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Mornings is your chance to have your say on the issues that matter, and today Norman Swan talks about your health

Mornings is your chance to have your say on the issues that matter, and today Norman Swan talks about your health
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Mornings is your chance to have your say on the issues that matter, and today Norman Swan talks about your health




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Reports from the no go zone: a reporters reflection on the Fukushima disast

Itis hard to forget the confronting image of that massive tsunami hitting the Japanese coast back in 2011. Its destructive force was so powerful the giant waves crushed entire towns, killing thousands of people. The tsunami, and the earthquake that triggered it, also damaged the Fukushima nuclear plant causing a deadly radioactive leak. ABC's North Asia Correspondent Mark Willacy has relentlessly has spent the past 2 and a half years trying to uncover the full extent of this nuclear...

Duration: 00:10:02

Chris Hadfield

On the 20th July 1969 in a cottage on Stag Island in Ontario, 9 year old Chris Hadfield and his family watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. At that moment the little boy knew what he wanted to do with his life. Chris has gone on to become one of the most accomplished astronauts in the world. Yet he is perhaps most famous for his version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. It was his son's idea and his son rewrote the words making sure the astronaut lived in the end. He recorded it one day...

Duration: 00:19:18

Carl Barron walks backwards into Mornings

Carl Barron is just an ordinary guy when he walks the streets ( although he sometimes walked back wards to church). But don't be deceived - his observation is as sharp as a tack - his jokes "nail" the absurdities of real life and that's why he's regarded as one of the funniest blokes in the country. Download audio

Duration: 00:12:45

Twiggy Forrest: a complex character

A fast talking salesman who borrowed millions from a convicted drug dealer...a corporate cowboy and possible scoundrel – is this the same man who, a couple of weeks ago was on this program after being acclaimed as Australia’s greatest philanthopist? Who really is John Andrew Forrest? How great the weight of carrying a famous West Australian name? That of his great, great uncle John, the explorer and WA’s first Premier. In his new book, Twiggy – The High Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest –...

Duration: 00:15:23

100th Birthday

Geoff Hutchison was delighted this morning to talk to two very special ladies. Flora and Winifred are identical twin sisters and today they are celebrating their 100th birthday. There was a party this morning. They told Geoff "We can't see the place for flowers and people" They also talked about the secrets of a long life: "I don't feel 100, I only feel about 20" Download audio

Duration: 00:03:00

Teaching Boys about Sex

New figures today tell us infection rates for sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise. There is a challenge for health professionals to find new and better ways to communicate the safe sex message. Queensland University of Technology Professor Alan McKee is targeting school boys who traditionally are not interested in learning about how to manage sexual relationships. They did focus groups and found that boys responded better to sex education that was vulgar and funny. Peter, father...

Duration: 00:15:47

How to Avoid Wasting Food

Tell us what is in the back of your fridge and how much food do you waste? Mine is pretty good most of the time but when I get busy it builds up and the results can be on the nose. UK Supermarket Giant Tesco did a study that showed it wasted 28,500 tonnes of food in just six months. This included two thirds of produce grown for bagged salads, half the bakery goods and four out of ten apples. And while Tesco is now changing its business to reduce its ‘food waste footprint’ it does highlight...

Duration: 00:08:57

Queensland's New Anti-Bikie Laws Toughest in the Country

Queensland today passed tough new anti-bikie laws in a marathon session of State Parliament. Members of gangs could end up serving more jail time than murderers. Twenty six groups will be declared criminal organisations and member’s movements will be restricted. It is aimed to destroy the gangs and they will be the toughest in Australia. Geoff Hutchison asked Queensland University of Technology criminologist Dr Mark Lauchs what was his reaction "It is very strong, very extreme legislation....

Duration: 00:12:57

Mike Hussey

Not only is Mike Hussey one of the most successful Australian batsman to ever play the game, he is unquestionably one of the most popular. He probably winces still at the nickname Mr Cricket, given to him by Andrew Flintoff, but Adam Gilchrist reckons it’s just too perfect for him to ever be able to shake off. Michael Hussey’s dedication to the game has only been matched by his integrity and respect for it. And with the able assistance of the outstanding writer Malcolm Knox this young...

Duration: 00:19:53

Julie Finch

Planning is well underway for Perth’s new 428 million dollar museum – even though construction won’t start for another three years. It will be built on the current site at the Perth cultural centre and incorporate surrounding heritage buildings. So what will it offer and how will it look and what does it need to have to make it a world class facilty? Julie Finch is the current director of the Bristol Museum and has been selected to lead the new museum project in Perth. She has lots of...

Duration: 00:09:00

Matt Golinski on Grief and Loss

Last week on the morning program we met a funeral director. He told us we need to have a more open and honest discussion about death and the loss of loved ones. Recently there was a survey of people at risk to suicide and it found a large number were actually grieving the loss of someone close to them, either through suicide or another kind of trauma. Geoff Hutchison spoke to Melody Birrell from One Life and chef Matt Golinski. Matt is navigating his own journey after losing his wife and...

Duration: 00:14:55

A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski

Samantha Giemer was 13 when she was raped by Roman Polanski on March the 10th in 1977. Polanski wanted her for a photo shoot for a French magazine. He took her to Jack Nicholson’s Hollywood mansion to take some pictures…offered her champagne and pills and things were never to be the same for 13 year old Samantha. After pleading guilty he fled the United States never to return. In her book “The Girl: A life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski” she describes the events of that night and why a...

Duration: 00:13:43

Sue Milliken

Most of the time we gain our insights into the film industry via the gossip pages of magazines...But today on Mornings we met a woman with endless tales to tell about her decades of experience producing movies, wrangling stars, working in challenging conditions. Sue Milliken began her career as a continuity girl at the ABC (on Skippy no less!) and became a well respected producer, working with screen legends like, Cate Blanchett, John Meillon, Graham Kennedy, Bruce Beresford, Barry...

Duration: 00:13:37

Favourite Sporting Film Challenge

On Geoff's Picture Show we love asking listeners about their favourite movies. This week we asked what is your favourite film to do with sport. Jenny texted the program to tell us she had seen Chariots of Fire over 30 times and she could recite most of the scenes in the movie. So Geoff Hutchison got her on the program and put her to the test with some pretty delightful results. Download audio

Duration: 00:05:06

Calling a Football Final on Radio

Most Western Australians are keen to hear the last few seconds of the 2013 AFL Finals to be called with a Dockers win. On Mornings we learnt that calling a final is a lot tougher than people think. ABC Grandstand's Clint Wheeldon told us the aim for radio commentary is to describe the game accurately with the right level of emotion. Also that you need to paint word pictures for people that can't see the game. ABC morning's reporter Jamie Burnett and a listener Nathan were both brave enough...

Duration: 00:04:46

WAYJO Celebrates 30 Years

The jazz community in Perth has a reputation for energy, strength and quality – and that tradition has been reinforced by thirty years of the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra. Regarded as the premier band of its kind in Australia, many of its alumni have gone onto successful international careers. Some of them are back in Perth this week to celebrate the anniversary and to be part of the WAYJO all star big band that will play at the gala celebrations tomorrow night. Two former band members, WAYJO...

Duration: 00:14:37

Puppy warning from Consumer Protection

Buying a pet is an exciting time. While it’s filled with challenges and responsibility, there’s nothing like bringing in a pet to become a new part of your family. However Consumer Protection is concerned about an increase in reports of sick, newly purchased puppies; often infected with the potentially fatal parvovirus. Geoff Hutchison talks with Consumer Protection’s Lanie Chopping about the issue- that’s followed by the recent experience of ABC Rural’s Belinda Varischetti. Download audio

Duration: 00:05:58

Who are you - George O'Neil

George O’Neil is someone many know a bit about. For fifteen years he’s been waging his own war on drugs at the Fresh Start recovery programme in Subiaco. His success rate is significant. But as he explains to Geoff Hutchison, he has a long lamented feeling sometimes- like a voice in the wilderness. Download audio

Duration: 00:25:43

Skin Cancer Warning

If you are a young person hopefully you will be reaching for the sun block after meeting Clinton Heal. Clinton is about to turn 30 and is waging a battle with melanoma. He has had 17 surgeries and 35 secondary melanoma tumours removed from his body. He has just had another secondary melanoma reoccurrence after being disease free for three years. Clinton spoke to Geoff Hutchison on the release of Health Department figures that told us that the rate West Australians being diagnosed with...

Duration: 00:05:29

American Ambassador says goodbye

Jeffrey Bleich presented his credentials to the Governor General Quentin Bryce in November of 2009, as the new US Ambassador to Australia. Now he’s preparing to hand over that role to his replacement John Berry. Geoff Hutchison was joined in the studio by Jeffrey Bleich, for a few reflections of the Australian years. Download audio

Duration: 00:22:27

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