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Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian is a personal finance and light business news podcast for average Canadians. It's a light hearted look into what is important about managing your personal finances and what some of the business headlines really mean. Interviews, jokes, education, and no intimidation. It's mostly about money, and mostly Canadian, but sometimes things get off topic. Like fast cars, fatty foods, movies, science, and more. Basically it'll cover whatever random thoughts are going through Preet's head. This podcast is rated R for occasional foul language and as a pre-emptive warning to those with pickles up their ass. http://www.preetbanerjee.com




59: Economics 101 with Luke Kawa

Luke Kawa joins the show to explain some economic buzzwords, concepts, and theories such as the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. He also grades the Governor of the Bank of Canada, and provides his two cents on housing in Canada. Luke is a reporter at Bloomberg, based in New York. You can follow him on twitter at https://www.twitter.com/ljkawa. If you would like to contribute to the charity mentioned at the end of the podcast, you can find it here:...

Duration: 01:02:27