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Hosts Ben McBride, Daniel Wheatfall and Mel Dale get together to discuss movies as well as entertainment news and other interests.




Episode 53: Cutthroat Island

The guys grab their swords and go swashbuckling on the high seas with Geena Davis and Matthew Modine! Mel leads the podcast discussing the merits and faults of Cutthroat Island, a much-maligned film among movie fans. Do Daniel and Ben side with the cinematic world? Or do they feel the movie has some redeeming qualities? Listen and find out!

Duration: 00:28:34

Episode 51: Captain America - The Winter Soldier

With Captain America: Civil War in theaters, it was inevitable that a Captain America movie would make it onto the podcast. This month, Ben, Daniel and Mel discuss Steve Rogers' second outing in the Marvel cinematic universe as he goes up against the Winter Soldier!

Duration: 00:23:16

Episode 50: Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

Ben, Daniel and Mel take a trip down memory lane with the Kevin Costner-led Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Be sure to look out for a special appearance from Christian Slater himself (aka Ben doing an imitation). Also, Ben does abad imitation of Sean Connery.

Duration: 00:22:39

Episode 49: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - PART II

This is it! The end of our journey through the world of Harry Potter comes to an end with part 2 of the Deathly Hallows podcast. Ben, Daniel and Mel talk the finale and the fun experiences they've had in the wizarding world.

Duration: 00:25:14

Episode 49: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - PART I

The #MPPodcast's journey through the world of Harry Potter is nearing its end and Ben, Daniel and Mel sit down to discuss part one of the climactic finale! And as a bonus, part two of the podcast will be released in just a couple of days! So be on the lookout for that!

Duration: 00:17:28

Episode 47: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After an unexpectedly long break, the guys are back with a brand new episode! Ben, Daniel and Mel pick up where they left off on their journey through the world of Harry Potter, with the sixth movie in the franchise!

Duration: 00:23:44

Episode 46: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ben, Daniel and Mel continue their journey through the world of Harry Potter with the fifth chapter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Daniel leads the guys through an extensive discussion and Ben gets possessed by Moaning Myrtle.

Episode 45: Twister

Ben, Daniel and Mel hop aboard the Barn Burner andput the pedal to the metal as they chase down Twister! Ben leads the guys in a discussion of the Steven Spielberg-produced action thriller and their love of this cinematic spectacle of entertainment. And of course, Bill Paxton.

Episode 44: Silverado

Ben, Daniel and Mel head back to the wild west with Silverado! Mel corrals his co-hosts into a discussion of Lawrence Kasdan's love letter to the western. So strap on your boots and saddle up for the newest episode of the podcast (or as they called it back in the ole west... "where in sam hell are those voices coming from? I don't understand these, these dang.. sound telegraphs! I reckon it's some voodoo magic!").

Episode 43: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Ben, Daniel and Mel continue their journey through the world of Harry Potter with the fourth chapter,Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Daniel navigates the guys through the dark and difficult times that lie ahead for Harry and friends but it's all fun conversation here on the podcast as the MP trio hang out for a spell. So grab your magic wands and hang out with the guys!

Episode 42: Housebound

Ben, Daniel and Mel take a look at one of New Zealand's latest exports, the horror comedy, Housebound!Ben is surprised to learn that he picked a horror movie that Mel could not only watch but liked enough to watch twice! The guys all seem to share the same sentiment when it comes to this movie: it's pretty frickin' great!

Episode 41: The Muppets

Ben, Daniel and Mel return to the world of Jim Henson with the Muppets' triumphant cinematic return in..The Muppets! In this episode, Mel flails his arms like a Muppet and screams "yaaaaaay!" while alsorevealing a kinship with the film's star Jason Segel, Ben has secret me-parties and reveals his trigger word and Daniel is just a muppet of a man.

Episode 40: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Ben, Daniel and Mel return to Hogwarts for the third chapter in the Harry Potter franchise! Daniel takes us through his favorite entry, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and the guys learn more about the wizarding world with Daniel's insight into the Potterverse. Mischief managed!

Episode 39: Big Hero 6

Ben, Daniel and Mel enter the vibrant and colorful world of Big Hero 6 this week! Ben leads the episode as the guys pal around discussing the highly entertaining and heartwarming tale of Hiro and his huggable robot, Baymax. So listen in and thencontinuethe discussion of this Academy Award winning movie on Twitter and Facebook@MonsterPopHQ!

Episode 38: Intolerable Cruelty

Ben, Daniel and Mel take on the Coen brothers' ninth feature film, Intolerable Cruelty! The George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones ledrom-com proves to be a highlight of the genre and a favorite ofyour intolerably superb hosts.

Episode 37: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Ben, Daniel and Mel continue their journey through the world of Harry Potter! Daniel waves his wand over his co-hosts creating a discussion spell that has the guys talk coolmovie and TV weaponerybefore delving into the mystery ofHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Episode 36: Edge of Tomorrow

Ben, Daniel and Mel talk the Tom Cruisesci-fi actioneer,Edge of Tomorrow. Ben leads his fellow co-hosts onto the battlefield of cinematic discussion as theyconverseabout invading "alien a-holes" and the Doug Liman-helmed summer blockbuster. LIVE. LISTEN. REPEAT.

Episode 35: Star Trek - The Motion Picture

Ben, Daniel and Mel find themselves beamed aboard the starship Enterprise this week as they discoverStar Trek - The Motion Picture! Mel puts on his captains uniform this week as he leads his crew on an adventure the likes you've never seen (or heard)! The guys also master the art of the podcast episode intro!

Mini-sode: Year in Review

Ben, Daniel and Mel wrap up 2014 with a look back at the movies they enjoyed over the past year and what movies they are looking forward to in 2015.

Episode 34: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Ben, Daniel and Mel hopped aboard the Hogwarts Express this week and watchedHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Daniel performed a summoningspell on Ben and Mel to gather them totalk about their favorite book-to-film adaptations before schooling the guys on wizards, witches and Quidditch. So grab your wands, pay attention and fall under the magical spell of the Monster Popcorn Podcast!
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