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Stay switched on to the best live and local radio in the Canberra region, and take part in a real conversation that goes beyond sound bites. Monday to Thursday, Alex explores issues with carefully selected guests, through her special blend of warmth and hard-hitting questions. On Fridays, Andrea Ho hosts the program.






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Sponge cake recipe

Nicole Krege is the Land Cookery Officer at the CWA's Canberra Evening Branch, and she dropped by 666 Mornings to share a slice of cake with Genevieve Jacobs.

Duration: 00:09:51

In Focus: Canberra's Aboriginal Health Care service Winnunga Nimmityjah

In a two part radio series, 666 ABC Canberra's Genevieve Jacobs spoke to staff and clients at Canberra's Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service. Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service in Narrabundah is the only Indigenous-run health service in the territory and works with complex problems of comorbidity, mental and physical health issues and drug dependence.

Duration: 00:12:58

Do we need a wind farm commissioner?

Australian wind farms are under scrutiny, with the Federal Government proposing a national wind farm commissioner to investigate complaints about their operation. Critics accuse wind turbines of creating a range of problems, from headaches and insomnia in nearby residents, to killing wildlife like birds and bats. Genevieve Jacobs spoke to Professor Andrew Blakers, Foundation Director of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University, who suggested that a...

Duration: 00:08:33

666 Canberra to lose its dedicated rural reporter

Recent changes to the ABC budget saw a restructure to the corporation, which included the creation of a new regional division. These changes will impact on 666 ABC Canberra's rural reporter, whose job will move to Parliament House from July 1st. The new Head of Rural and National Programs for ABC Region Leigh Radford explained that as well as the relocation, 666's rural reporter will become a "regional affairs reporter for the broader ABC regional division". While this will offer more...

Duration: 00:05:59

Let's talk about sex...

A walk around the exhibition was the only way we could start an Outside Broadcast at Canberra Museum and Gallery's X-Rated exhibition. Genevieve spoke to Rowan Henderson, exhibition curator, about the inspiration behind telling this particular story. Download audio

Duration: 00:07:46

How did Canberra become the sex capital in the first place?

The reason that Canberra is known as Pornberra by some is due to the progressive legislation which was introduced in the ACT Assembly in the early 1990s. Michael Moore was an independent member of the Legislative Assembly at the time and instrumental in the changes as ACT Minister for Health and Community Services. Genevieve Jacobs spoke to Michael Moore as part of her broadcast from the X-Rated exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery. Download audio

Duration: 00:06:56

A sexual education at CMAG

As part of our Outside Broadcast at the new X-Rated exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery, Genevieve Jacobs spoke to Kristy Leigh, Manager of local store Hello Sexy. Kristy talked to us about how the sex store industry has changed in the last decade - and introduced Genevieve to a number of special items that she had not previously known much about! Download audio

Duration: 00:09:04

Food Sensitivity

This week on the Nutrition segment, local dietician Caroline Salisbury introduced fellow dietician Joan Breakey. Joan is the author of a number of books about food sensitivity including ‘Tolerating Troublesome Foods’, 'Fussy Baby' and 'Are You Food Sensitive?' Joan investigates cases of food intolerance in families saying that strong smells to various foods may indicate a problem and this can be obvious by generational studies of family indicators regarding food digestion. Joan believes...

Duration: 00:26:22

The Queen in Canberra - sort of.

When Australian-born artist Ralph Heimans got an email from Buckingham Palace asking him if he would be available in March, he packed his bags and headed for London. Four days later he was told that he had been selected to paint the only Diamond Jubilee portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait was today unveiled by the Governor General Quentin Bryce at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Alex Sloan spoke to Ralph Heimans a couple of hours before the official...

Duration: 00:14:06

Fred Hollow's equipment passed onto the National Museum of Australia

Today the Fred Hollows Foundation handed over important equipment used by Fred in his work with Indigenous Australians

Duration: 00:07:17

Cuts to the Commonwealth Public Service

Do you think there's $550 million dollars worth of fat to be cut out of the Federal Public Service? Apparently the Federal Government does. This morning, this issue of public service efficiency was addressed at the annual Australian Institute of Company Directors Public Sector Governance Forum. There Senator Penny Wong, Minster for Finance and Deregulation, annouced that savings of $550 million over the forward estimates will be found by pursuing further efficiencies but these would not...

Duration: 00:08:04

Kamahl recites the Gettysburg address for Alex and 666

Kamahl shares his Gettysburg address recital to mark the 150th anniversary of the famous speech

Duration: 00:14:06

Stretching to sleep: yoga helps older people with insomnia

Researchers in Melbourne and Israel have found that the ancient Indian discipline can really help older people suffering from insomnia.

Working through the flu - and why you shouldn't!

Last night on ABC 1's Q & A program Simon Sheikh, National Director of activist group Get Up!, collapsed. He was subsequently taken to hospital where doctors gave him the all clear but suggested he take time off work to rest and recover from the flu. This prompted the 666 Mornings team to contact Dr Alan Hampson, Chairman of the Influenza Specialist Group to seek advice about this flu season and the best way to deal with it. Download Influenza

Duration: 00:17:44

PNG Activist says he's here to "tell the truth".

Martyn Namorong, Papua New Guinean political activist and blogger was this week visiting Australia for the first time on a media tour. He popped into the 666 Studios to talk to Alex Sloan about the issues affecting his country. Download the audio file Download Martyn Namorong

Duration: 00:18:44

Mark Scott on the future of your ABC

Alex had an extremely interesting chat with Managing Director of the ABC, Mark Scott about a whole range of topics including the state of the Australian media as well as the future the ABC. It's your ABC too, so listen here to find out more... Download the audio file

Duration: 00:25:58

Resistant starch might protect against bowel cancer

Dr Topping spoke about his work in the area of resistant starch and how the new view is that Australians aren't showing a reduction in bowel cancer rates because they don't eat enough resistant starch. To find out more, listen here. Download the audio file

Duration: 00:25:55

National ANZAC Day morning with Michael Veitch

Today Michael Veitch took us across Australia and around the world for ANZAC Day. If you missed any of it, here's a list of who we spoke to each hour, along with the complete audio. This listing includes only our planned guests - we also received many fascinating phone calls with your memories and experiences. 10:00am - 11:00am Wain Fimeria, Gallipoli expert who made the documentary Gallipoli From Above - The Untold Story. Dr Craig Stockings, Senior Lecturer in History at the Australian...

Duration: 00:54:35