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Asia & the BAT Stocks

Brian Richards (head of Fool Asia) returns from his trip to Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan! We discuss the attractiveness of the BAT stocks (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), Tom Gardner’s keynote speech, and the culture of basketball in Hong Kong. To access content from Tom Gardner’s speech in Singapore, just go to www.Fool.Sg/InvestFair2017.

Duration: 00:19:25

Are Starbucks Shares Cheap?

Just how many companies will actually blame the solar eclipse for their earnings miss next quarter? Jason Moser analyzes the prospect of former GE CEO Jeff Immelt taking the wheel at Uber. Starbucks makes the cover of Barron’s, begging the question of just how attractive the stock’s valuation. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to make a recommendation to a novice whiskey drinker. Thanks to Harry’s for supporting The Motley Fool. Get your Free Trial Set – go to Harrys.com/Fool

Duration: 00:25:54

Walmart, Alibaba & Esports

Walmart’s online sales rise 67%. Aaron Bush analyzes the retail landscape, Alibaba’s latest results, and Elon Musk dabbling in esports.

Duration: 00:20:00

Stop Chasing The Hot Sector

2nd-quarter profits for both Target and Urban Outfitters came in higher than expected, but only one of those stocks is soaring today. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker digs into the retail industry, and we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss ETFs, diversification and more. (Tangents include things to do in Memphis, the classic film “Diner” and shark vs. tiger.)

Duration: 00:26:10

New Retail Woes

Dick’s Sporting Goods plummets on disappointing earnings. Home Depot sells off despite strong results. And a judge orders Costco to pay up. Motley Fool analyst Ron Gross discusses those stories.

Duration: 00:15:34

TV’s Free Agents

VF Corp makes a deal for more workwear, sending its stock higher. Taylor Muckerman and Jason Moser analyze how showrunners moving from broadcast and cable networks to Amazon and Netflix signal further disruption in the TV industry. Plus, we dig into broadcast TV’s remaining ace card and the coming storm for professional sports leagues.

Duration: 00:21:25

Blue Apron’s Missed Delivery

Shares of Blue Apron plunge after the meal delivery company warns of big losses ahead. And Facebook introduces a new video platform. Our analysts discuss those stories and delve into earnings from Macy’s and Kohl’s.

Duration: 00:21:31

Live from Chatter!

Disney makes headlines with its break from Netflix. Priceline and TripAdvisor sink for different reasons. And we dip into the Fool Mailbag to offer marriage advice. Ron Gross, and Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds, discuss these stories and the return of “The Ocho” at a live taping from Chatter in Washington DC.

Duration: 00:27:21

Retail’s Rebound

Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors both soar on better-than-expected 1st-quarter profits. Jason Moser analyzes the way both retailers are improving margins. Plus, we dig into Wayfair’s latest results and offer some advice to Shake Shack’s management.

Duration: 00:16:36

Tyson Has The Meats

Tyson Foods’ stock rises on strong exports of beef, chicken and pork. Taylor Muckerman and Jason Moser analyze Tyson’s growth potential, Marriott’s new deal with Alibaba, Tesla’s completely-expected debt offering, and Netflix’s 1st content acquisition.

Duration: 00:21:04

Tesla, Teva, and the Danger of Debt

Tesla shares rise on strong 2nd-quarter profits, but the company still needs cash. Bill Mann analyzes Tesla’s short-term future and why Elon Musk continues to set ambitious production targets. Teva Pharmaceuticals sinks to a 13-year low on a bad 2nd-quarter report combined with slashing the dividend. Plus, Bill shares observations, both business and personal, from his recent trip to Africa. Thanks to Bombfell for supporting The Motley Fool. Get $25 off your first purchase at...

Duration: 00:19:23

A Very Apple Christmas

Apple’s quarterly revenue comes in north of $45 billion. Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds looks at the results and disputes any rumors that the iPhone 8 might be delayed past the holidays. Mondelez is getting a new CEO, and Groupon rises despite revenue being light (again). Plus, the movie theater industry gets a bleak warning. (Tangents include movies we’ll go to the theater for, the bloated Oreo division, and Bill’s brief directing career!) Thanks to Bombfell for supporting The Motley...

Duration: 00:34:20

Tasty Earnings

Texas Roadhouse serves up big earnings. Shares of Under Armour slip. And shares of Shopify surge. Ron Gross and David Kretzmann dig into those stories.

Duration: 00:15:01

“They have no room for error.”

Merger Monday! Discovery Communications seals a $14.6 billion deal with Scripps Interactive. Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman analyze Discovery’s opportunities for international growth. Snap’s lockup period expires, sending trading volume through the roof. But while Snap’s stock remains flat, the upcoming earnings report bears watching. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss Costco’s marketing push with....Groupon??

Duration: 00:21:24

Facebook’s Big Surprise

Shares of Facebook surge on better-than-expected earnings. David Kretzmann and Matt Argersinger weigh in on the surprising numbers and delve into earnings from Buffalo Wild Wings, PayPal, and Tractor Supply Company.

Duration: 00:20:45

Boeing Soars, Chipotle Struggles

Boeing’s stock pops on jet-fueled profits. Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds analyzes Boeing’s strengths, as well as a 1950s-America basket of stocks (US Steel, Coca-Cola, Hershey, etc.) In the wake of Chipotle’s latest quarterly conference call, we debate how seriously management is taking its latest crisis. (Tangents in this episode include The Godfather: Part II and the writings of the late, great David Halberstam.)

Duration: 00:30:08

McDonald’s, Alphabet & Domino’s Pizza

McDonald’s hits a new all-time high after global sales stun Wall Street. David Kretzmann analyzes the rise of the Golden Arches under CEO Steve Easterbrook. Plus, we dig into Alphabet’s EU fine and how cost-per-click affected Q2 results, as well as the Domino’s Pizza’s astonishing streak of international sales growth.

Duration: 00:22:06

4 Stocks for the War on Cash

Visa has declared war on cash. Jason Moser shares the four stocks he intends to buy in the growing trend of non-cash transactions. Plus, we discuss Hasbro’s surprising drop, Blue Apron’s upgrades, WebMD going private and whether Jordan Spieth winning the British Open can boost shares of Under Armour.

Duration: 00:25:54

The Tom Hanks Effect

Sears pops after striking a deal to sell Kenmore-branded appliances on Amazon.com. Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds analyzes the deal and explains how news involving Amazon relates to the classic Tom Hanks film “Big.” Plus, we dig into the latest results from T-Mobile, United Rentals and Polaris Industries. (Tangents include the moon landing, going over your mobile data plan, college rivalries and the wrong place to get a lobster roll.) Thanks to Slack for supporting The Motley Fool....

Duration: 00:25:50

Guidance 101

Should companies offer quarterly guidance? What are the incentives in place for Wall Street analysts? Jim Mueller and Aaron Bush break down what investors should know about the guidance game. Plus we dig into IBM’s latest quarter, Chipotle’s latest uncertainty, and the potential merger in the cable networks industry. Thanks to Harry’s for supporting The Motley Fool. Get your Free Trial Set – go to Harrys.com/Fool

Duration: 00:25:42

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