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Everything Disney and Disneyland. Carpe Kingdom! A podcast and community dedicated to the exploration of Disney in today's society, emphasizing the theme park culture and exploring the past, present, and future endeavors of the people who have imagined Walt's happy place into existence.

Everything Disney and Disneyland. Carpe Kingdom! A podcast and community dedicated to the exploration of Disney in today's society, emphasizing the theme park culture and exploring the past, present, and future endeavors of the people who have imagined Walt's happy place into existence.
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Everything Disney and Disneyland. Carpe Kingdom! A podcast and community dedicated to the exploration of Disney in today's society, emphasizing the theme park culture and exploring the past, present, and future endeavors of the people who have imagined Walt's happy place into existence.








Mousetalgia Episode 466: John Ratzenberger, unofficial Disney products

This week, Mousetalgia offers an emporium of topics. First, Magical Memories in Las Vegas hosted a grand opening extravaganza with the cast and crew of the original Beauty and the Beast animated classic, and we are celebrating along with them with a recap and an extraordinary sweepstakes! Then, we share an article about unofficial Disney merchandise created by fans, and ponder Disney's response to the current surge in unofficial Disney-based merchandise that caters to the Disneybounding and...

Duration: 01:09:08

Mousetalgia Episode 465: Remembering X. Atencio, Popzilla's "Foolish Mortals" show

This week, Mousetalgia starts getting spooky as Disneyland Resort begins its Halloween Time celebrating! We talk about Disneyland's expansion of Halloween to Disney California Adventure, and we discuss our favorite new features for the upcoming haunting holiday. Then, we take some time to remember Disney Legend X. Atencio, who passed away on Sept. 10 at the age of 98. We look at his early career with the Walt Disney Studio, and consider the contributions he made to company during his long...

Duration: 00:58:13

Mousetalgia Episode 464: Listener questions and tips

This week, Mousetalgia returns to the mailbag to answer your burning questions and to share your great tips. Topics include: C.V. Wood's place in Disney history; handling toddler tantrums at Disneyland; tips and tricks for touring the resort as a lone wolf; character breakfasts at the resort revisited; collecting Tsum Tsums; Disney cultural history in the collegiate setting; getting hauled off to Disneyland jail; other ways to connect with Disney fandom in southern California; taking...

Duration: 00:46:05

Mousetalgia Episode 463: Mike and Patty Peraza, Bill Rogers, and Camille Dixon at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet

Team Mousetalgia takes you behind the scenes to the green room at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet as we share exclusive interviews with the special guests from this year's event, hosted in Lynnwood, WA on Sept. 12, 2017. Mike Peraza is a Disney art art director, conceptual artist and layout artist for Disney animation, and worked on everything from Fox and the Hound through Beauty and the Beast and dozens of episodes of Disney Afternoon television shows. Patty Peraza was an effects...

Duration: 01:05:46

Mousetalgia Episode 462: A chat with Rolly Crump; dining at Disneyland's 21 Royal

This week, Team Mousetalgia chats with WED Imagineer Rolly Crump about "It's Kind of a Cute Story," his current exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art. We talk about his art, his work with fellow artist Mary Blair, and his relationship with Walt Disney. Then, Kristen takes us with her on a trip to an exclusive dinner party at 21 Royal, and describes the atmosphere, the experience, the custom menu designed by Disneyland Executive Chef Andrew Sutton, and more details of this incredible...

Duration: 01:26:06

Mousetalgia Episode 461: Imagineer Charita Carter, Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet '17

This week, Team Mousetalgia reports live from the show floor of the ninth annual Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet, held on August 12 at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Washington. We describe the popular event, the vendors and the atmosphere, and bring you reports from attendees and authors that we spoke with at the show, including a report on Walt Disney's Hyperion Avenue Studio from author David Lesjak, interesting conversation about the Frito Mountain at Frontierland's Casa de Fritos, and...

Duration: 01:05:27

Mousetalgia Episode 460: Walt Disney, Ward Kimball and trains

This week, Rose Ivy talks with Team Mousetalgia fresh from winning the "Her Universe Fashion Show" at San Diego Comic Con! She talks about her winning design, perseverance, geek couture, walking the runway, and what she'll be creating in the near future with her co-winners for Her Universe and Disney (so start asking for Hot Topic gift cards for Christmas!) Also, Disneyland Railroad conductor David Wilcox returns to the show to share his personal stories about Disney Legend Ward Kimball,...

Duration: 01:00:39

Mousetalgia Episode 459: Remembering Marty Sklar with Eric Robison

Mousetalgia Episode 459: Remembering Marty Sklar - This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes Disney artist Eric Robison to the show to discuss his years at Walt Disney Imagineering with Marty Sklar. Robison shares some stories and personal memories, including insight into the relationship he had with Sklar and the story of how Sklar helped him launch his career. Learn about Tomorrowland's proposed MegaPopper 2000 walking popcorn machine, and the birth of Robison's career as an avant-garde...

Duration: 01:08:00

Mousetalgia Episode 458: Expo part two - the experience

This week, Team Mousetalgia takes you back to the recent D23 Expo with reports on some of the myriad panels, presentations and performances that were held at the massive event. We talk to our correspondent Nicole, who describes her experience at the Expo as a first-timer, with her own set of tips, advice, and feedback about the massive event. Then, we take you with us to some of the events that we covered, including Marc Davis Goes to WED; Women in Imagineering; 50 Years of Pirates of the...

Duration: 01:35:54

Mousetalgia Episode 457: D23 Expo part one; Fantasmic! returns

It's a fantastic super-sized episode of Mousetalgia this week as we report on our travels down to Anaheim for the D23 Expo and the various goings-on at the Disneyland Resort. First, we offer trip reports from Expo weekend in the parks, and Jeff reviews the Skyline Lounge experience as well as a soft opening of the newly-renovated Fantasmic! nighttime spectacular on the Rivers of America. Then, we offer part one of our two-episode coverage of the D23 Expo, with a focus on the show floor and...

Duration: 01:40:30

Mousetalgia Episode 456: Disneyland stories, listener questions

Mousetalgia welcomes Deborah Breedlove back to the show to discuss her experiences as a Disneyland west side cast member back in the 1980s. She tells stories about the time the Haunted Mansion graveyard actually rained INSIDE the ride; the troubles with opening Splash Mountain; her take on the Pirates auction scene; and stories about times that cast members let their emotions get the best of them. Also - it's time for more listener email! Topics include: our recommended resources for a...

Duration: 01:07:32

Mousetalgia Episode 455: Pirates overhaul, Disneyland Paris, Small World

Team Mousetalgia begin this week's show by diving into the rough waters of Disney's recent decision to remove Marc Davis's auction scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, and we explore various possible reasons for the change. Then, Kristen continues her trip report from Disneyland Paris by reviewing the new "Mickey and the Magician" show at Hollywood studios and discussing the Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary festivities, including wow-filled shows and "Disney Stars on Parade" which was...

Duration: 01:16:35

Mousetalgia Episode 454: Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline on the D23 Expo, Gurr on Ryman's Disneyland map

This week, Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline talks to Mousetalgia about the upcoming D23 Expo and gives us a sneak preview of the Pirates-themed Walt Disney Archives exhibit, and some behind-the-scenes information about the Archives programming and the Archives stage. Cline also shares some last-minute pro tips for attending the Expo. Then, Jeff takes us along on his trip to Van Eaton Galleries for the "Walt Disney's Disneyland" live auction, and describes the atmosphere and the...

Duration: 01:31:09

Mousetalgia Episode 453: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, part 1: This week, Kristen reports on her recent trip to Disneyland Paris and divides her experiences into either "can't miss" or "skip it" categories. We talk all about her most notable attraction experiences, many interesting moments, and her numerous dining experiences and dishes, restaurants and drinks. She also gives us some travel tips for anyone thinking about or planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. Also, we talk about the attractions that the American parks have...

Duration: 01:10:49

Mousetalgia Episode 452: The music of Disney live action films, D23 Expo

The music of Disney's live action films will be featured in the upcoming D23 Expo, and this week, we continue to prepare for the Expo with a closer look at some of the recently announced panels and performances scheduled for the weekend of July 14-16. With topics ranging from the Golden Girls to Hercules, D23 has a stellar list of events and sessions with enough options to please almost any type of Disney fan. Join us as we talk about options and strategies for this upcoming fan...

Duration: 00:59:14

Mousetalgia Episode 451: Tinker Bell Half, Disneyland landscaping, Phantom Manor

Mousetalgia's Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend report: we cover a variety of topics, including security updates, kids' race woes, photo ops and entertainment removed from the 5K route, and the evolution of runDisney (plus being evacuated from Goofy's Sky School). Then, Jeff reports on a talk at the Walt Disney Family Museum about Ruth Shellhorn and mid-century landscape architecture at Disneyland, including answers about Disneyland's current landscape technique by Imagineer Julie Bush....

Duration: 01:07:02

Mousetalgia Episode 450: Pandora! Pirates! Mission: BREAKOUT!

Join us for a swashbuckling galactic review episode this week! First, Mouse Fan Travel CEO Beci Mahnken walks us through the land of Pandora and gives us a travel professional's perspective on the new land and talks about some little known details of the land, gives us spoiler-free reviews of the attractions, offers and tips and tricks about making the most of a trip to the moon called Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Next, Jeff and Kristen give a spoiler-free review of "Pirates of the...

Duration: 01:12:57

Mousetalgia Episode 449: Silicon Valley Comic Con, listener questions

This week, Team Mousetalgia take you to Silicon Valley Comic Con and we discuss a panel on the art of Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie, and a panel on working with Disney, in which a variety of artists discussed how they managed to get work with Disney, and how they've succeeded as Disney artists. Then, we go to the mailbag to answer your burning questions! Topics include: summer Fantasmic scheduling; shopping for subtle Disney merch; a hypothetical final Disneyland trip - what...

Duration: 01:30:28

Mousetalgia Episode 448: Epcot VIP Lounges, Disneyland dining

Team Mousetalgia welcomes Olympic Gold medalist Ryan Millar back to the show to talk about a recent trip to Epcot and his visit to some of the corporate VIP lounges that are hidden in plain view at the park, and we reveal their secrets. Then, Jeff and Kristen review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; and Kristen takes a VIP tour of Disneyland and reviews some of the newer food offerings at the parks, including stops at the Paradise Garden Grill, the Bengal Barbecue, Club 33, and the Dole Whip...

Duration: 01:04:02

Mousetalgia Episode 447: Herb Ryman's Disneyland Map, Eyvind Earle, Disney music

Team Mousetalgia welcomes Mike Van Eaton back to the show to discuss his newest upcoming Disneyland auction featuring a controversial piece: A brownline presentation map of Disneyland hand-inked by Herb Ryman, purported to have been used by Roy Disney to sell the idea of Disneyland to ABC in 1953. While the item made national news with misleading headlines, Mike tells the story in his own words of how he came to discover this incredible piece of Disneyana. Next, we welcome author James...

Duration: 01:11:11

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