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Episode 129: Build Your Own Adult Island of Pleasure

This week, Jerry and Simone come up with their own idea for a nighttime entertainment haven, since Pleasure Island has been turned into a shopping villa for rich douchebags. Come along and find out what they have in store for you...when the theme parks have all gone to bed. Also, before that, Jerry and Simone discuss the most and least popular episodes of Mouse Rants and try to find out what audiences could possibly want. All this and more on this week's sexy and pleasure-filled Mouse...


Episode 128: The Surprising Difficulty of Theming Tomorrowland

This week, Jerry and Simone try to figure out if there was EVER a point in time when every attraction in Tomorrowland actually fit into one specific theme. Join them as they try to come up with some sort of logic to tie Tomorrowland together. But wait! There's more! Before they get into the main topic, enjoy the sultry sounds of slurping and smacking as Skids & Simone Sample Stuff from Thailand! From fish snacks to durian candy to ketchup...see if Jerry can actually keep these Thai snacks...


Episode 127: The Mouse Rants Post-Holiday All Inclusive #HolidayNotHoliday Special

Mouse Rants proudly presents The Post-Holiday All Inclusive #HolidayNotHoliday Special, live from Epcot Center at the Walt Disney World Resort. Join your Degenerate hosts Jerry Skids & Simone DeMilo, with Disneyland correspondents Levar & JFB as they find out for themselves just how difficult it is to put on a live holiday event. So strap in as they present to you a night filled with magic, music, and a cast of the most insane characters you've ever seen. All this and more on the most off...


Jerry Skids Rambles 2: A Celebration of New Movies But Mostly The Last Jedi

No true episode this week, but Mouse Rants will definitely be back next week for Episode 127!!! (so if you're gonna rate and review us, do it based on a REAL episode). THIS week Jerry decided he didn't wanna leave you empty handed, so he recorded what would originally be a plethora of thoughts and musings during his commute...But ended up just being mostly about The Last Jedi. So hear Jerry ramble on about The Last Jedi, the American Netflix version of Death Note, why the moron Millenials...


Episode 126: Jingling, Thievery, Fornicating With Santa and the La La La La

MERRY CHRISTMAS DEGENERATES!!!!!! This year, Jerry & Simone celebrate the holiday season with MORE holiday albums from the Disney company...this year they break down Jingle Jams '04 & '05 to analyze and decipher just what exactly some of these Christmas songs are REALLY about. Also a wonderful Christmas surprise by Jillian The Travel Agent, a heartfelt Holiday poem by Kate Smith and the return of the infamous Skids & Simone Sample Stuff segment. All this and more on this most festive...


Episode 125 - Attraction Pitch Meeting

This week, Jerry & Simone attempt to become Disney's Uwe Boll as they try to get a bunch of movies based on attractions greenlit. Join in the fun as they turn your beloved attractions into either film classics or straight trash. But before they can do that, on When Pixie Dusters Attack, they address the psychosis of some of these positive thinkers and find out just why people are not allowed to have an opinion about Olaf's Frozen Adventure unless it's the same as theirs. All this and more...


Episode 124: The Head-To-Head Showdown of the Century (featuring Kate and Jillian the Travel Agent)

This week Jerry invites on Jillian the Travel Agent and Kate Smith for an all-out Disney Movie Trivia Game Show!!! Unfortunately, neither of them watch Disney movies.... soooooooooooooo.........Join in on the fun as Jerry hosts the game show that can only end in tears and anger on this week's Mouse Rants. - Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to - Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. Don't be a dick!!! - JOIN THE...


Episode 123: Radio Wars LIVE Livers! (feat. DGribbs)

This week, Jerry & Simone go LIVE with DGribbs as they celebrate their "reason for being" by broadcasting their most popular segment LIVE! Come suffer with your hosts as they painfully discuss one of Barry's creations, who refused to give Mouse Rants any credit when they talked about us on THEIR show, as they find out that even after a year, they are still the same garbage show they have always been. From racism to unfunny jokes, from families that refuse to follow proper etiquette to...


Episode 122: SWTOR - Jedis, Guilds and Plus Five Strength

This week, Jerry gives you a little bonus episode in addition to the live show (this Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 9:30PM) as he discusses the good and bad of the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), Star Wars: The Old Republic. - Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to - Also take a few minutes to review us on iTunes. Don't be a dick!!! - JOIN THE OFFICIAL DEGENERATES!!! Fill in your email on the top...


Episode 121: ...We'll Be Right Back!

This week, Jerry & Simone pick up where they left off in Episode 68, After These Messages... where they watch and discuss MORE old school nostalgic promos, advertisements, bumpers, toys, fast food, and much, much more! (this time focused more from the 90s, rather than the 80s) Watch along with the video below as they yet again, discuss the merits and drawbacks of old school Disney Channel as well as the plethora of McDonalds and Burger King promotions, products that really miss the point...


Episode 120: Move Around A Little

This week, Jerry and Simone go through all the current problems they noticed at WDW including transportation issues, the inefficiency of security, Cast Members who don't care about guests, the lack of air conditioning and much much more, including a step-by-step run through of the horrendous pre-show of Flight of Passage. Don't miss it all in this week's episode of Mouse Rants. - Please send all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail to - Also...


Episode 119: Too Many Booths

This week, Jerry and Simone take you around World Showcase to sample pretty much all of the food they had to offer during Food & Wine Festival. It's an episode. Be thankful. download (right click, save as...) WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion. Please judge wisely before...


Episode 118: Mouse Rants...Live At Fort Wilderness

Join Jerry, Simone and all their friends during Mouse Rants Degenerates' Rum Springer as they judge the Scavenger C U Next Tuesday competition, take on another awful vlogger that Tim can't handle, host the 1st "Annual" Mouse Rants' Awards Ceremony and even find out Kate's self-appointed nickname. Come drink with us til everything becomes a fucking blur on this long-awaited live episode of Mouse Rants. Go to to follow along with the Scavenger C U Next Tuesday...


Episode 117 - Epcot 35: The Celebration

Join Jerry and Simone as they celebrate Epcot's 35th Anniversary the only way they know how.... Radio Wars!!! That's right, this time, your Degenerate leaders have compiled some of the "best of" WDW News Today's Epcot episodes and are still trying to find out how they claim to be "Epcot fanboys" even though it seems like they can't stand the park at all! Find out just how much monkey torture Jerry & Simone go through for you guys in this week's most uncomfortable episode of Mouse Rants....


Episode 115: RIPGMR

This week, Jerry & Simone finish discussing their trip with their good friends at What's Dis? (Jillian and Matt) as they remember the final day of the Great Movie Ride. Join in as we give the heart of MGM Studios one final sendoff. Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard. - Email to book for the Degenerates Rum-Springer WDW Meetup from September 29th - October 1st and for all comments, questions, concerns, thoughts, musings and hate mail. - Also take a few minutes to review...


Episode 114: RIPUOE

This week, after getting back from Walt Disney World, Jerry and Simone discuss some of the unnecessary nonsense and even some great new stuff they encountered on the first two days of their trip. Also there's some nonsense about Descendants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Christmas and other randomness. But the big question remains....did they actually LIKE the Frozen attraction?! Find out on an all-new Mouse Rants. - Email to book for the Degenerates Rum-Springer WDW...


Episode 111: I Can't Complain (featuring Milford & RJ )

This week, Jerry is joined by the men of the Dis Explorer's, Milford and RJ to discuss the "hot button" topic of why people think complaining about something they love is such a terrible thing. We all go deep into the psyche of a pixie duster and find out exactly what makes them tick. But also there's games and laughter and fun and....did we actually do a show? Find out on this week's Mouse Rants! Sign up for the 10th Anniversary Indy Disney Meet Check out the DisExplorers Podcast -...



In this pre-cursor to Episode 108, Jerry chokes on Josh Spiegel's awful and unfortunate article on fan theories and discusses why some people think movies and tv shows are convoluted and confusing. download (right click, save as...) WARNING: All episodes contain language and content, that could be deemed offensive by certain people. Also, all opinions and allusions to any alleged events are just that..opinions... allegedly. If an alleged fact is not backed up, then it is an opinion....


Episode 106: 8-Bits and Below - Disney Video Games from 1982 to 1989

As Simone continues her leave of absence, Jerry invites on Jillian the Travel Agent to talk about the console and computer games that Disney released in the 80s. So come check out all the bleeps and boops as well as a look at Gabe's favorite Disney movies and one of the most telling videos of DisneyQuest they've ever seen on this week's Mouse Rants. We also talked about: Gabe's Spielberg ListGabe's Disney Movie ListStellaHeroined out PocahontasIzabelle's VideoCallback: The Barbie...


Episode 104: Tomorrowland Is A Great Movie and You Have No Taste

This week, Jerry & Simone discuss Brad Bird & Damon Lindelof's 2015 film, Tomorrowland, and why it gets such a bum rap from confused idiots. They analyze the film in depth and easily answer all the questions you wouldn't have needed to be answered if you would have just paid attention!!!! We also bring back our favorite Millenial bitch, Gabe, we listen to an old "friend" you should all remember, and also we introduce a new absolutely out of her mind, bonkers, psycho to the bunch! Oh, and...


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