster Kid Radio #330 - Frank Dello Stritto on The Return of the Vampire (Monster Bash 2017 - Part Three)

At Monster Bash, author Frank Dello Stritto took us all to ghoul school on the 1943 film The Return of the Vampire (dir. Lew Landers) and its place in Dracula-movie-dom. It was a fantastic presentation, and Frank was kind enough to spend some time with Derek between events at the Bash to make a private recording of his talk. Do you know who hadn't seen The Return of the Vampire before the Bash? Scott Morris, and he shares his thoughts on the film, as well as on the movie shown as a...

Duration: 01:22:14

Monster Kid Radio #329 - The Land Unknown with Joe Eiden

Let's take a trip to The Land Unknown (dir. Virgil W. Vogel) this week on Monster Kid Radio with Fandom Radio Podcast's Joe Eiden. Does this 1950s sci-fi, lost world flick from Universal deliver? Listen to Derek and Joe to find out! We'd like to say that you'll get what you normally expect from an episode of Monster Kid Radio, but Joe changes the rules . . . of the Classic Five! Monster Kid Radio on TeePublic - Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR...

Duration: 01:26:11

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