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Rural Development, with Bill Menner and Bill McGowan (Ep. 23)

In this episode we focus on rural America with two former state directors for USDA Rural Development: Bill Menner and Bill McGowan. Our conversation begins with a discussion about the need for homegrown local leadership to act as a sparkplug, and continues with why some rural communities struggle while others survive; the importance of broadband connectivity for rural economic development, and the need for government financial support for it; the economics and politics of clean energy in...

Duration: 00:48:23

Ocean Energy at the Outer Banks, with Dr. Lindsay Dubbs from North Carolina's Renewable Ocean Energy Program (Ep.22)

North Carolina's Outer Banks are a popular vacation spot for millions of families who come for the hundreds of miles of sandy beaches, the surf and the sun. The Outer Banks are also well known historically as the place where the Wright Brothers first pioneered controlled flight more than 100 years ago. These days, the Outer Banks are also the site of research into a new clean energy technology: marine hydrokinetic energy. On this episode of the podcast we are joined by Dr. Lindsay Dubbs,...

Duration: 00:39:44

Electric Vehicles, Managed Charging and Utilities, with Erika Myers, Director of Research at SEPA (Ep. 21)

Electric Vehicles (EVs) represent the largest new source of electric load since the air conditioner was invented. They also represent new, flexible sources of distributed energy resources (DERs) that can put power back into the grid. In this episode we delve into these challenges and opportunities with Erika Myers, Director of Research at SEPA, the Smart Electric Power Alliance. Erika authored a recent report titled Utilities and Electric Vehicles: The Case for Managed Charging which...

Duration: 00:27:25

Picking up the PACE, with Gerard Neely, Manager of Maryland Commercial PACE (Ep.20)

This episode is all about Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE -- a relatively new financing mechanism that allows property owners to pay for energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades without spending a dime out of pocket. Our guest is Gerard Neely, Manager of Maryland Commercial PACE, a statewide administrator for commercial PACE projects across Maryland. We discuss how the PACE financing mechanism works; how PACE got its start; the extent to which PACE has been adopted nationally;...

Duration: 00:38:17

Shining a Light on Solar, with Pam Cargill, Chaolysti Principal and SEIA Board Member (Ep.19)

In this episode we finally dive into solar energy with Pam Cargill, Principal at Chaolysti consulting and a board member of SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association. Our conversation begins with a look at the type of solar consulting work Chaolysti does, and continues with SEIA's recent Lobby Day on Capitol Hill; a discussion about the Suniva trade petition, its potential impact on the domestic solar industry, and how it will proceed; how the politics of solar have changed over the...

Duration: 00:40:03

From the Aspen Institute: Infrastructure Fueling Rural Economic Development (Ep.18)

This special episode of More Power To You comes to you from the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. Hosted by the Institute's Community Strategies Group (CSG) and Rural Development Innovation Group (RDIG), the event focuses on the unique importance of infrastructure in fueling economic development in rural communities. The event kicks off with opening remarks from CSG Executive Director Janet Topolsky and RDIG's Connie Stewart, Executive Director of the California Center for Rural...

Duration: 01:30:11

The Paris Accord, Carbon Tax Prospects and Grid Reliability, with Barry Worthington, Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association (Ep.17)

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with Barry K. Worthington, Executive Director of the United States Energy Association, for a big-picture discussion about U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the prospects for a carbon tax, and grid reliability. We close with Barry's prediction about what the U.S. grid will look like ten years from now. The interview was recorded the morning of June 1, 2017, just a few hours before President Trump held a news conference in the White...

Duration: 00:29:01

From BPC and ICCT: International Competitiveness and the Auto Industry: What's the Role of Emission Standards? (Ep.16)

This special episode of More Power To You was recorded last week at the Bipartisan Policy Council in Washington, D.C. The BPC and the International Council on Clean Transportation sponsored a fascinating panel discussion entitled "International Competitiveness and the Auto Industry: What's the Role of Motor Vehicle Emission Standards?" BPC president Jason Grumet kicks things off with some introductory remarks, ICCT Executive Director Drew Kodjak takes the podium to moderate the...

Duration: 01:33:33

From USEA: Congressman Joe Barton (Ep. 15)

This special episode of More Power To You brings you Congressman Joe Barton's remarks at the United States Energy Association's 2017 Annual Membership Meeting and Public Policy Forum. The event was held at the National Press Club in downtown Washington, D.C. USEA presented Rep. Barton with its Annual Energy Award for his longtime contributions to the energy sector. Congressman Barton has served in Congress since 1985 and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the House Energy and Commerce...

Duration: 00:34:19

Charging Up with EV Chargers, with Mahi Reddy, Founder and CEO of SemaConnect (Ep.14)

Americans have had a longtime love affair with the automobile. You could even say it's ingrained into our national psyche. It's not surprising, then, that this industry in which 90% of fuels are fossil-based generates 27% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, this high-carbon transportation model is being disrupted by the emergence of clean electric vehicles. In this episode we focus on EV chargers, a critically important but less-often discussed aspect of the EV revolution....

Duration: 00:48:02

Fueling Up With Biofuels, with Paul Winters and Erick Lutt of BIO (Ep.13)

On this episode we're talking about biology. Not your high school biology, though; we're talking about biotechnology and biofuels with Paul Winters, Director of Communications, and Erick Lutt, Director of Industrial and Environmental Policy, for BIO, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Paul and Erick start off with the basics of how agricultural products such as corn are converted into biofuels such as ethanol. Then the discussion covers how biofuels are more climate friendly than...

Duration: 00:38:03

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin talks Chesapeake Bay, Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement under a Trump Administration (Ep.12)

So much of the discussion about the environment and the clean energy transition these days centers on the new Trump Administration and on Congress. So, who better to talk about it than someone who is in the midst of it every day—U.S. Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland. Senator Cardin joins the podcast from his office on Capitol Hill to share his perspective on what the Trump Administration means for Chesapeake Bay restoration, the Clean Power Plan and the United States' participation in the...

Duration: 00:10:52

From 2017IPF: BOEM's Path Forward, with Jim Bennett, Joan Barminski and Mike Celata of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Ep.11)

This is the fifth and final episode recorded at last week’s 2017 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum, or IPF, in Annapolis, Maryland. This session is called “BOEM’s Path Forward.” It builds on the previous day’s remarks from Dr. Walter Cruickshank, Acting Director of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, or BOEM. You can hear those remarks in episode 8 of More Power To You. This episode gets into a lot more detail about BOEM’s activities and its approach for supporting the...

Duration: 00:58:01

From 2017IPF: Wanted: Offshore Wind Electricity Buyers, with Klair White, Malcolm Woolf, Ryan Hodum and Mary Ann Christopher (Ep.10)

We bring you this special episode of More Power To You from the 2017 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) held last week in Annapolis, Maryland. This session is all about power purchase agreements for renewable energy, with an emphasis on offshore wind. The session covers different ways in which PPAs are structured, how the corporate clean energy commitments are resulting in a spike in corporate PPAs, how regulators and policy makers are seeking to accommodate corporate PPAs,...

Duration: 01:08:57

From 2017IPF: Financing Green Infrastructure, with Nick Gardiner and Nigel Slater of the UK Green Investment Bank, and Chris Moscardelli from Société Générale (Ep.9)

This special episode of More Power To You brings you the presenters' opening remarks from the Financing Green Infrastructure session at the 2017 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) in Annapolis, Maryland. The three presenters are: UK Green Investment BankUK Green Investment BankSociété Générale The presenters discuss the challenges of meeting early wind farm financing needs and their view of the investor readiness to meet the future financing needs of the growing U.S....

Duration: 00:50:26

From 2017IPF: Update on U.S. BOEM Offshore Wind Activities, A Director's View with Acting Director Walter Cruickshank (Ep.8)

In this special episode of More Power To You, we bring you the opening session from Day 2 of the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) in Annapolis, Maryland. Walter Cruickshank, Acting Director of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management presents an overview of BOEM's activities and future outlook for offshore wind. Recorded April 20, 2017 Published April 24, 2017

Duration: 00:21:22

From 2017IPF: Opening Plenary Panel Discussion with European Offshore Wind Leaders, Moderated by José Zayas, Dir. of U.S. Dept. of Energy Wind Energy Technologies Office (Ep.7)

On this special episode of More Power To You, we bring you the full panel discussion from today's opening session of the 2017 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind. The conversation is broad and deep, and covers the current offshore wind landscape from technology to politics to economics. The panel is moderated by José Zayas, Director of the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Wind Energy Technologies Office and includes these five thought...

Duration: 01:31:46

The Nuclear Option, with Matt Wald, Senior Communications Advisor at the Nuclear Energy Institute (Ep.6)

On this episode we cover the current landscape for nuclear energy and its prospects for the future. Matt Wald, Senior Communications Advisor at the Nuclear Energy Institute, joins the podcast to discuss the benefits of nuclear energy; how nuclear's economics and environmental aspects compare with other power sources; and the context and implications for Westinghouse's recent financial troubles and the recently announced closures of the Indian Point and Diablo Canyon reactors in New York...

Duration: 00:34:07

Electricity Procurement and Planning, with Eric DeVito, Principal at Stone, Mattheis, Xenopoulos & Brew, PC (Ep.5)

There’s no question that the way Americans produce and consume electricity is upending how utilities and large users are purchasing their current energy needs and planning for the future. Joining us to talk about this aspect of the energy transition is Eric DeVito, a principal at Stone, Matthies, Xenopoulos & Brew, a private lawfirm specializing in energy law. We discuss how distributed generation such as rooftop solar and electric vehicles are leading to electricity rate cases and...

Duration: 00:48:29

Island Renewal, with Christopher Burgess, Director of Projects for Rocky Mountain Institute—Carbon War Room's Islands Energy Program (Ep.4)

On this episode of the podcast we're heading down to the islands! Well, figuratively speaking, at least. Our guest is Christopher Burgess, Director of Projects for the Islands Energy Program, an initiative of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room. We discuss what the Islands Energy Program is and the challenge that spawned it; cover the current energy landscape in the Caribbean; discuss what types of renewables the islands are pursuing and how the Program is working to bring...

Duration: 00:45:16

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