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Episode 12 - Book Review: Inspired by Rachel Held Evans (AKA Cate Blanchette Lesbian Fan Club)

Lacey and Laura end the first season of Moving Mountains with a bang: a book review of Rachel Held Evans’ newest book, Inspired! Join us as we discuss the nature of God through origin stories, war stories, and Gospel stories in the Bible, guided by the flowing words of Rachel Held Evans. But first: two queer ladies gushing about Cate Blanchette. Where To Buy “Inspired” - Indiebound - Amazon - Barnes and Noble Where to find Rachel Held Evans - Twitter:


Episode 11 - Mental Health for the LGBTQIA Community (AKA Our Opinions About Grubhub Shift Very Rapidly)

Join Lacey and Laura as they talk about what it’s like to balance mental health as a member of the LGBTQIA community. Topics include battling the stigma of mental illness, what to do when you’ve realized that you need help, and some coping skills you can use to help keep yourself balanced. DISCLAIMER: Neither of us are mental health professionals. If you feel you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. If you are currently experiencing an...


Episode 10 - Casual Q&A With Lacey and Laura (AKA Favorite Things Edition)

*Extreme Olivia Newton John voice* Let’s get casual, casual, I want to get casuaaaaaaal! Join Lacey and Laura as they host a casual Q&A featuring questions about life, technology, literature, family of choice and of origin, and our favorite Biblical heroines, and flirting techniques while gleaning sheaves of wheat. People and Things We Talk About - Marco Polo App - Taskade App - I Was Told There’d Be Cake: Essays by Sloane Crosley - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other...


Episode 09 - LGBTQIA 101 (AKA How To Be The Best Vanna White Ally)

This week, we go over the alphabet soup that is the LGBTQIA acronym for any listening allies out there. What do all those letters mean and how do we ask questions when we truly don’t know where to start? Topics also include use of the word Queer, how to be a great ally, and how to not be awkward about asking for someone’s pronouns. People and Stuff We Talk About Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender ChristiansYouTube channelIntersex Society of North AmericaArticle: Is...


Episode 08 - Interview with Rachel Pierce AKA Bisexual Ninjas and 3D Graphs of Orientation and Gender

We are beyond excited to share this interview with Rachel Pierce, a small Youtuber and accidental Angeleno. Rachel opens up about her faith background, living in the tension of non-affirming church communities, demisexuality, and how the graph that represents gender, romantic orientation and sexual orientation needs at least three axies to really encompass everything. Where Can I Find Rachel? - Twitter (@thejuniebird) - Instagram (@thejuniebird) - YouTube Channel This episode was...


Episode 07 - Book Review! God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines (AKA Justice for Galileo)

Join us as we review the amazingly researched, well loved (by everyone on this podcast) book, God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines. We discuss the difference between high view and low view of scripture, cultural and historial context, spiritual gifts, and why Galileo got the short end of the stick. People and Stuff We Talk About - God and the Gay Christian - Matthew Vines (@vinesmatthew) This episode was recorded and produced by Lacey and Laura. Music is “Inspiring and Upbeat” by...


Episode 06: Leaving a Non-Affirming Church (AKA Mystery Science Corner, Octopus Overlords, and Really Bad Name Puns)

In this episode, Lacey and Laura talk about the process of leaving a non-affirming church. They discuss gracious reasons to use when leaving a church, the steps that you might need to take, dealing with complicated emotions that might arise, and what it looks like to “date casually” when looking for a new church to attend. Transcript Available here. People and Stuff We Mention: Laura Jean TrumanTwitterThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyThe Great British Bake Off


Episode 05 - Finding an Affirming Church (AKA The Pink Polkadot Gay Elephant in the Room)

This week Lacey and Laura discuss ways to harness the power of the internet to find an affirming church. Talking points include Church Clarity, the difference between an affirming church and a church that says “all are welcome” (and how to tell if there’s an asterisk after the “welcome”), and how to find an LGBTQIA community if you can’t attend an affiriming church. Transcript Available here. Shout Outs: - - Queer Theology YouTube Channel - Transgender and Christian...


Episode 04: Lacey’s Story, and That One Time There Were Too Many Hobbits Jumping On the Bed

This week, we continue our brief pause to allow you guys to get to know us a little better. Lacey tells her story, because we think telling stories is important. Highlights include her experience with purity culture, how it went when she came out to her parents, and more thoughts about what needs to change to keep Millenials from leaving the Church. Other topics: Lord of the Rings. Is Arwen or Eowyn prettier? Lacey and Laura nearly come to blows. The transcript for this episode is...


Episode 02: QCFConf, Our Bible App, and Relient K–Oh my!

Last week, Lacey went to Denver for the Q Christian Fellowship Conference (formerly known as the Gay Christian Network Conference). Join us as we talk about Lacey’s unparalelled experience at the QCF Conference, including the deets on where to access video of the main sessions, Twitter follow recommendations, and where QCF Conference is heading in 2019 (spoiler alert: it’s Chicago!) Other topics: Our Bible App, and the Christian pop culture nostalgia podcast, Good Christian...