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24x7x365 Availability in an Always On World

Availability has been a topic for many years in IT, but digitization is pushing organizations to think less about availability as an insurance policy and more as an accelerator for an “always on” world. Hear how Eric Lamp, National Partner Manager at Veeam, explains how customer expectations are affecting availability needs, the impact of virtualization, cloud and security, and how Veeam and ePlus work together to build architectures that support today’s digital world.

Duration: 00:08:33

How to Maintain an Effective Security Posture with ePlus and Cisco Security

Security is an ongoing journey--and being secure today doesn’t guarantee your organization’s security tomorrow. Wanda Castelvecchi, Cisco Security Practice Lead at ePlus, explains how the proliferation of security point products is contributing to less effectiveness in many organizations’ security posture, and how concerns over budget and insufficient cybersecurity talent create a growing concern for all. Wanda will discuss specific ways ePlus and Cisco are helping address these specific...

Duration: 00:08:55

1-2-3 Accelerate! 1-2-3 Activate! How to Get the Most Out of Your Cisco Software

The accelerating adoption of cloud computing, applications, and the Internet of Things is poised to change the way companies conduct and build their businesses. Software is quickly becoming the glue that holds it all together, and the ability to quickly adopt and truly activate these applications’ most powerful features will help organizations drive future competitive advantage. Listen to Dave Wooster, Cisco Partner Executive, talk about the business impact Cisco software and ePlus...

Duration: 00:09:36

The Great CASB: Making Cloud Security Visible to All

Bridging the gap between traditional IT security and cloud security to offer visibility on cloud-based services is what CASB is all about. ePlus’ Chief Principal Security Architect Bill Wheeler helps educate on all things CASB and how ePlus can help you select and maximize your investment around these solutions.

Duration: 00:09:40

What is a Strategic Security Assessment? (And Why You Need One!)

Security is a business risk like any other, but managing it isn’t. ePlus Chief Security Strategist Tom Bowers explains why a comprehensive review of your organization’s security program by a third-party CISO expert is a better way to assess and improve your program’s maturity.

Duration: 00:09:36

Strengthening Your Weakest Link: Why You Should Consider a Compromise Assessment

It’s said you’re only as strong as your weakest link. The same can be said in security, especially when it comes to mitigating insider threats. Considered one of the most pressing IT security and risk management challenges we face today, ePlus Chief Security Strategic Tom Bowers discusses the importance of compromise assessments and how they will benefit your organization.

Duration: 00:05:59

Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Like all industries, healthcare is transforming. From changing ideas about patient care, to new growth drivers, to spiking security concerns, healthcare is facing a growing set of complex challenges. George Pashardis, Regional Vice President and Healthcare Practice Leader, and Jay Farrell, Vice President of Sales, ePlus Group, will shed light on where the industry is going and how ePlus is helping healthcare providers stay secure while optimize their IT investments, deliver...

Duration: 00:13:42

Enhance Automation and Savings with Cisco ONE

CIOs and CTOs are looking for creative ways to drive savings and enhance automation. The answer often lies in software. Learn how Cisco ONE logically groups software together across architectures to provide customers with not only better pricing but better business results.

Duration: 00:09:21

Intel Inside: How ePlus and Intel Bring Advanced Technologies to Life

Connectivity, experiences and smart infrastructure are fueling the partnership between Intel and ePlus to solve today’s modern business problems. Learn how the partnership is driving digital transformation across many fields, including healthcare and government, and helping people better engage with technology to create experiences that matter.

Duration: 00:08:26

Understanding the Internet of Things – How it will Affect your Business

Change the vertical industry and you change the meaning behind the value IoT can deliver. Learn what IoT is, how to differentiate it from digital, the role security plays and why the need for new, timely insights is driving this fascinating and complex trend.

Duration: 00:16:44

Kick Start Your Digital Transformation

Assessments help you understand where your IT environment has been so you can understand where it’s going. Learn why assessments and envisioning are the “due diligence” behind your digital transformation strategy, and the most cost-effective way for you to reach your goals.

Duration: 00:07:39

Covered with Fabric – How ePlus and Fortinet Partner for Your Security

Fortinet has the fabric. ePlus has the assessments, design and services. Find out more about this powerful security partnership, the philosophy and skills behind’s Fortinet’s offerings, and how ePlus brings speed and power to the challenge of securing today’s networks without borders.

Duration: 00:14:04

Why Maintenance is the Backbone of Innovation

Today’s culture is so obsessed with innovation that we often underestimate the importance of maintenance. Maintenance, in a sense, is the backbone of innovation. Not only does maintenance keep our IT environments running, but really good maintenance also provides visibility and improves operational efficiency of the environment it supports. Find out what to look for in maintenance support services and how ePlus Enhanced Maintenance Support can help.

Duration: 00:10:41

Answers to your Storage Questions

There are so many choices when it comes to Storage and so many questions. Join Don Mann, ePlus Chief Architect of Emerging Technologies will answer a few of your storage questions such as explaining Flash v. Standard Storage? Where does Cloud fit into a storage strategy? How can the explosion of data coming from the proliferation of BYOD be managed? And how advances by Intel technologies have changed the landscape of storage.

Duration: 00:13:32

Connecting Cloud and Security in the Digital Age

Cyber security is the one of the biggest concerns any business has today. It’s one thing to protect data on premises, but what about in the cloud? How well can data in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud solution be protected. Join Lee Waskevich, Senior Director Security Architect to learn how ePlus and our key partners such as Intel can protect data in a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution.

Duration: 00:11:46

ePlus Threat Defense Platform Introduction

Businesses today may have up to 90 different security products at any one time. ePlus, with other key partners such as Cisco with Intel inside, can offer a consolidated security solution, greatly consolidating security products, which makes the management of security threats easier and more effective. Join Dan Joslin, ePlus Security Solutions Director to learn more!

Duration: 00:14:56

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Applications

A “hyperconvergence” infrastructure sounds great, but how would it affect workloads and applications? Join the ePlus Data Center expert, Zeki Yasir, as he explains how applications and workloads work in an hyperconverged infrastructure and how Intel processors make them work more efficiently.

Duration: 00:09:04

Hyperconverged ABCs and 123s

A lot of businesses are starting to talk about “hyperconvergence.” But exactly what is it and how could it help your business? Join the ePlus Data Center expert, Zeki Yasir, as he explains hyperconvergence – What it is? Who is it for? And what benefits could you achieve with a hypgerconverged infrastructure? And how Intel’s technology makes it all possible.

Duration: 00:08:38