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Episode 21- Journalist Walker Bragman

We sit down for storytime with Randolph, who shares a story about a bad little boy who becomes president. Actually, he just reads an excerpt out of Fire & Fury which has got Trump so pissed! Journalist Walker Bragman joins us to share his thoughts on the upcoming Mid-Term elections, the future of the Democratic Party, Trump and more. He has written for numerous publications such as Paste Magazine, Huffington Post, The Hill, Salon, etc. You can find him on Twitter @WalkerBragman. Email:...

Duration: 00:47:22

M2M Epsiode 20- Happy Saturnalia

Amos, Ashwin, and Nasty have all been so good this year they made out their wish lists with great care. They asked Santa for so many things that will help the world! We find the TRUE meaning for the season! Hint: Jesus has little to do with it. We also get in our top 5 predictions for 2018! Happy Saturnalia to all! And we hope that we are all still here to see 2019!

Duration: 00:55:04

M2M Episode 19- Bitcoin is so Bae

Bitcoin is the future of mining and Comcast needs your bandwidth to help! Amos, Ashwin, and Nasty explore the Bitcoin explosion and the ruins of the internet world without Net Neutrality. Finally, we cheer the Alabama senate race result and pop open a bottle of bubbly. Don't get too excited though! It comes with plenty of delicious caveats. Show notes: Bitcoin is failing as a currency Bitcoin is unsustainable...

Duration: 01:02:00

M2M Episode 18- Gay Jim Crow

Republicans are bringing back the greatest hits of the Gilded Age, such as Massive Monopolies and Jim Crow to go along with their radical wealth redistribution and regular economic crashes. Ashwin, Amos, and Randolph aka Nasty Jack get into latest in what is coming with GA 2.0 and rant about the feeble the Democrats' attempts to stop it. Can we all just vote for Jezza 2018?

Duration: 00:50:31

M2M Episode 17- Comedy Can Save the World! feat. Comedian Mark Miller

We bring in comedian and friend of the mountain, Mark Miller, to get serious about the role of comedy in the Age of Trump. Find Mountain2Mountain online- Twitter: @Mountain2M Facebook: Email: For More from The Best Mark Miller: Webpage/ Blog: Youtube: Vimeo: Instagram and Twitter: @BestMarkMiller Facebook:...

Duration: 00:44:39

M2M Episode 16- SOOooo Nasty Edition: Roy Moore, Bad Billionaires, and Dems Nasty

Nasty Roy Moore is getting what's coming to him in Alabama for some nasty justice. Dems victory over Republicans in Virginia was soooo remarkably nasty and could portend to some nasty future wins. Nasty Billionaires who are underwriting the Democrats are just nasty assholes who stash their money in nasty banks in the Caymans. Fuck. That is nasty. Facebook: Mountain2Mountain Twitter: @Mounain2M Email:

Duration: 00:49:39

M2M Episode 15- Donna Brazile and her Antifa Supersoldiers go h2h withTrump's Papa-Dopolous

After a one-week absence M2M returns to find a radically different world than we left it! Antifa Supersoldiers marched and took over the country wearing their jade helms! Antifa-hero Donna Brazile's release of her new book makes her a villain of Center/Bitter Twitter, all in an effort to take down the Dems and make a shit ton of money! Antifa Federation of Labo-CIO finally realized that the Dems DGAF about them! Trump's campaign team is getting slowly picked off by Robert Mueller's crack...

Duration: 00:49:48

M2M Episode 14- Fuck Harvey, Fuck Hollywood, Fuck Bush, Fuck all!

Featuring Special guest Gertrude Elion! Fuck Harvey Weinstein and everything he represents about Hollywood. Special fuck you goes out to Barbara Walters, too. Fuck Bush and Bush nostalgia! Since everyone was feeling warm and Fuzzy about Bush last week, we felt compelled to explain what was so terrifying about the Bush years. Ashwin goes on an epic rant against Mike Pence, SO DON'T MISS IT!

Duration: 00:44:48

M2M Episode 13b- Rick Shepherd, NV-2's Next Congressman, Part Deux

DO YOU KNOW WHAT LFTR IS? Better listen in to part deux of our interview with NV-2's next congressman, Rick Shepherd to find out. (OK, OK if you don't that is fine go to Wikipedia to learn more: Or watch Kirk Sorenson explain it in a TED Talk cuz if TED Talks make it legit: CAN RICK pass Randolph's POP QUIZ?? It's an intense test of knowledge! Listen to...

Duration: 00:37:35

M2M Episode 13a- Rick Shepherd, NV-2's Next Congressman

RICK SHEPHERD could be the next congressman from Nevada! What's more, we got him on Mountain2Mountain this week in a 2-part episode. In Part 1, Amos, Randolph, and Ashwin talk with Rick about his background, holding Wall Street accountable, student loan forgiveness, and even more! Enjoy! He is running to unseat Trump's campaign manager for Nevada, Rep. Mark Amodei: He has a lot of great ideas and an interesting backstory as a longtime local activist:...

Duration: 00:39:43

Episode 12- Vegas, Trump Hot Takes, and Viva Espagne

Daniel Bryant Cooper joins us again to tell bout his firsthand experience in Las Vegas the night of the shooting. The Vegas shooting is another tragedy that continues to define our generation. We explore how the 2nd Amendment and the NRA lobbyists is holding the country under threat of violence. We also take some time to diss Trump (not hard) and chat about Spain's Catalonia crisis and how Germany's pro-austerity regime is hurting Eurozone countries.

Duration: 00:46:17

M2M Episode 11a- Everything you NEED to KNOW about Puerto Rico and WE GOT A COMMENT

It's a special edition of Mountain2Mountain. It's a two-parter and we have special guests! Al McIntosh (Big Al), Antonia Brugos, and D.B. Cooper join us all for an exciting "friends edition" of M2M. WE GOT A COMMENT! We get into our first and only comment left on Soundcloud, iTunes or otherwise. I told you we would talk about you if you did! We get into the latest about Puerto Rico and the devastation that Hurricane Maria hath wrought. We get into why it is a struggle and why our president...

Duration: 00:41:37

M2M Episode 10: Protest, Protest, Protest!

Afflict the comfortable! Down with the NFL and its Billionaire Owners! Long Live King Colin Kap! We take a knee and talk the importance of protest. Hint: If it makes you uncomfortable, its working. NFL fans, eat your heart out! We follow-up on the outcome of the German Bundestag elections. One big lesson for left-wing parties: Don't be the junior partner of a government people are unhappy with. We hope that Pelosi and Schumer are taking note! Don't cut deals with Trump on DACA or anything...

Duration: 00:45:30

Episode 9- Can You Imagine Edition- Juggalos, Germany, and M4A

Imagine all the good things we could have, elections and political parties that fit our beliefs! Healthcare as a RIGHT! Juggalos representing the best values we have as Americans. Ted Cruz going out with a bang! It is a cornucopia of impossibilities in the latest M2M. Are you arguing that M4A is going to be too expensive? Read this: Ted Cruz & his wife have...

Duration: 00:39:33

M2M Episode 8- Endless Rain, Endless War, and Dystopian Futures

So Joel Osteen was banished from our Mountain this week. We go over the long term implications of more Hurricane Harveys. Trump's announcement that we will stick around in Afghanistan also has us questioning what does the future hold for the country and the world. So we played a game to determine what kind of depressing dystopian future we can expect from our would-be presidents! Enjoy! Why was Harvey such an unprecedented disaster:...

Duration: 00:48:48

M2M Episode 7- Eclipsin' & Hot Takes, Bannon & Upcoming Republican (and Dem) Civil War(s)

Folks- we to a big one for ya. We do some "Hot Takes" on the notorious Crying Nazi, the solar eclipse, and our Rastlin' Hero, Dan Richards, aka the Progressive Liberal. Then we go deep and explore what the Steve Bannon ouster means for the future of the Trump White House. Will Pence be installed soon? What will that mean for Dems or the 2018 elections? Show Notes: Cantwell, the Crying Nazi Crying vs Tough Talk: Colbert Report appearance:...

Duration: 00:45:09

Episode 6- Nazis, Nukes, and North Korea

Nazis Beware- Mountain2Mountain doesn't want you around here! Is the death rattle of White Supremacy? Charlottesville brought out all kind of crazy and we take a look at reactions. Also- Will we be here in another week? We speculate on the outcome of Trump & N. Korea.

Duration: 00:36:02

Episode 5- Twitter Wars, Much Ado About Kamala, and Jim the Jabba

We laugh about our first twitter foray as @Mountain2M, talk about the latest flame war on social media, and Jim Justice, governor of West Virginia ditching one political party for the other and how that changes little for the better. Make sure to rate us on iTunes, battle us on Twitter (Mountain2M), or like us on Facebook at (Mountain2Mountain). Show Notes: Fat cat Billionaire Guv of WV switching parties:...

Duration: 00:31:34

Episode 4- News Desk Updates, Parents Just Don't Understand, and The Mooch

Show Notes: Baltimore City Police drug planting: The Mooch (If you still care): Millenials: Trump ditching the Republicans?:

Duration: 00:38:57

Episode 3 Bad Cops, Bad Celebs, & Top 5

M2M E3 Show Notes: No Donut for You! : That's Senator Kid Rock to you!: Can You Smell What the Rock is...: Read up on 'Ol Pappy O'Daniel Our first shitty celeb Pol:

Duration: 00:36:21

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