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Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #24

An episode with no planned theme that ended up having one anyway. We talk murders, arrangers, partying and reinventing the classics with among others Count Basie, Andy Kirk, Scrapper Blackwell and a farewell to Denise Lasalle. If you like the podcast don't forget to hit subscribe and like us on and if you have any feedback drop a line at For song list and more goodies, check


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #23

Things are getting dramatic in episode 23. Yuvinile delinquents, addictions, stormy weather, and elctricity. We make a journey from the early 30s in new york through the RnB and end up on the west coast in the mid 60s. Join us for this howler of a midwinter episode and warm your feet by our fire. If you like the podcast don't forget to hit subscribe and like us on and if you have any feedback drop a line at For song list and more...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #22

Nice grab bag of tunes to end the year. This week I indulge in my obsession with groovy horns and slick pianos and we reacquaint ourselves with my favourite gigolo as well as introducing some outstanding sidemen to the lime light. If you like the podcast don't forget to hit subscribe and like us on and if you have any feedback drop a line at For song list and more goodies, check 


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #21

Episode 21, the second episode featuring female band leaders, and yeah they are better than many male ones who were twice as famous. We meet the woman who taught Cab Calloway everything he knew, the best female jazz drummer of the 1930s, a woman who got arrested for having an orgy with her chorus girls and the two women who invented Rock n Roll. Come along as we dive deeper into the world of Swing and Blues! If you like the podcast don't forget to hit subscribe and like us on...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #20

It is time for the first episode of two celebrating and highlighting the amazing women who made Swing and Blues what it is today. While blues was a women's game for a long time, the same can't be said for jazz so it is time to bring back those women who led the band. We will meet the woman who arranged and composed for Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Andy Kirk, and Duke Ellington. On top of that we'll make acquaintance with the all female band who beat Erskine Hawkins in a battle of the...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #19

While studio recordings almost always have better sound live takes just have that extra bit of energy and emotion. This is never so true as when it comes to dance music like swing where the dancers and the musicians feed of each other’s energy to just create a vortex inspiration which goes straight into the music. Or in an emotional blues where the artists pour their heart into the music and the emotions just bounce around the audience and amplify until they boil over. That’s why we love...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #12

New week new songs! On the swinging side we are going a bit later for the majority, and perhaps not perfect dance tunes but still toe tapping good and a delight for your ears. But yeah, we are entering bop land. Be warned. Back on the flues side of things we sample some very high energy blues as well as some latin blues and some very nice and soulful tunes. I mean, it is essentially just a bit of everything but the delta! Oh and apparently we aren't done with the super groups... 1 Too...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #10

Number 10! Lots of Frank Foster this week. Because he is awesome. Some High energy Basie, some more lovely Swedish swing and an Artie Shaw tune that always makes me smile. Some interesting stuff on the bluesier side including the extremely underappreciated Di Anne Price two of my favorite late night tracks, and just to end it some great soulful jazz by Milt Jackson, once again featuring Frank Foster 1 Hittin' Twelve by -Count Basie 2 Mister Meadowlark by Artie Shaw 3 Love in Swingtime by...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #8

Ok, so it might be a little light on the blues side this week, and I never promised that everything would be dancable... But just wait until you hear it! Crazy Swing out of Sweden! Insane Slide Guitar! Religious! A swing version of a Rock n Roll song?! Man, this one was fun! 1 Beale Street Blues by Pygme Jazz Band2 Rock around the Clock by Arne Domnerus Orkester3 Gimme Something Like That by Skeets Tolbert and his Gentlmen of Swing4 The Man From The South by Spike Hughes5 Dinah by Thore...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #7

This week we will see mainly smaller combos on the swing side and as always, a glorious mishmash on the blues side. We will also end on the original blues version of a swing track from Songs of the Week #5. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you like the uploads, please favorite them, share with your friends and follow me. 1 Sports d'hiver by Marcel Bianchi et son Orchestra2 Rompin' in '44 by Edmond Hall's All Start Quintet3 5 Decembre by Gus Deloof4 Two-fer by Tony pastor...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #5

This week features a mix, well every week features a mix, but this week is a mix of the more modern and traditional and the more, how shall we say, I guess novelty oriented. In general just things I really like to have in my ears. 1 All or Nothing by King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys2 Flip Lid by Les Brown3 Dirty Dozen by Sam Price and his Texas Bluesicians4 Deed I Do by Art Blakey5 Princess Poo-poo-ly Has Plenty Papaya by Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack6 Moten Stomp by Harry James7 Bump...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #4

This week will feature a lot of slower stuff on the swinging side, and the blues will just be all over the place. But it's my party and I can do what I want to. If you want it based on themes, let me know otherwise I'll just keep going stream of consciousness. 1 As Long As I live by Lena Horne with Horace Henderson and His Orchestra2 I Got the Sun in the Morning by Les Brown and his Orchestra3 Do Some War Work Baby by Cootie Williams4 Hey Bartender, Give That Man a Drink by Joe Williams5...


Mr. Ben's Songs Of The Week 1

Song of the Week #1 Every week I listen to a lot of music and unfortunately don't have a chance to DJ it all. Here is a peek at what has been occupying my mind over the past week. A mix of swing, blues, soul, or whatever I feel like. 1 Laughing at Life by Edgar Hayes and His Orchestra2 Cobb's Idea by Arnett Cobb3 Birmingham Breakdown by Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra4 Block Rock by Cootie Williams5 Air Mail Special by Panama Francis6 Blues With a Beat by Margie Day with Griffin Brothers...


Mr. Ben's Songs of the Week #3

This week I have been listening to a lot of older stuff which obviously influences the songs of the week. songs this week mostly range from the late 20s to mid 30s, though there are a few exceptions. Have a listen and tell me what you think! 1 Hot Town by Fess Williams2 Shim Sham Drag by Garland Wilson3 Your Mother's Son In Law by The Six Swingers4 The Thing by Al Copper & his Savoy Sultans5 Undecided by Vic Dickenson, Joe Thomas and their All Star Jazz Groups6 E Flat Boogie by Buster...