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Ep111: Running Down a Scheme

In this week’s episode it’s raining and we’ve reached the off-season at the Disneyland Resort. But have we? We’ve got more details on the Main Street refurbishments and did we also hear they will be throwing some shade at Dumbo? What?? AP popcorn buckets are back but are they worth the price this time around? The Star Wars AR experience is now open in Downtown Disney and we want to know what everyone thinks? Also RunDisney, Lego Solo, SoCal discounts, and more on this virtual episode of...

Duration: 01:49:46

Ep110: Gators and Bats

In this week’s episode it’s a brand new year and you know what that means: refurbishments! We’ve got the annual breakdown of all the upcoming closures at the parks. There was a power outage at Disneyland the day after Christmas and it was the mother of all kerfuffles! Settle down, it wasn’t even the whole park! In other news, we did hear that there was an amazing six hour line for the City Hall complaint ride. Also Last Jedi box office, New Years Eve at DCA, Bats Day, and more on this...

Duration: 02:19:39

The Last Jedi Spoilerific Review Show

On this very special episode we talk about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and, as always, there will be spoilers!! Hear our complete review of the film with favorite moments, memorable characters, and how this definitely didn’t go the way we thought it would. Also green milk, space silence, porgs, and more on this stand alone episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 02:24:58

Ep109: Fruitcake, Furniture & Fox

On this week’s episode it’s a short one because we’re dying to talk about The Last Jedi, but that’ll be another show. Until then we’ve got details about the Disney/Fox deal. What’s included, what’s not, and what does this mean for Bob Iger. Now that Olaf’s Frozen Adventure has aired on TV, where it belongs, we give our thoughts on it. Also California Screamin’ shirts, Galaxy’s Edge, extended holiday hours, and more on this blocked out episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 01:32:32

Ep108: We Didn’t Stop The Fire(works)

On this week’s episode we’re back again and still better than ever. It sure has been crazy lately! We have fires burning all over California and they are creating problems at the park. Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out this week and we’re all trying to stay spoiler free. To top it all off Disney might be buying most of Fox Entertainment! Also parking tips, Pixar Play Parade, Olaf, and more on this sickly episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 01:55:30

Ep107: MousePIRE Season Two: The Return of Digs

On this week’s episode we’re back and better than ever. Well, we’re back anyways and there’s plenty to talk about that has happened while we’ve been gone. Galaxy’s Edge gets a planet name, Disneyland is going After Dark, an Annual Pass is being discontinued, and Pixar Pier has more details. So much going on! We got an awesome Pluto popcorn bucket for the holidays and now a new bucket has come out this week for Star Wars. Also Smokejumpers Grill, upcoming streaming service shows,...

Duration: 02:46:28

Ep106: Magica and the Beanstalk

On this week’s episode we’ve got an update on the fire that was raging near Disneyland and how it affected park operations. Are you ready for some football?? Yes, the nerds and jocks collided again with the release of another Star Wars trailer during Monday Night Football. Is Rey going to join Kylo? Is Kylo actually about to do what they make it seem he’s about to do? How much metal polish does Phasma really need to keep that shiny? So many questions!! Also DuckTales, Marvel Day at Sea,...

Duration: 01:26:28

Ep105: Fresh Corn

On this week’s episode it’s party time! First, Digs went to Mickey’s Halloween Party last week and had a blast! He’ll tell you what was new this year and what was missing. Then Anthony was fortunate to attend a Disney Parks Blog meet up at DCA this week and had lots of Halloween treats. Find out which treats are a must try and which ones can be left for the ghouls in another special #FatTimeInTheParks. Also Thor, Chef Oscar, Pirates, and more on this spooky episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 01:42:01

Ep104: Strollers and Monsters

On this week's episode it's time for a spooky trip over to California Adventure because this is Halloween. We check out all the cool decorations over at DCA and we'll let you know what we think about the Cars Land theming. The COCO celebration has also begun over at Paradise Gardens with plenty of entertainment and food. Speaking of food, it wouldn't be the start of a holiday season without a special #FatTimeInTheParks to get your mouth watering for spooky treats. Also rose cups, popcorn...

Duration: 01:41:27

Ep103:Down At Ragnarok

On this week's episode we say goodbye to another Disney Legend. You may not know his name but you've definitely sung his songs. Mickey's Halloween Party is almost here so that means it's time for our annual tips & tricks for a ghoulishly good time. Find out what you should bring, where to go first, and what's not to be missed. You better hurry though because it's almost sold out! Star Wars Episode IX has another new director and another new release date. Also Jedi Challenges, Disney...

Duration: 01:51:31

Ep102: Garland Dreams

On this week's episode we're back from the depths of hell with Mr. Toad and ready to say goodbye to summer finally. HalloweenTime is almost here and you know what that means: time to talk about Christmas! We have several cool announcements related to Halloween and Christmas in the Parks. Monsters, Caballeros, and a talking Mickey oh my! We have some last minute #FatTimeInTheParks before Summer of Heroes goes away this weekend. Also Star Wars, KC Undercover, Aladdin, and more on this high...

Duration: 02:40:57

Ep101: Balok and the Electrical Parade

We're back and on this week's episode we say goodbye...again. Yes, The Main Street Electrical Parade is leaving us yet again and for presumably the last time. The Star Wars interactive experience coming to Downtown Disney is getting a seemingly permanent home after all. We also say goodbye to summer, hopefully goodbye to crowds, and hello to all the returning Passholders. Also live action Aladdin, Jungle Cruise, Han Solo, and more on this rebooted episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 01:53:34

Ep 100: No Parking In San Francisco

Welcome to our 100th episode extravaganza! It's our biggest show yet with a bevy of guests, snacks, cats, & trains. We're bringing back an extra sized edition of MousePIRE's Magical Memories that'll make you laugh, cry, and say why. The Main Street Electrical Parade is coming to an end soon so of course that means more themed merchandise and food offerings. We have so many guests here and so little time for all this rambling. Also Downtown Disney, Netflix, the Olympics, and more on this...

Duration: 02:54:13

Ep99: Too Much Red MousePIRE Guilt

On this week's episode we continue our double show/double guest extravaganza with the rest of our D23 Expo coverage and a little bit of San Diego Comic Con sprinkled in. Marvel, Star Wars, & animated adaptations oh myyy! What does Batman have to do with Dumbo? Did we hear from Ron Howard about Han Solo? Who wins in a fight: Hulk or Thor? Also Big Hero 6, Thanos throws stuff, Phineas & Ferb, and more on this almost deleted episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!

Duration: 02:50:11

Ep98: Rollin' On The River of Value

On this week's episode we're pulling double duty by recording two shows in one day and by having two guests in the house. Dan & Tim are back to talk HalloweenTime at the Parks. Hey, what's with the price's for Mickey's Halloween Party? Are we excited for the new decorations at DCA and will Cars Land live up to how it looks at Christmas? As always we've got more #FatTimeInTheParks reviews and reveals. Also MaxPass, Rivers of America, smoking sections, and more on this dead episode of the...

Duration: 01:22:15

Ep97: Livin' On The Edge Of Fresh

On this week's episode it's a jam packed show full of Disney Parks announcements from the D23 Expo. Digs along with special guest Tim will share their experiences at the Con. How long did they all collectively stand in lines? Did they get to swim in Scrooge's money bin? What was really going on at The Big D? So much news, so little time. Strap in folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Also Fantasmic 2.0 finally debuts, no more Star Wars Land, extra extra magic, and more on this transitional...

Duration: 03:45:57

Ep96: I Wanna Hold Your Hand Stamp

On this week's episode it's the start of D23 Expo week. Dan the Man is still here to help us prepare for all the madness. Fantasmic is returning next week with more #FatTimeInTheParks food options. It's July and you know what that means: Halloween talk! We've got exclusive news that you'll hear only on this show. Also Lion King gets a Zazu, the Olympics are coming to LA, new corn dogs in Downtown Disney, and more on this stamped episode of the MousePire Podcast!!!

Duration: 01:44:50

Ep95: Petition While Wet

On this week's episode we've got Dan the Man here as a special guest. He joins us just in time to talk about the controversial upcoming changes to Pirates of the Caribbean. Is it really a bad thing, are they actually doing it to be "PC", and is there significance to the timing of the announcement? The modifications in Adventureland are complete and your stroller can finally get out of the sun. #FatTimeInTheParks over at DCA with a churro of a different color. Getting closer to D23 Expo with...

Duration: 02:02:55

Ep94: The 2000 Man and his Happy Days

On this week's episode we're back from our invasion of Chavez Ravine to talk baseball, fireworks, and of course Dodger Dogs!! Great times at the Stadium with our listeners, as well as a victory for our boys in blue. A big shout out and congrats to our buddy Jeff on a historic milestone. Another edition of #FatTimeInTheParks with new offerings from Bengal BBQ and also a Downtown Disney summer food event. The new Fast Pass system has begun in the parks and it is being met with mixed reviews....

Duration: 02:06:51

Ep93: Han Solo and His Hurricane Life

On this week's episode we've got breaking news about the upcoming Han Solo film that could either be terrible news or very terrible news. Summer of Heroes has a new sizzling addition. Fantasmic, the Rivers of America, & the Disneyland Railroad now finally have official opening dates. Not soon enough though. DuckTales also now has release dates and an opening sequence sneak peek. Also Cruz Ramirez hits Cars Land, Jack Kirby a belated Legend, D23, and more on this shaved episode of the...

Duration: 01:50:43

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